S.I. Mom Files Suit Against NYC In Son’s Disappearance

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Staten Island mother continued her relentless crusade for her missing 7-year-old son Tuesday.

Young Patrick Alford, hasn’t been seen since running away from his Brooklyn foster home in January.

Jennifer Rodriguez, once a prime suspect and the biological mother of the boy, has filed a lawsuit blaming the city for her son’s disappearance.

Rodriguez and her lawyer filed the suit in Brooklyn Federal Court to get people under oath to explain how Alford went missing while in the care of a city appointed foster mother, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

Six days after the boy disappeared, a Staten Island family court judge ordered Rodriguez jailed because he believed she knew where the boy was. But after a week in jail, Rodriguez passed a lie detector test and was let go.

Police then began a series of searches on Staten Island and Brooklyn. Though there have been no solid clues, some detectives privately agree with the mother — that the boy is still alive.

Rodriguez’s lawyer noted the NYPD was not named in the lawsuit and that the police department had been cooperative. Instead, the lawyer said, the action was aimed at Child Welfare Services and the foster mother.


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  1. RIP says:

    “She started this mess and the poor child lost his life because of her decisions.”………..It doesnt matter whether they find him alive, she has taken his childhood from him. Poor kid, doesnt stand a chance..

  2. RIP says:

    The mother is a POS. Its because of her that this child was born, she has no one to blame for his living hell of a life but herself. She wasnt concerned about him when she hurled him into the system. No mom, no dad, by the way, where is the biological dad? I wonder if mom even knows. How dare this woman try to sue anyone for anything. She started this mess and the poor child lost his life because of her decisions.

  3. fran says:

    Why is the biological mother suing, easy out for money, not the answer, after all, the division was there to help her child when she could not. Focus on finding the boy, not at who’s at fault.

  4. pochemunyet says:

    Wait; sue the city so I pay more in taxes? How about filing misdemeanor charges against the case worker and/or whoever might have been involved. Why does my family suffer from more taxes/few services because a social worker or workers may have been negligent?

  5. Nicole says:

    This is really sad!!! All this publicity about some gay kids that got beat up but nothing about missing kids. And yes the mom should sue the city. they took her son from her for petty shoplifting and placed him in foster care-so they are responsible for him. No amount of money will bring him back but -how else can she get their attention! And the mother whose 2yr old was badly scalded in foster care should sue also. Maybe when the state has to pay out they will be more careful with where they place the kids. These kids are our future and someone should stand up for them!

  6. sean hollywood says:

    the mother was arrested for shoplfiting i think

  7. Susan Zwillenberg says:

    Suing the city does not bring the child home nor does money compensate for the loss of a child.

    1. Lynn says:

      Of course not but it is bringing some much needed attention to the plight of poor Patrick. May God bring him home to his mother and loved ones safely.

  8. kaptain starfish says:

    ask oprah!! She pay somebody even buy the mom a car

  9. pjs says:

    There is way more to this story and you should all research it before leaving comments. The family judge was WRONG in placing him in non familial foster care in the first place and every agency that is put in place to protect children has FAILED this kid (and MANY others in FOSTER CARE). Do your research, familiarize yourselves with the case before passing judgement. Please, this kid deserves to be FOUND and NO MEDIA ATTENTION IS BEING GIVEN TO HIM. I’ve contacted EVERYONE numerous times from DR. PHIL (who advocates for CASA and the foster care system) to OPRAH to NANCY GRACE and not of them cared enough to showcase this missing child (other than America’s Most Wanted who gave him about 2 minutes of airtime). It’s a disgrace and the BIG NUT MEDIA MAVENS should be ashamed of themselves for not acting on my hundreds of pleas to Patrick’s case the NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION IT DESERVES

    1. tks says:

      I agree with you 110%…

  10. Mari says:

    The point is he is still missing. His biological & foster parents as well as the judge failed him. Where is he?

  11. Chris says:

    If his biological mother is so concerned..why was he in a foster home?

    1. Jeff says:


  12. badchoices says:

    Prayers for Patrick.

    Mother’s Lawsuit:
    1) Where is the husband / father?
    2) Why was Patrick in a foster home?
    3) Was the foster family in it for the child or for the money?

  13. nate says:

    god be with the mother

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