Paladino Ups Ante, Slams Cuomo Over Gay Pride Parade

Republican: 'They Wear Little Speedos And Grind On Each Other'

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — A firestorm has engulfed New York’s race for governor.

Republican candidate Carl Paladino is on the hot seat over comments he made about homosexuals.

It’s drawing national attention, but the blunt speaking businessman isn’t backing down.

In fact, he’s upping the ante, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Paladino tried to give out lollipops at Monday’s Columbus Day parade, but he was mobbed by reporters after he told a Brooklyn Hassidic group he didn’t want kids “brainwashed” into thinking gay marriage is a “valid” option.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane with Christine Quinn

“I unequivocally support all gay rights, all gay rights except the right to be married. I’m a Catholic and I believe in Catholic values,” Paladino said.

With reporters swarming all over him Paladino said he isn’t homophobic, and will hire gays in his administration if he gets elected, but he was sharply critical of a decision by Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo to march in a gay pride parade with his young daughters.

The two combatants went mano-e-mano on that one.

“Have you ever been to one? The men wear little Speedos and they grind on each other. Would you take your children there? I don’t think so,” Paladino said.

“Marcia, he’s probably the last person I’ll take advice from on how to raise my daughters,” Cuomo told Kramer.

To which Paladino replied, “That’s just wonderful. That’s good. I think he’s already displayed his lack of interest maybe in being a good father.”

Cuomo was also mobbed by reporters. He was clearly upset by Paladino’s remarks and tried to lob a broadside of his own at the blunt speaking businessman’s comments.

“They were reckless in light of all the recent violence that we’ve had. They were divisive. They were the worst cynical politics trying to pit people against one another, trying to pit groups against one another,” Cuomo said. “It is repugnant to the content of what New York is.”

Getting back to Paladino’s blunt talk on gays, he said Monday he does not think it makes him unfit to be governor, quite the contrary.

“There are many people in New York who find me very fit because I do speak on issues and I do stand up for the rights of the people, all the people, all the time, including all homosexuals, yes,” Paladino said.

But a version of the speech handed out by a rabbi had some things Paladino didn’t say, including a charge that “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.”

Paladino said he didn’t write the speech, but when it was handed to him he crossed that line out.

“That section of my presentation was written and it was handed to a staffer,” Paladino said.

So who did write the speech? Sources tell Kramer it appeared to have been written by a man named Yhehuda Levin, who acted as an emissary from Paladino to the Orthodox community. The rabbis Paladino visited in Brooklyn told Kramer his views reflected their Orthodox views, but they don’t reflect the views of groups dealing with gays.

“We’re sending a message to young people that it’s okay to discriminate, it’s okay to commit violent acts, that it’s okay for gay kids to kill themselves and that’s not okay, particularly in a place in a country that supposedly values all of us,” said Jarrett Barrios of  The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

The firestorm had Paladino’s various political backers at odds. Republican State Chairman Edward Cox said while he condemns any remark that could be construed as homophobic, Paladino is more than capable of speaking for himself.

“The man enunciated that he is for traditional marriage. He’s opposed to same-sex marriage,” said New York State Conservative Party chairman Michael Long.

Long said he thought Paladino’s remarks showed that he and Cuomo had different views on such social issues as gay marriage.

“I think it’s becoming very difficult to be for traditional values in our society today and when one does stand for traditional values they get slammed for it,” Long said.

The campaign rhetoric is probably not going to stop until Election Day. Paladino and Cuomo will meet face to face for the first time next Monday at a debate.

Paladino told Kramer he’s got some other things he wants to make public then.

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One Comment

  1. it is good he is pro-marriage but even better that he is Pro-Life!

  2. Matt Gies says:

    “Traditional Values” are nothing to be proud of. Slavery, wife-beating, rape, and genocide are all “traditional values” that the Old Testament supports. Why would you be proud of cleaving to an obsolete, hateful ideology?

