NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Get ready for an amazing birthday party, where everyone celebrating was at least 100 years old.

CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu met some New Yorkers who’ve seen it all, and who have advice for a long and happy life.

You can’t help but smile when you meet Lillie Hansford Wood, a former nurse who says working hard, going to church and her family keep her young at heart.

“I’m 102 years old now, and I love it, I think it’s beautiful,” she said. “I love my grandchildren, when they come in and they call me ‘Gigi.’”

Amazingly the party honored 58 centenarians served by Selfhelp, a non-profit group that helps seniors get the services they need so they can live at home for as long as possible.

Elizabeth Angelo is 101 years old, and independence is very important to her. She grew up playing baseball and pushing the envelope, and now loves watching the Mets.

“I watch baseball mostly, watch the races, anything that’s sporty or dancing,” she said.

“As a little girl, I said she was going to live until 105, and I never knew what that number was until now,” Angelo’s granddaughter, Pam Sica, said.

For those who’ve ever felt too old to learn something new, meet Adele Lerner. She’s 103 years old, an accomplished painter who graduated from college – in her 80s.

“Bachelor of science degree when she was 83, she became Bat Mitzvahed when she was 93,” her daughter, Harriet Terry Kaufman, said.

Lerner received her first computer at 90, and now takes classes online and uses Skype with family members every day. Her advice is to lead a steady life.

“It’s good to keep in the middle – not too much high, and not too much low – and don’t worry about everything,” Lerner said.

Steve Pulwars is a Holocaust survivor from Poland, and he said he feels nowhere near 100 years old.

“I feel okay, like I’m 50,” he said.

Pulwars said one of his rules of living a good life is not to take too much – to only take what you need. He walks for exercise daily and has cut out junk food, but can’t resist his wife’s baking.

“My wife bakes, cheesecake, honey cake, apple pie,” he said.

Pulwars said it’s important to listen to your doctor and find your passion.

“That makes you happy. You can live to 120,” he said.

The centenarians said age is just a number, and it’s all about enjoying every second they have.

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