Kerik Blames Tough Sentence On Judge Grudge

NEW YORK (AP) – Former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik says he received a tougher sentence because the judge took his case “personally.”

Kerik filed papers in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan asking to be resentenced to “preserve the appearance of impartiality.”

Retired federal Judge Stephen Robinson denied the charge. He said he tried at all times to do what was fair and right. He says it was never personal.

Kerik is serving a four-year sentence for tax fraud, lying to the White House and other felonies.

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  • joe k

    boo hoo


    What a waste of a life. Stay in jail with the rest of the criminals you lowlife crybaby.

  • Roy

    BVernie is a thug..always was,always will be…he got less than he deserved… he’s mr cry baby

  • KPMc

    Whether it is right or not, you are held to a higher standard, Bernie.

    You failed miserably. Add on to that the arrogance to actually pursue a job with the White House and not just say “no thank you” when you knew you were a criminal.

    Consider the heavy sentence a response to your unapologetic hubris.

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