Paladino Ups Ante, Slams Cuomo Over Gay Pride Parade

Republican: 'They Wear Little Speedos And Grind On Each Other'

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — A firestorm has engulfed New York’s race for governor.

Republican candidate Carl Paladino is on the hot seat over comments he made about homosexuals.

It’s drawing national attention, but the blunt speaking businessman isn’t backing down.

In fact, he’s upping the ante, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Paladino tried to give out lollipops at Monday’s Columbus Day parade, but he was mobbed by reporters after he told a Brooklyn Hassidic group he didn’t want kids “brainwashed” into thinking gay marriage is a “valid” option.

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“I unequivocally support all gay rights, all gay rights except the right to be married. I’m a Catholic and I believe in Catholic values,” Paladino said.

With reporters swarming all over him Paladino said he isn’t homophobic, and will hire gays in his administration if he gets elected, but he was sharply critical of a decision by Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo to march in a gay pride parade with his young daughters.

The two combatants went mano-e-mano on that one.

“Have you ever been to one? The men wear little Speedos and they grind on each other. Would you take your children there? I don’t think so,” Paladino said.

“Marcia, he’s probably the last person I’ll take advice from on how to raise my daughters,” Cuomo told Kramer.

To which Paladino replied, “That’s just wonderful. That’s good. I think he’s already displayed his lack of interest maybe in being a good father.”

Cuomo was also mobbed by reporters. He was clearly upset by Paladino’s remarks and tried to lob a broadside of his own at the blunt speaking businessman’s comments.

“They were reckless in light of all the recent violence that we’ve had. They were divisive. They were the worst cynical politics trying to pit people against one another, trying to pit groups against one another,” Cuomo said. “It is repugnant to the content of what New York is.”

Getting back to Paladino’s blunt talk on gays, he said Monday he does not think it makes him unfit to be governor, quite the contrary.

“There are many people in New York who find me very fit because I do speak on issues and I do stand up for the rights of the people, all the people, all the time, including all homosexuals, yes,” Paladino said.

But a version of the speech handed out by a rabbi had some things Paladino didn’t say, including a charge that “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.”

Paladino said he didn’t write the speech, but when it was handed to him he crossed that line out.

“That section of my presentation was written and it was handed to a staffer,” Paladino said.

So who did write the speech? Sources tell Kramer it appeared to have been written by a man named Yhehuda Levin, who acted as an emissary from Paladino to the Orthodox community. The rabbis Paladino visited in Brooklyn told Kramer his views reflected their Orthodox views, but they don’t reflect the views of groups dealing with gays.

“We’re sending a message to young people that it’s okay to discriminate, it’s okay to commit violent acts, that it’s okay for gay kids to kill themselves and that’s not okay, particularly in a place in a country that supposedly values all of us,” said Jarrett Barrios of  The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

The firestorm had Paladino’s various political backers at odds. Republican State Chairman Edward Cox said while he condemns any remark that could be construed as homophobic, Paladino is more than capable of speaking for himself.

“The man enunciated that he is for traditional marriage. He’s opposed to same-sex marriage,” said New York State Conservative Party chairman Michael Long.

Long said he thought Paladino’s remarks showed that he and Cuomo had different views on such social issues as gay marriage.

“I think it’s becoming very difficult to be for traditional values in our society today and when one does stand for traditional values they get slammed for it,” Long said.

The campaign rhetoric is probably not going to stop until Election Day. Paladino and Cuomo will meet face to face for the first time next Monday at a debate.

Paladino told Kramer he’s got some other things he wants to make public then.

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One Comment

  1. North Carolinian says:

    Finally a new yorker with sense–and guts! Drive on Palladino!

  2. donh says:

    Once again Paladino speaks the blunt truth. Here is a Youtube video of the NY City gay pride risque day parade….

  3. Steve Oger says:

    i dont mind if two guys want to shtup each other,ect what i do care if theses guys go arround and declare this is normal its the cool thing to do thats what bothers me.
    i feel gay people should not be violated. but its not the norm. lets call it what it is.
    I Like Carl Paldidino, albany needs someone like him.

  4. andy greer says:

    i knew nothing about this man until today. Im starting to like carl paladino, we need a blunt no nonsense commonsense gov. everyone seems to agree besides the press.

