Shooting Causes Traffic Tie-up On I-84 In Connecticut

DANBURY, Conn. (AP) — Officials say a police shooting has snarled traffic on I-84 near Danbury, Conn.

The Hartford Courant says a state police officer shot and killed a motorist after a routine traffic stop turned deadly. The newspaper says the motorist fired on the trooper, who returned fire Friday evening.

Traffic was stopped in both directions.

Nik Patel says traffic was stopped for 90 minutes on his drive to Waterbury, Conn. He says a Department of Motor Vehicles worker in a yellow jacket told motorists that “police have shot someone and it’s being treated as a crime scene.”

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  1. Prath says:

    Left NYC at 4pm on a Megabus, was in traffic from 6:30pm to about 1am, didn’t get to Boston until 4am. Ridiculous.

  2. Lynn Annis says:

    I just wonder what really happened. Why was the interstate closed for over 6 hours? I think it was a bigger deal than is being reported.

  3. Raj says:

    Ohh god.. It was a terrible day on I-84. It took me 7 hrs from NJ to CT it use to take 2.30 min for me….. never experienced this kind of traffic ever….

  4. AJ says:

    bus leaving new york city and supposed to be arriving in boston at midnight did not get into boston until after 5 am!!! never been in worse traffic!

    1. lb618 says:

      What was particularly annoying were the people who drove on the shoulder to get off the next exit, only to face the same standstill traffic. They must stay in their lane and wait their turn. the shoulder is for emergencies. if an ambulance needed to drive up he left hand lane to respond to a call, then all the cars would shift over one lane to the right using the shoulder for the purpose of allowing an emergency vehicle to respond. if drivers are in that lane then the ambulance cannot respond in a timely fashion resulting in a death upon arrival. So drivers think twice before taking shortcuts, and cooperate with one another during such times. it makes a huge difference!

  5. Robert says:

    I went to the Newark airport starting at 7pm and the east bound was already shutdown, I returned to Danbury around 12:30 am and the east bound was still shutdown! incredible, trailers and cars were resting on the side of the road and even on park & rides, not sure why this had to take this long but it was a complete mess, feel sorry for cars with babies on it..

  6. Hope I don't run out of gas says:

    On 84-east still. Over 5 hours and not even at exit 3 yet. Great job state police!

  7. Hany Zahran says:

    It took me 6 hrs to drive from NYC to exit 15 on I-84 round trip which I normally do in 4 hrs. I had to skip I-84 from I-684 to brewster NY and go local roads with the help of my GPS. I just set it to avoid Highways all together. On the way back the left lane if I-84W was still closed (11:30 pm) and the east bound was complete shut down still.

  8. In traffic still says:

    5 hours and counting…help!!! Falling asleep… Motorists have been friendly!

  9. Peter says:

    I got caught in this going westbound but was able to get off and go via local roads, which were pretty much a mess too. The really bad part is the complete and utter rudeness and aggression of so many drivers which made a bad situation far worse. In several areas there was a complete breakdown of traffic laws with people ignoring lights and I was even almost run off the road by a pickup going down the wrong side of Rt. 6 right at me with his high beams on.

  10. Joan says:


    My sister has been at a standstill at exit 3 for 4 hours. Any idea when this will be cleared?

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