    1. Cindy says:

      Check out Romans 1:21-34 Its in the New testament as well. God didn’t Create Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve with the right parts that fit. The rectum is to eliminate the bodies waste and doesn’t reproduce as a woman and woman cannot reproduce. This is and always will be sexual perversion. The rapist’s are claiming the same the Phetiphiles are claiming the same where does it start. In Perversion and Hatred against God and violations done to individuals…Hurt people Hurt people. Lets not get it twisted. Lets not conform to the lies of the process to justify perversion. It is unnatural and that is a fact….You can love someone without having sex with them. Lets make that clear…..That is what friendship is. It crosses the line when it becomes a sexual act and then is perversion. Lets NOT legalize perversion. Lets help people. Thanks

  3. NYC Tom says:

    Let me get this straight, a jew wrote Paladino’s comments about gays? Aren’t they the ones always crying about recognition? They couldn’t retain a home state until one was given to them by the UN. Maybe when they know learn to fight and sustain ownership of something (like a homeland) I’ll start getting guidance from them on my morality.

    And as for Paladino being a proud Catholic, he is familiar with their lovely track record of late , right? I wouldn’t be playing the “proud Catholic” card if I were him.

  4. omfg says:

    Man. They aren’t kidding when they say that everyone who watches CBS is old.

  5. JL says:

    It’s too darned bad I’m not in NY or I’d definately be voting for Mr.Paladino. Love the fact he stands up to the Gay mafia in this country. It’s PAST time to stand them down! VERY tired of seeing Hollywood shoving that garbage down our throats and its’ time to fight back and put a stop to it!!!!

    1. Matt Gies says:

      “Gay mafia”?! Are you off your meds? I’d love to see you identify even one incident of organized crime that can credibly be blamed on a “gay mafia”. On the contrary, the “hetero mafia” has been demeaning, harassing (often to the point of suicide), and even murdering innocent gays for years and years. Yet I’m certain you can’t point to a single instance of a straight person persecuted by gay people for being straight.

      Anyway, if your delicate sensibilities are so deeply offended by movies that portray gays realistically (i.e., as human beings just like you and me), you should move to Saudi Arabia. I hear it’s a great place to live if you’re opposed to progress and understanding. Or else you could just ignore the stuff that you disagree with, just like I don’t listen to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Because this is still a free country, whether you like it or not.

  6. Nancy Lugosi says:

    Take a look a some gay parades on youtube and see if Paladino didn’t have a point.

  7. Nancy Lugosi says:

    I remember the first time I saw a gay parade in SF 30-40 years ago. It was funny but these were some twisted people. They marched passed Suckers Liquors and The White Swallow , two hangouts in the Polk district.

  8. ONTIME says:

    Obviously speaking out with a logical thought and expressing a avoidance because it is morally offensive is something that Cuomo abhors and is unable to do. Cuomo would rather pander and not say anything than actually confront, his balls aren’t as big as his mouth.

    Paladino was asked by the press for a opinion and he made it clear what he thought, for that he is at least a man.

  9. korakaos says:

    I’m a Catholic, and my Catholic values are loving God and my neighbor. God never said that two men could not marry, in fact, priests have done so in the past. God loves love. God is love. This man is hiding behind an ineffective label to push his hate.

  10. Tomtom29 says:

    Who cares what anybody thinks about gays? I want the crooks out of Albany and my taxes lowered. We certainly don’t need another Cuomo as governor. Andrew “evil eyes” Cuomo has already done enough damage to this country. Now he wants to concentrate on destroying NY State.

  11. Jeremy Bosch says:

    Paladino’s remarks offend me as a catholic, a heterosexual and, most important to him, a New York state voter.

  12. JR says:

    We AGREE with Carl Paladino on the gay issue. We spent an afternoon with Mr. Paladino at a rally, spoke with him, took photos with him and listened to him. He is a RATIONAL, PRACTICAL MAN. He’s not a wimp – he’s not a liar and he is not a politician like Cuomo who is just playing a role and could not care less about New York State —!!!! Vote for a REAL person – not an illusion — Vote FOR PALADINO!!!

  13. rypay says:

    Why can’t we find 2 non POS to run for Governor?

  14. John says:

    I dunno about anything else in this matter, but Cuomo hitching his wagon to the NY Gay Pride parade is a losing proposition.

    Have ya seen one? It’s a freak show.

  15. Straight Shooter says:

    Cuomo will not be the next governor. That is a promise – 100%. It’s not that he will lose in the traditional sense but rather he will not live to see election day this year. I know this for a fact. I have said too much already.

  16. cathguy says:

    I think that Mr. Paladino is to be commended. Look, persecution, violence, bigotry, these are all wrong. I condemn violence and persecution against gays, as do most Americans. Through hate mongers who persecute into prison if they break the law! It is wrong to bully or discriminate against gay people.