  5. Atomic says:

    We need more politicians to be like Paladino. Its time for new blood, instead of the same ole re-treads / politicians who are riding family members coat tails (Bush, hillary, cuomo, etc.). These re-treads are the same idiots who put us in this mess (HUD). Does NY need more cuomo???? The man has 0 positive credentials. Why no debates???? If Paladino is sooooo bad, the debates should be easy. What’s cuomo afraid of?? I wish I could say NY’ers deserve better, but the truth is that people deserve the gov’t they vote for. Congrats, Albany is all ours!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bud Wiser says:

    “Crazy Carl” is the kind of man New York needs! Lee Iaccoca stirred up Chrysler, and Carl Paladino will stir up Albany in the same way making New York a better place to live. ELECT HIM !!!!!!!!

  7. Della says:

    Sex is a God- Given gift….respect the sacredness of it.
    Respect Marriage!!

  8. Della says:

    Chuck- you are right. It is depressing to think that the world has become so self centered. that they think of only the pleasure they can get . Sex has become entertainment.. I have nothing against sex but I have a sacred reguard for myself and others. Thank you for what you said. I also think as you do.

  9. Glen says:

    it is about time that a politician takes a strong stand for morality. I’ would rather have a leader that tells us how it is then one that tells us things just to get votes.
    We need someone like Paladino.

  10. WeMadeAmistake says:

    I commend Paladino for a forthright stand on a issue that really speaks of moral responsibility. While I denounce any hateful treatment of someone because they are gay, I do not support anyone pushing their sexual idetitity or preferences onto someone else. It isn’t any of my business to know what your sexual preferences are. So stop telling me. What’s next, people who are into S & M coming out of the closet and demanding you and I recognize them. Oh, Please!

  11. CommonSense says:

    Has anyone ever take into consideration that it doesnt matter what the politician believes, nameley because the govt should not have any hand in my marraige, whether it be with a man or a woman. That is between me, my spouse, and the granting institution, be it of religious or secular foundation. Common sense. It has nothing to do with the govt.

    1. Mark says:

      A libertarian speaks up. To much tax code, to many laws, divorce, insurance and all kinds of things would have to change to get the government out of marriage.

      Nope, its not going to fly.

      1. ld says:

        Before you call yourself a “libertarian” you should learn what one is. A libertarian Mark, would have no issue with gay marriage whatsoever since its a personal choice. Libertarians put personal choice above all else. According to libertarianism no individual or entity has the right or place to tell anyone what to do or how to do it… its all about the individual and their choices. You’ve posted about religion as well and a libertarian would definitely not practice or condone the teachings or theories of any religion because they practice “reason” and do not subscribe to any dogma or theocracy. Based on your posts and your position on this “gay marriage issue” you certainly would not be considered a “libertarian”

  12. John Howard says:

    He’s right about same-sex marriage, because marriage implies a right to conceive children together, approval of creating offspring using the couple’s own genes, and attempting to create offspring for same-sex couples would be unethical. It is actually becoming a real possibility to create gametes from stem cells and imprint them as if they came from someone of the other sex. They’ve made sperm from mouse stem cells and used them to fertilize eggs, they have made human germ cells from stem cells, but so far have not tried to make an embryo.

    Every marriage should have a right to procreate and express society’s approval to conceive children, and that is not something we should give to same-sex couples.

  13. Tom says:

    I find it interesting with all the problems facing New York, that we are talking about this. This is what the press wants to talk about because it sells papers. What about the issues or are we going to elect more candidates won’t deal with fixing the problems. Think about it and the direction the press is taking you. Then after the election, see if your candidate has any answers to fix the jobs problem…

  14. GarethB1 says:

    Ridiculous. You hetro-folks mean to tel me that, God forbid, if you would have heard about gay marriage when you were little itty-bitty breeders-to-be that you might then have decided to be gay? Well, that’s what this Paladino wing-nut is saying. What a joke.

    1. Mark says:

      Dude, this is such a tired old line of logic. His comments were very straight forward and at face value amount to the fact that he wouldn’t subject his daughters to such outlandish displays of “the lifestyle” that go on at a pride event.

      Nowhere in this comments does he indicate that his actions are a way to keep the “gay” from rubbing off on his daughters as you so outlandishly suggest.

  15. Atomic says:

    This gay stuff is a waste of time. Who cares??? Some are for gay marriage, some are not for it. Its a pretty entrenched issue. No one is changing anyone’s mind.

