Weak Job Market Has New Yorkers On Edge

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Job seekers line up at a job fair at the Hotel Pennsylvania - New York, NY - Sep 29, 2010 - Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Job seekers line up at a job fair. (credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Even those who are employed weren’t feeling optimistic about the latest job figures, Kathleen Maloney reports.

“It’s unfortunate that so many people are out of work. I don’t know that anybody has an answer to make everything bounce back,” resident Tony said.

He felt lucky just to have a job in these times, but said the weak economy is taking its toll.

“With the current MTA fare increase coming along, and your day-to-day expenses are going up, and your salary or income is not keeping pace at all, so at some point it’s going to break if it keeps this way,” he said.

So he’s concerned an a little frustrated.

“I don’t know what the magic bullet is, but hopefully it’ll show up sooner rather than later.”

Students were also feeling the pinch. Jeanine is finishing up college but was not looking forward to entering this weak job market.

“You know I hope that there’s a change soon. I hope that something happens,” she said.

“It happened to my cousin. He got laid off from Merrill-Lynch.

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