    But marriage is between a man and a woman. Period. And I have seen gay rights parades. Any adult who brings his kids to such an event needs to have their heads examined, or perhaps even be investigated by state department of children and families. Exposing kids to overt sexuality, bumping, grinding, g-strings etc. etc. is absolutely irresponsible and speaks to why Cuomo is unfit for public office.

    Paladino is RIGHT. Good for him for having the courage to speak the truth in this silly politically correct society we live in.

  17. fantum says:

    GOOD! I am tired of politicians shoving fruity behavior up my nose and forcing deviant sex into grade school!

  18. Jason Burnstein says:

    Christine Quinn – the mouthpiece for Mayor Bloomberg, you should be ashamed of yourself, using your position to politick for support of your deviant lifestyle, But I guess that you and all of the other deviants have no concience anyhow. By the way, I’ts Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve. Marriage is only for a man and a woman, to procreate in a loving relationship. Thats it ! No Exceptions ! ….Get it Christine ????

  19. jncarlos007 says:

    Lord borack doesn’t believe in gay marriage either
    Suck on that hypocritical libby sheeplings

  20. Chris says:

    Thank goodness for this man! It’s about time. I have no problem with what gay people do in the privacy of their own homes, and don’t believe they should be beat up. BUT their lifestyle should NOT be passed off as normal and natural, nor should they get state sanctioned marriages.

    I am sick of this lifestyle being pushed on the American public by gay organizations, Hollywood, and the mainstream media. The people do NOT accept it.

  21. Sean says:

    HIV/AIDS is a hoax! No other virus acts differently according to which continent it infests. Check out the compeling video:

  22. LD says:

    I can’t believe the comments on here. This has NOTHING to do with church and state and/or the separation of it!! It is completely about giving EVERYONE in our society equal rights under the law. There are many rights privileges and protections that a couple receives upon becoming legally married (Tax benefits, Estate benefits, Government Benefits, Employment Benefits, Medical Benefits, Housing benefits, Family Benefits, Marital Communications Privilege and many other legal protections).

    By not giving an entire group of people the exact same rights and privileges available to the rest of that society you are plain and simply discriminating against that group. NOTHING TO DO WITH CHURCH AND STATE…. don’t even need a clergyman/woman to marry you so please!! It’s completely about being afraid of those that are different from you (and I’m a heterosexual so I’m not a biased source). It was the same with every civil rights issue that has ever come up in this country… be afraid of those that are different from the “norm” whatever that is. Either we ALL have the same rights under the law or we don’t simple.

    1. rypay says:

      I agree except I would not bring children to a gay pride parade.

      1. LD says:

        And I 100% Support your right to choose not to.

  23. ML says:

    Watch the ten-minute long video of a gay pride parade on on the Floyd Reports section in an article about Paladino. You will be very shocked at what you see. Paladino is right: no child should be exposed to those naked, painted, wig-wearing, gyrating men in bikinis; nor should a child read those posters filled with sexual acts and words that should never be seen. I cried watching this it was so awful. Thank you, Floyd Reports, for exposing this Gay Pride Parade video.

  24. JOHN C says:

    GOOD for Paladino, he is a one sane and respectable politician, I hope he wins

  25. FRANK VASTLOA SR says:


  26. SoTK says:

    These filthy sodomites are looking for affirmation. The suicides will not stop. It is not the public rejection of sodomites that causes them problems.

    It is their own inner turmoil due to their abhorrent behavior.

  27. bubba says:

    I believe in the diceman theory. 10% off ky and get back in the f^^&^&in closet.

  28. pete says:

    ok here we go. i don’t have an issue with gay people but i don’t like the gay parades either. they are raunchy and i couldn’t imagine bringing a young teenager to one. might as well take em to the strip club too. a few friends and i attempted to start a straight parade about 6 years ago in tulsa ok. we couldn’t get one sponsor as they all said if we support you we will loose the gay business. so should we get upset and file a complaint and throw mud at everyone over it? that’s what the gay community does when it doesn’t get its way. if you (gay community) require my acceptance of you then you have to except us (straight community). as far as the gay marriage goes there isn’t one. you cant change the meaning of a word to fit your needs. your (gay community) need is to be bound as one but your not opposite sexes so you have come up with a new catch phrase and what is really wrong with that? the only thing i see valid is no discrimination for jobs and school or beating somebody just for the fact they are gay. there i go.

