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Hailstorm Brings More Questions Than Damage

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — You may be rubbing your eyes asking “did we really get a snowstorm in October?” As CBS 2HD’s Kathryn Brown reports, not quite, but close.

You can thank Mother Nature for a freak hailstorm that pounded parts of the Tri-State, coating the streets and sidewalks with walnut-sized balls of ice.

It was a sight so odd, many people recorded it on home video. “All of that’s hail right in front of the apartment. It took about 10 minutes for it to be completely flooded,” one Park Slope resident said.

Drivers stuck in the mess were caught off-guard by the storm’s ferocity. “It was almost like a white-out in a snowstorm,” said resident Susan Akers.

On Tuesday, trees and branches littered the streets in Park Slope, but that wasn’t all. Even a day after the storm with temperatures in the 60’s, ice was still piled up on some of the sidewalks.

Some hadn’t even begun to melt yet.

“Really something I’ve never seen in New York ever before,” said resident Michael Arlith.

The neighborhood was badly battered before. Just weeks ago, tornadoes ripped through, tearing down trees, power lines and even buildings.

Last night’s storm was an unpleasant reminder for some, like 15-year-old Kayla Young. “I was kinda confused because the tornado wasn’t very long ago.”

Apart from some minor car damage, most seemed to escape the storm unscathed, but many were wondering, after a tornado and hailstorms in Brooklyn, what’s next?

  • Michael Arleth


  • Jeff

    Has anyone noticed damage to their homes? Loose, mising or ripped roofing,Windblown or dented siding? Damaged decking?

  • Jamal

    It sounded like I was inside a popcorn maker, and I was concerned about a window breaking.

    As for what’s next? Newtown Creek will (finally) either get up and walk, terrorizing the area, powered by the ghosts of everyone and everything that’s died in it over the centuries, or just burst into flame spontaneously.

  • valerie

    It was really freaky! I think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something… lol

  • Jen

    aliens are next!!

    • maluminse

      Oh the irony of your post…..

  • nanasuebe

    Beware of a possible hurricane.

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