‘Horrifying’ Anti-Gay Attacks Stun The Bronx

Commish: NYPD Arrests 7 Members Of 'Latin King Goonies'

NEW YORK (CBS 2/ 1010WINS/ AP) — Police have arrested seven individuals ranging in age from 16 to 23 for their roles in alleged anti-gay attacks Sunday.

CBS 2 took exclusive pictures of six of the seven suspects, who were trying to hide their faces with hoods on their heads, chained to each other. They are accused of anti-gay bias attacks that have shocked a University Heights neighborhood.

“I don’t understand how people can do that to another human being whether he’s gay, whatever he is,” resident Geovany Rodriguez told CBS 2’s John Metaxas.

The alleged bloody beatings happened on Osborne Place early Sunday. Police said members of a gang known as the “Latin King Goonies” lured a 17-year-old into an unoccupied ground floor apartment.

LISTEN 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

“He was thrown into a wall, made to strip naked, hit in the head with a beer can, cut with a box cutter, and sodomized with the wooden handle of a plunger,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Police said the gang questioned the teen about his contact with a 30-year-old man, and then let him go with a warning not to call police.

Two other brutal attacks would follow — first on another 17-year-old, and then the 30-year-old himself, who was allegedly lured to the scene.

“He was forced to strip to his underwear and then tied to a chair opposite from the teenager. The teenager, at the direction of his assailants, hit the older male several times in the face and burned him with a cigarette. The assailants also hit the man with their fists and a chain, and sodomized him with a small baseball bat,” Kelly said.

Kelly said after dumping him unconscious the assailants went on to their next victim — the man’s brother who lived nearby.

“Five assailants let themselves into his apartment through the front door, with keys taken from his brother. They pulled a blanket over the older brother’s head, beat him, and demanded money,” Kelly said.

The victims were eventually freed, hospitalized and treated.

The assailants scrubbed the scene top-to-bottom with bleach, even repainting the walls to make it look new, police said.

“They could clean, but they couldn’t hide,” Kelly said.

Investigators said they still found alcohol cans and hair at the scene. And an onlooker slipped a phone number to detectives, leading them to the primary suspect. The victims, initially reluctant, also started to divulge more details about the assaults, Kelly said. The Hate Crimes Task Force took over the investigation, along with Bronx robbery and gang division and special victims squad and arrested the seven men.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the city’s highest-ranking openly gay official, called the attacks “vile” and “horrifying.”

“These attacks are appalling and are even more despicable because the victims were clearly targeted in acts of hate simply because they are gay,” Quinn said. “The cowardly few who committed these crimes do not represent New Yorkers and our community will not be cowed by such violence.”

A weekend rally on anti-gay bias was planned following other crimes against gays.

On Sunday, a patron at the Stonewall Inn, a symbol of the gay rights movement since protests over a 1969 police raid there, was beaten in an anti-gay bias attack, according to prosecutors. Two suspects in the case were charged. Their attorneys say they’re not guilty.

That attack followed the Sept. 22 death of a New Jersey college student, who jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his sexual encounter with a man in his dorm room was secretly streamed online. The student’s roommate and another freshman have been charged with invasion of privacy. Authorities are considering bias-crime charges.

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One Comment

  1. What? says:

    I wonder if the victims of these attacks were part of the gang themselves…

  2. Sounds funny to me says:

    I wonder how these “innocent” peopl were lured into an unoccupied ground floor apartment by a gang, and why this article purposely omits this part in a sensationalist attempt to victimize gays. Were they after drugs? Sounds very suspect to me.

    Second, I don’t think they should get any special protections under the law, if they’re created equal, just like the rest of a normal society.

  3. The Dolce says:

    Pretty shocking actually. I suppose it is easy to pick on the weak, I think the media also has a large part to play in this process. Showing gay people for either comic effect or to look down on, means peole grow up with the wrong perceptions of what being gay is. These people are ignorant. Media should of educated them. Great article also check this one out its about peole been driven to suicide by being gay, or in some cases “acting” gay: http://bit.ly/8XeEEp

  4. angela says:

    I was totally unaware of what had happened to Channon and Christopher. It was absolutely a HORRIFIC crime, that no one, should have to endure no matter what race you are or your sexual orientation. I am an African American woman with 2 degrees and I am appalled by the behavior of our African American boys and men. I am at a lost for words. Condolences to the families of these young adults who were slain.

