LIPA Customers To See Power Bill Hike

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) — The Long Island Power Authority said it’s doubling the amount it budgets for storm damage.

As much as $50 million is being set aside to respond to storms in the 2011 budget. That’s a $23 million increase over this year’s reserve.

The increase means the typical customer will see bills increase $1.50 a month.

The utility said the past two storm seasons have been unusually severe.

LIPA chief operating officer Michael Hervey said he’d rather be overprepared the next time a storm threatens Long Island.

About $54 million of the $180 million spent this year on storms is expected to be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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  1. DanTe says:

    I agree with Bob Henning. Those CEO’s should be paid the same as a janitor like Henning. After all, janitors like Henning is equally capable of running multi-million dollar corporations and allocate resources.

  2. Bob Henning says:

    The CEOs of these Utility Companies which of course have Many Influencial Political Friends in high Places make Millions Anually for the Forced Rape of their Customers.. It isn`t bad enough that people Lose their Jobs, Tjheir Homes and thewir Savings, You can always count on the Utility Companies to kick you in the Balls while you`re down.

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