    All Paladino needs to mention, and keep mentioning is HUD.

  16. codie1234 says:

    It is the Church and people like Paladino that “Brainwash” kids to non-acceptance.

  17. rogue darkwolf says:

    for me, gay marriage = low priority social issue, not at all on my radar for this election… despite the fact that I support gay marriage. Cuomo will not get my vote. Paladino has a better chance of cleaning up Albany. I also give him credit for standing up for his beliefs, even when challenged by the media and others.

  18. jt says:

    How do you gay folks stay in business when you cannot reproduce?

  19. debbie carter says:


  20. Tom N says:

    Run ‘n tell that

  21. Keith says:

    “However, on religious issues there can be little or no compromise. There is no position on which people are so immovable as their religious beliefs. There is no more powerful ally one can claim in a debate than Jesus Christ, or God, or Allah, or whatever one calls this supreme being. But like any powerful weapon, the use of God’s name on one’s behalf should be used sparingly. The religious factions that are growing …throughout our land are not using their religious clout with wisdom. They are trying to force government leaders into following their position 100 percent. If you disagree with these religious groups on a particular moral issue, they complain, they threaten you with a loss of money or votes or both.

    I’m frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if I want to be a moral person, I must believe in “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.” Just who do they think they are? And from where do they presume to claim the right to dictate their moral beliefs to me? And I am even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every religious group who thinks it has some God-granted right to control my vote on every roll call in the Senate. I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of “conservatism.””
    -Barry “Mr. Conservative” Goldwater

  22. GO BRAVES says:

    60% don;t think it will hurt his election. FABULOUS!! I guess the other 40% are stool-pushing Mets fans

  23. Don says:

    I think he’s refreshingly honest and right on.

  24. Ryan Guthrie says:

    It is disgusting to see that someone such as this is running for so high a public office. To believe that one can speak on God’s behalf in such an offensive and reprehensible way is repulsive.

    I am a Catholic and a gay man as well, and what I fear most is ignorant and arrogant “Christians” who believe that they speak on behalf of God.

    1. Grats Man says:

      Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

      Deuteronomy 4:2 Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you

  25. rob says:

    Good idea.

  26. el polacko says:

    shame on paladino for his ignorant and bigoted statements. there is nothing more shocking at a pride parade than there is at any other mardis gras-type festival…and many families, both gay and straight, participate. apparently, it is HE who has never attended a pride event.
    one need look no further than this comment thread to see what kind of hateful, nasty attitudes are given credence by his ridiculous statements.

    1. Mark says:

      Sorry, there are millions who don’t participate in any of those secular party festivals you list.

      Your argument sounds like my kids saying hey everyone is doing it so it must be ok, right?

      The fact they have been going on unabated for a long time in this country aught to attest to our commitment to freedom of choice.

      But by demanding the rest of us who choose not to participate in the debauchery to approve of it by either forced or shamed silence or by other means is exactly the intolerance you so vehemently seem to oppose.

      1. ld says:

        How are you being forced into anything??? You aren’t being asked to Marry someone who is gay!! And it’s not like gay marriage will take any rights away from “traditional” marriage. It in no way changes anything or forces anything upon anyone. All it is, is including a group in our society to have the same rights and protections that everyone else has. And a civil union does not provide the same rights and protections that marriage does… that’s the bottom line.

  27. Robert says:

    Yes we don’t like the gay lifestyle. So what, get a life!

  28. BILL says:


  29. Chet says:

    Apparently anything goes in America now, sooooooo I’m going to drag my kitchen table into the driveway tomorrow morning right when kids are passing by on their way to school and have sex with it.
    And I don’t care if that offends you or anyone else.
    I was born with that need and I AM GOING TO FULFILL IT!!!!!!

  30. Edward says:

    The Bible says “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:12).” When quoting the Bible to judge, perhaps recall this quote and then leave my family out of your judgements.

  31. Roger says:

    ““I unequivocally support all gay rights, all gay rights except the right to be married. I’m a Catholic and I believe in Catholic values,” Paladino said.”

    I believe that this statement alone qualifies Paladino as a total hypocrite. I’m pretty sure having a child with your mistress is against Catholic values.