  5. justbe says:

    u people are ridiculous this is horrifying, whether it happened 2 or a gay or straight person and what if they only suspected they were gay? Image this is your kid? you niece, nephew, brother or sister…..your friend.I do not care about what underlying things you peeps are talking about., violence is violence, and once the figure they can get away with it or get a taste for it , it will only escalate.
    This is scary, so if they see a pretty girl they like and she won’t give them the time of day will they attack her too? ..it needs 2 be stop, NoH8
    Those who r gleeful and promote this kind of hate….Karma back on you and yours tenfold.

  6. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Glenn Beck has a problem with the media 9/11 cover-up.
    Glenn Beck knows all about the new 9/11 evidence.

    Building Seven.
    Twin Towers.

  7. espnfx says:

    What actually gets me, apart from the brutal attacks, is that people are “stunned” that gangs would do such things.

  8. Interesting the police make a point to arrest gang members in this case, in fact they up their efforts to do so, but selling drugs, raping women, keeping fear in their communities, drive by shootings, not so much. I for one do not think there should be a special protected status for those who choose to engage in certain behaviors over all other victims of gang related crime.
    And you ACLU types, you who defend these gang members in all other cases, are you checking the tactics of the police in finding these gang members and the way they were handled in this case??? Are you going actively seek their release if the police did not do things according to your standards if it was a straight white victim of their hatred?

  9. FN Jerk says:

    Is it really logical to expect gang members to respect anyone’s right much less a group that has a status of being victims anyway?

  10. srt298 says:

    I find it interesting that they were able to quickly locate and arrest these guys as compared to the normal gang violence and murders that go uninvestigated and unsolved- could it be because they were politically incorrect as well this time?

  11. Tony says:

    What matters is not the fact that the victims were gay, but that the victims were targeted BECAUSE they were gay. That is not just a crime against those individual victims. It is a threat to and intimidation of an entire community – which is, by definition, a terrorist act. Yes, that makes it worse than an “ordinary” mugging. Yes, it deserves a harsher punishment than a crime against just those victims who were bloodied in the attack. It is a crime against an entire segment of the population.

  12. Patrick in AZ says:

    “These attacks are appalling and are even more despicable because the victims were clearly targeted in acts of hate simply because they are gay,” Quinn said.
    Would these attacks of been less “appalling” if they had been committed for any other reason?

  13. W.Lewis says:

    Everyone is missing the most ignorant appalling comment on here! YLEM says please stop buying Rap and Hip-Hop music basically insinuating that if u listen to ”Gangster Rap” you automatically run out join a gang and start torturing people! Well Lady(I assume your a minivan mom who drives while distracted on your phone putting MY life in jeopardy as these are the kinda folks who make these comments) I myself have been listening to Gangter Rap and Drug Dealing Rap since I was 10 because Its just the music I prefer for my ENTERTAINMENT. Now I wont say the music provides a positive message as u probably need to have with everything u listen to watch or even eat but it is just that entertainment and some of the artists have and may still live the lifestyles they rap about but DO I RUN OUT AND COPY WHAT IS IN IT? NO some of us do no right from wrong entertainment from reality and frankly it isnt what causes the problems! Was Al Capone subject to this music? Billy the Kid? Nope and they were criminals. Its just Human nature and you have all kinds that make the world go round and I’M SORRY TO INFORM YOU BUT THERE WILL NEVER BE A FAIRY TALE MARY POPPINS WORLD FOR YOU TO LIVE IN. NOW PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AS YOUR ENDANGERING OTHERS LIVES WHICH WHEN YOU KILL SOMEONE WHILE BLOWING THAT STOP SIGN ON YOUR PHONE YOU ARE NO BETTER THEN THE GANG MEMBERS YOUR POINTING FINGERS AT!!!!!!!!!

  14. cassie says:

    Are these gang members here illegally? Are they anchor babies (born here to illegals? If so, they should be deported after they serve their sentences.

  15. smartypants says:

    “Don’t Ask- Don’t for Gangsters!!! LOL!!!

  16. Rob says:

    Probably a “rip-from-the-headline” piece for Law and Order: Special Crime Unit show, with a bad all-white gang beating up a gay Latino in the Bronx. Must not offend Latinos and Latino gangs, too.

  17. straightcut says:

    thats shocking…i thought theres less people in the US who still bears such pre-historic mind of sexuality. Heard about the Baptisit church of westboro for their anti-gay behaviours…but these are kids

  18. pat says:

    this story is a complete BS. don’t you people know it’s only white conservatives who engage in heinous activity?

  19. DBZ says:

    What has being gay got to do with this story? Is getting beat up by a gang worse if you can add the Hate-Crime lable to the charge? Or less illegal if you are straight??? What a load of BS this is. Charge the idiots with the crime, and lets stop giving the special interest groups their platform for making money!