  29. Joe says:

    How is Paladino’s position on gay marriage different from Obama’s?

  30. peter says:

    ok here we go. i don’t have an issue with gay people but i don’t like the gay parades either. they are raunchy and i couldn’t imagine bringing a young teenager to one. might as well take em to the strip club too. a few friends and i attempted to start a straight parade about 6 years ago in tulsa ok. we couldn’t get one sponsor as they all said if we support you we will loose the gay business. so should we get upset and file a complaint and throw mud at everyone over it? that’s what the gay community does when it doesn’t get its way. if you (gay community) require my acceptance of you then you have to except us (straight community). as far as the gay marriage goes there isn’t one. you cant change the meaning of a word to fit your needs. your (gay community) need is to be bound as one but your not opposite sexes so you have come up with a new catch phrase and what is really wrong with that? the only thing i see valid is no discrimination for jobs and school or beating somebody just for the fact they are gay. there i go.

  31. ORjac says:

    I wished I lived in New York instead of Oregon, I’d vote for Mr P, WHAT A GUY!

  32. Charles X says:

    So can we gather from all this that Cuomo likes him some hairy legs when the wife isn’t looking? I think it’s time he came out, and let the voters know what his sexual proclivities are.

  33. Luciano says:

    God bless Mr. Paladino. I find it very refreshing when a man stands by his faith not willing to be intimidated by those who support the gay agenda as a battering ram in order to trivialise marriage, silence freedom of speech and freedom of religion. And to what end but to turn everyone into wards of the state and unthinking robots able only to repeat what has been drummed into their heads by leftist propagandists.

  34. Frank K says:

    he’s right. Let the fruit loops do what they want, its their right.

    But take your children to see it?

    That’s child abuse. Cuomo should have his taken away for being an unfit father.

  35. abinmi says:

    I am a 64 year old baby boomer who has sat back for 30 years and let the “politically correct” movement change the face of society. Not any more! We will fight back and take America back to morals and integrity. Gays should go back in the closet. That’s where they belong. They absolutely have an agenda to recruit more into the gay movement so they don’t feel so guilty about their behavior.
    Gays are just one part of the “PC” garbage. There is much more to follow. Stay tuned. The Boomers are back in full force and we will change the face of America back to our founder’s values.

    1. mark says:

      Wow, now that your retired you are paying attention. Thanks gramps for being asleep at the switch.

  36. Neil says:

    Liberals have nothing to run on so they cloud their bad policies with social agendas.

  37. beef999 says:

    Wait till you see the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village. I got no beef with gays, do what you want, it’s a personal privacy right. But marching up and down the streets extolling the virtues of m/m anal, claiming it’s a “civil right” akin to MLK, that’s where you lose people. It’s like saying bend over, you’ll learn to like it.

  38. Bill says:

    Same sex “marriage” is going to happen among gays, no matter the law or morality which prevails. So let’s let it happen. Let’s give jurisdiction to the Department of Agriculture and administer same sex “marriage” under the heading of Animal Control.

  39. Kenn says:

    Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. Refreshing. I’d like to see more leaders put it on the line like this. True colors. No rainbows.

  40. commonsense says:

    Who decided it was okay for our children to be exposed to public parades to promote sexual preferences? Regardless of your preference, sexuality should always be a private matter and never shoved in the face of our children. Not sure why the gay community disregards that common decency. I do not see parades specifically designed to promote heterosexual behavior. Maybe if the gay community showed respect for our children they would get more respect from the voting public.

  41. Nick says:

    Paladino isn’t saying a thing that no moderate or normal parent isn’t frustrated about. Equal rights for any oppressed group must now mean SPECIAL RIGHTS and oppressive minorities. Cuomo is just trying to ride on Daddy’s coat tails. Paladino is far from perfect, but I imagine Lazio the Lazy Arse would be slammed for doing something else as well. You NYC elitists love to be judge jury and executioner for all. There is a whole Upstate to New York, and shocker 49 other states….. 56 if you believe Obama’s count on 57 total states…..

  42. Roger says:

    Cuomo is being revealed for what he is. And he is so broken, yet blind to his own condition. How pathetic that he denies his very existence. Fortunately for us, he won’t be around much longer. Good-bye filth and corruption. Good-bye crony-ism and deceit. Good-bye revenge and fury. Good-bye Andrew. May you suck less in your new life.

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