    1. Mark says:

      Whats your point? The only end to your line of logic is the promotion of psychopaths to political office. Why? Because only those who are amoral can attain perfection in their personal beleif systems.
      Since most psychopaths have mastered the art of appearing outwardly normal you get duped.

      This is such a stupid argument and OLD.

      Now, is the man qualified, not sure but your comment doesn’t add to the clarity of the question or the answer.

  32. Louise says:

    Paladino simply stated his true feelings and coming from a politician that’s refreshing. At least the gay community knows what he believes and that they’re not going to be lied to like many other politicians lie to them. Gay people disagree on all sorts of controversial issues and they speak right out all the time. Paladino simply that he disagreed with a few fundamentals beliefs of the gay lifestyle. What is the big freaking deal? Lots of people believe exactly what Paladino believes, many politicians included; they’re just too gutless to voice their true feelings. The idiot media get to get over it and themselves and spend time finding real truths from the jabbering mouths of OTHER politicians. Good luck with that.

  33. ladybug99 says:

    What a moron you are. By the way…we are all glad you left the US, too! Good riddance pervert.

  34. theSwimmah says:

    he’s absolutely right. all these people want is public displays of gay nudity, promiscuity and revolting anti-social shock behavior.

    they contribute absolutely nothing to our society other than providing a venue for their warped immoral values.

    name one significant religion that condones gay behavior.

    i am confident once the imam’s get their new mosque these people will be hunted down.

    you can always count on the radicals to marginalize themselves.

  35. lillith says:

    Gay living contract does not need to be a marriage contract. They want the marriage contract for forced respect as equals to heterosexuals. That is the whole source of the contention. Even we old buggers (oops, pardon the new worlds use of an old world word of different meaning) or is today’s common usage we old beggars? Anyway, we oldsters even do not condone torches and pitchforks aimed against gays–especially young “gays” who have probably been wrongly indoctrinated into the sadder, more dangerous gay life style.

    The real bad thing about gays coming out of the closest is how it affects the rest of the standard family’s lives where before a good gay young one wouldn’t bring things in for the family to openly accept. Wouldn’t bring a series of lovers to a family dinner. Wouldn’t be a danger to the young niece’s/nephews who, not knowing of what he/she was, could be allowed to relate in a somewhat normal and respectful manner with their gay aunt/uncle without parental qualifying explanations that auntie/uncle were less than. The subject left.

    Were gays also more restrained in what they allowed themselves to do and expect? Hedonism and anything goes leads to depravity, drugs and a very sad end. This overturning or trying to overturn things that have been since the beginning of time needs more thought about the ramifications. Changes aren’t without change. You start an enforced change and you cannot control the results, such as everyone’s old beloved Uncle Waldo, the eccentric who lives alone or with another old eccentric all of a sudden finds family not at home when he calls.

    Young gay suicides? How do we know it wasn’t guilt over deeds or being used, not loved? What are the generational norms for gays that protect the young ones as much as the hetero young ones like all things in moderation?

    NAMBLA for all brings happiness to whom?

  36. Mark says:

    How did you respond to Obama opposing same sex marriage? If I recall correctly he is for a legal union type option.

    I suppose Obama is stupid and a bigot as well.

    1. ML says:

      See the Gay Pride Parade video on Floyd Reports at It is very shocking, and Mr. Paladino is absolutely right. No child should see such perversion as dancing naked men all painted up with wigs on; lascivious posters filled with sex act descriptions, leering faces, literature being handed out, gyrating pelvises. Please, people: America is going to face God’s wrath. I am surprised He hasn’t destroyed us already. Please watch this video of the parade and learn the TRUTH. Paladino is RIGHT.

      1. Brian says:

        Obviously you’ve never been to Mardi Gras, Carnivale or any Spring Break. Watching MTV Spring Break or VH1 reality show proves one thing, heterosexuals are disgusting and immoral!

  37. max says:

    I love some one who stands up for the Morals of GOD !!!! Vote for this man !!!

  38. Wally says:

    I happen to like the guy and will probably vote for him.
    Let me be the first though to give this play on words.
    Mr Palamino is a horse’s a$$!

  39. muawiyah says:

    Free speech means free speech. People who want to slap people around for just what they say are seriously in error.

    There should be a death penalty for people who want to suppress speech, or who interfere with the free speech rights of others.

