City Council Takes Aim At Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Pro-Life Centers President Calls Bill An 'Outrageous Attack'

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/ CBS 2/WCBS 880) — The New York City Council introduced a bill Tuesday they said would protect women seeking help at “crisis pregnancy centers” across the city.

The sponsor of the bill, Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, said the measure was aimed at centers she charged were nothing more than anti-choice centers masquerading as health clinics, 1010 WINS Senior Correspondent Stan Brooks reported.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks with comments from Councilwoman Jessica Lappin

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond with details on the proposed bill

“These are not licensed medical facilities. Most of the time, they do not have a licensed medical staff on site — they have staff or volunteers who have an agenda that they are trying to push,” Lappin said.

The City Council said the bill would require the limited service pregnancy centers to provide disclosure if they did not provide abortions, FDA-approved contraception or referrals for the services.

The crisis pregnancy centers would also be required to display signs at the entrance of their facilities as well as in waiting rooms and advertisements if they did not provide the services or have a licensed medical professional on site.

Lappin said women visiting the centers had been given “factually inaccurate information” and were “forced to watch videos.”

“They’re preying on vulnerable women, many [crisis pregnancy centers] set up purposely across the street from Planned Parenthood or in the same building as those clinics to try and confuse women and draw them in,” Lappin said.

“You’re given, in fact, a study that has been completely mis-credited, thrown out by all scientific opinion leaders that says abortion will raise your rate of breast cancer,” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said. “With this bill, women across the five boroughs can feel safer knowing that the city is ensuring that when they seek pregnancy-related services they know what they are getting at a given center.”

E.M.C. Frontline Pregnancy Centers, among the organizations called into question by Naral Pro-Choice New York, believes the proposed bill is unfair.

The president of E.M.C. Pregnancy Centers, Chris Slattery, told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer: “This is an outrageous attack on the first amendment rights of law abiding, helpful resource centers.”

Slattery runs 12 pro-life crisis counseling centers for pregnant women.

When asked what would happen if somebody came to his office and said they were thinking about abortion would they be counseled that an abortion could cause breast cancer, Slattery said, “Yes they would. They would absolutely be counseled and this is backed up by scientific evidence, a massive amount of scientific evidence that’s being squashed, squelched and suppressed.

But Dr. Morris Iskander, the doctor at one of Slattery’s clinics, said he doesn’t agree.

He said there is no correlation between abortion and breast cancer.

“Not whatsoever,” Dr. Iskander said.

The bill will force clinics to tell women upfront whether they provide abortion services or birth control. Opponents of the bill said that if it passes they intend to sue.

Clinics that violate the full disclosure provisions could be fined, or closed for five days if they have three or more violations within two years.

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One Comment

  1. AliceL. says:

    “guilted into choices”< Danielle? Some of us call it doing the right thing! Your mother had you, you know!

  2. Alicia Brito says:

    The fools on the city council, starting with loud mouth Quinn and her lackey, Lappin, should take aim at themselves. They are foolish hard left women who have trouble getting dates.

  3. Alicia Brito says:

    Nobody is “duped” by pro lifers: it is the proaborts who lie through their teeth using platitutdes and half baked cliches such as “it will only hurt a minute . . . you will be able to have another baby later . . . it is just as clump of cells.”

  4. Alicia Brito says:

    The abortion mills are rarely inspected by the Health Department. The ignoramuses who run the Health Department and Consumer Affairs are in the pockets of Planned Parenthood and NARAL. Women need information before making a “choice”. Lappin is an abortion loving witch who has received donations from PP. She was also an abortion clinic “escort”.

  5. Bruce says:

    Let’s see. The Health Department reports that 41% of pregnancies in NYC end in abortion. Probably not women on Wall Street protecting their careers. Planned Parenthood is busy enough to have four centers in the city. With the Republicans in Congress ready to cut Planned Parenthood’s umbilical cord, an abortion I can approve of, the City Council wants to cut women’s choices, by eliminating the information and assistance that crisis pregnancy clinics give to enable adoption or keeping the baby. These are “choices” women will never hear about from their PP counselors, whose livelihood depends on abortions. As the old saying goes, “Follow the money!”

    As for crisis centers being unregulated, the City Council should spend their time regulating facilities whose “medical” procedures always lead to the loss of one innocent human life, and often enough, that of the mother, as well.

  6. SAteve says:

    This is a new tactic being pushed by the abortion industry and its political allies. It started last year in Baltimore and the case is on its way to court as a first amendement issue. So now every business should have to state what goods or services they do not provide?

  7. Jim Harden says:

    Somehow the media is not picking up on the difference between cause and correlation in scientific studies. One cannot definitively show that smoking causes lung cancer. However, there are studies that correlate the smoking behavior to a higher risk of lung cancer. The same is true for breast cancer and abortion. Note, we cannot morally create a study that would show a straight line cause between abortion and breast cancer but studies have been done that show a significant correlation to the abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer.

  8. ken says:

    Right. The devious and snaeky CPC’s somehow “dupe” vulnerable women into not getting an abortion, but women are never victims of the abortionistas when they convince women to hand over dinero and allow the abortionist to kill their child, and in the process increase their own long-term risk of breast cancer- because women are too smart for that.


  9. Danielle says:

    It is about damn time they start to provide full disclosure to the women seeking help through these centers. I can’t tell you how many women are misinformed and guilted into choices by centers like this!

    1. BGAndersson says:

      Gee, Danielle, it’s interesting that you could be talking about PP’s abortyion services too! How many “choices” are women offered at these places? You’ve GOT to be kidding.

  10. Theresa says:

    If NARAL, NOW and Planned Parenthood are truly for “choice” why are they so threatened by a crisis pregnancy center? Perhaps they would do better to review their own practices and the fact that they defend abortion even to the detriment of women by denying what is becoming more and more obvious, post abortive stress.

    As a post abortive woman I find this act disgraceful.

  11. Rosemarie says:

    Please read and honestly consider the implications that are fostered in the above report. Even if one woman is spared from the devastating horrors of breast cancer by being warned about a potential danger, what is the harm in it? Doctors take an oath to “Do no harm”. It is truly evident that some physicians have forgotten their Hippocratic principles. In the PDR, ALL contraindications must be listed; why is that not true in the abortion industry?

  12. Gera S says:

    What city council would not condone this for its citizenry ??

  13. Len says:

    This is clearly an attempt to muzzle the voices of those who provide women facing this terribly difficult choice another option. If this is meant to be fair, then the abortion providers should be required to provide the women who enter their clinics with a pro-life option, but it is not designed to be fair. It’s meant to eliminate an opposing viewpoint.

  14. Flynn says:

    Slattery has ever right to express his concern that there aren’t (in his opinion) enough pro-life counseling outlets. What he and his associates DON’T have the right to do is dupe women into their offices under the guise of a “Planned Parenthood” or “Pregnancy Center.”

    Using subterfuge and deception is not as he calls it, “A level playing field.”

    You want to offer women the opportunity to understand their choices other than abortion? Fine. But be up front about it.

    1. Jeb60 says:

      I guess only proabortion leftists have the right to dupe women

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