  20. Earthvisitor says:

    The victim has the same gangster mentality. No sympathy because many, most probably would have suffered from his thud mentality.

  21. nathan says:

    does anybody find it odd that these straight men felt the need to stick hard straight objects in a gay mans rectum? either way, they will soon feel that same pain in a few months…

  22. SamCalantano says:

    Tom they should take your mother to animal control and euthanize her so that so can no longer pop out ignorant prick like yourself.

  23. mason says:

    would the boys be in more or less trouble if their victims happened to be straight?
    Would we even be hearing about it?

  24. Lorric says:

    It’s a very sad state of affairs to hear about things like this that are happening. So disheartening to see 10 steps taken backwards after a few forward. These seven pieces of disgusting filth should be incarcerated and what they did to these poor men should happen to them…over and over. The eye-for-an-eye way of thinking definitely has it’s merits…especially in our legal system.

  25. Steve says:

    Let’s quit playing games. When sub-human garbage like this is caught, a single shot to the head is all that they deserve. Just exterminate them for the vermin they are. They are not human beings.

  26. reality says:

    Some of these guys were just back from a tour with homeland security after the close of Abu-Ghraib prison. The others worked for the CIA at Guantanamo. Just putting all that expensive training and experience to work on the street.

  27. llllll says:

    A 17-year-old is NOT a minor in NYC.

  28. alex says:

    what these idiots did is absolutely heinous, however your comment is just ignorant.. their savagery has nothing to do with wether they are illegals or not.

    1. Eric Hoffman says:

      Of course it does. Why let savages into our nation? When was the last time you heard of a gang of illegal Japanese or French beating a man? It has everything to do with it. Some immigrants are better than others.

  29. lastfrance says:

    “Horrifying”… really… so, what did you open border advocates expect? The liberal menatality LOSES EVERY TIME BY ITS OWN DESIGN.

  30. robtr says:

    New York continues it’s slide into bankruptcey and lawlessness.

  31. gene says:

    the cops better not inquire about their immigration status!

  32. jrcbsny says:

    These apparently BIGOTED, DESPICABLE, PATHETIC, IGNORANT, COWARDS AND BULLIES need to be prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT of the law for HATE CRIMES AND any other related crimes. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS, PUT THEM IN PRISON, AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. NO PLEA DEALS, NO BARGAINING. And it wouldn’t surprise me if these guys are secretly on the DL, because usually the most virulent and violent anti-gay guys are usually on the down low trying to hide the fact that they secretly want to get it on with another guy, and if you get them behind closed doors, they would be the first to be on their knees taking it at BOTH ends and loving it. Once they are prosecuted and thrown in prison, they will have plenty of time to fulfill their possible secret sexual desires. A lot of these vile crimes are being FUELED by many anti-gay political and so-called religious groups, and EVERYONE should DENOUNCE these groups and their hateful, prejudiced, and discriminatory positions whenever we encounter them. I pray and hope the VICTIMS recover from this horrible crime.

  33. deskboy says:

    I am heartened to hear this coming form a NEw Yorker. But one voice cries out in the wilderness. As for the story, do you people realize that these people are criminals? But you are shocked becuase a gay ute was brutalized? If he weren’t gay, he would still be a pos gangter.

  34. Paul says:

    You mean the christianist right wing who are foul human-form parasites?

  35. Frank Mutz says:

    gangs can be so cruel …
    they should prosecute this gang for it’s insensitivity to gender identification and sexuality

  36. ty jones says:

    since most gang members are either gay bi or unsure i guess it bothered them the fact he was secure enough to gay and not try to play the dl role..

  37. florida says:

    i don’t understand why, if you hate a dude for being gay, then why are you going to rape him with a broom handle. that IMO makes you more gay than he could ever be. I think all those dudes are in the closet and they hate themselves which is why they attacked these dudes the way they do. It’s like when some straight guys beat on women…they beat them because they are jealous that they can’t be women themselves. I don’t get why this guy joined a gang to begin with. Maybe they forced him into the gang.

  38. acuts says:

    Wow that was really dumb and totally based on opinion. Seriously, why are americans so ignorant?? No wonder this country is falling apart at the seams… America, we’re dumb, so what?

  39. JohnnyCleveland says:

    Everyone knows the LKs don’t accept gays. Is it any different for them to beat up a couple gay guys that for the LKs to beat up some guy on the street that disrespects them?

    If you want to try getting rid of gangs, then get rid of gangs. If not, then stop bothering me when some gay person gets beat up by them. Gangs beat people up all the time.

  40. Gary says:

    Fed Up…..you’re an idiot……

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