  40. deedee18 says:

    I do not hold anything against Paladino, He is very aware of the tough life it is for someone to announce they are gay. No matter how accepting some are, there are those who arent and disagree with it. But it doesnt make him a bad person. He understands the obstacles and knows it isnt an easy task to be gay in todays world. It does not make him any less qualified to handle state business and make NY a better place to live.

  41. Michelle says:

    Keep speaking the truth as you see it, Carl. I find NOTHING wrong with your remarks. But, then again, I’m not a “politically correct” gay, conservative female. I’m just a gay, conservative female.

  42. Bev5 says:

    I wholeheartedly support Paladino on the things he has stated. If in doubt of the facts behind his statement, go to at about 21:30. The naked guy on the bike is not something I would want my children to see, nor would I want to have to explain the behavior. Sure, call me a prude.

    There’s a difference between being gay and being a freak – he undoubtedly was referring to the freaks. Too bad for the gays.

  43. Wally says:

    Mr.Paladino doesn’t like the idea of people simulating the sex act in front of families, men with men,women with women,men with women,men with boys or anyone with animals.Mr.Cuomo exposed his young daughters to this

  44. robert says:

    We already have Slavery,liberals call it Aborton…..Cuomo is the bigoted throwback.I never see him condemn the bigotry and hate leveled against Catholics,Christians,white people or unborn children.

  45. PhilMcKraken says:

    Don’t remember where I read this but it’s spot on: “Actually, we shouldn’t be too surprised by any of this. Under the traditional definition of tolerance, the true definition, people amicably agreed to disagree with others whose beliefs or lifestyles were different than their own, as long as they weren’t breaking any laws. But the problem is liberals changed the meaning of the word. By their definition, tolerance means we must all affirm the beliefs and lifestyles we disagree with and say that they are equal or even better to all other beliefs and lifestyles.
    Thus, anyone who refuses to be tolerant – according to the revised definition of the word – is some sort of a hate-monger, some neo-Nazi, some racist/sexist/anti-gay nut who must not only be denounced, but silenced by whatever means necessary, whether it’s a pie to the face or a bullet to the head.”

    1. Mark says:

      Amen to this comment

    2. ld says:

      Sorry that comment makes no sense…agreeing to disagree is fine and yes is something we all should respect. But in this country all speech or practice should be seen as equal to all others in every way unless it is doing actual harm to someone else. Your quote sees acknowledging (in this case) being gay as something that shouldn’t necessarily be seen as equal to being heterosexual. Again, it’s fine to agree to disagree but seeing the person you disagree with as equal to you or their idea as equal to yours is imperative. Agreeing to disagree and not seeing something as equal are very different things It’s a conflicting comment….

  46. Aunt Bee says:

    Who cares what one degenerate calls another moral decrepit?

    We have much larger fish to fry and don’t need mindless doo doo.

    911essentials is an introduction to the New World Order Central Banking Police State, its plans for one world government and their worship of the pseudoscience Eugenics.

  47. bigbiz2 says:

    I think it would be good if everyone was gay

  48. sailordude says:

    Why was he wasting his time with Jews anyway, they all vote Democrat!

  49. robert says:

    Why is the bigotry of liberals toward unborn children,Catholics,Christians,white people and men never coondemnned?Mr.Paladino’s remarks were refreshing,not “intolerant”.Liberals,like Cuomo are far bigger bigots…

    1. Gilbert says:

      Robert, this is very well put. Fantastic. Why can only the liberals call names and conservatives not. It’s probably because they haven’t grown up yet and they are still the minions of their professors.

    2. Keith says:

      Good question; simple answer. Liberal extremists, like any extremists, can at times be over the top. And they do get condemned… On Fox News, on conservative talk radio, etc. Those are the predominantly conservative mediums, so that’s where you’ll see criticism. Think Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, etc.

      The way liberals are… better… overall, for lack of a better word, is that we don’t try to force our views on to other people. We don’t insist that this is a liberal country, for hippies only, that you must have pre-marital sex or leave it! We’re not insisting that it’s our right to hang Karl Marx quotes on public school walls, or telling your daughters they HAVE to get abortions and hug gay people in parades.

      This is simply not a (take your pick of any/all of the following) white, christian, heterosexual nation. It’s a nation for everybody. You can raise your kids to believe whatever you want; just leave mine alone. And no I don’t have any interest in checking out your Wednesday night mens’ fellowship, but thanks for asking.

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