‘Jerry Springer Show’ Couple Arrested In Westchester

WHITE PLAINS, NY (WCBS 880) – A Tennessee couple that was in town for a taping of the Jerry Springer show got arrested at the Westchester County Airport for allegedly stealing jewelry from a woman sitting in front of them on a US Airways flight headed to North Carolina.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports

“It happened on the tarmac,” Westchester County Police Captain Thomas Gleeson told WCBS 880 reporter Catherine Cioffi.

Glesson says 21-year-old Jesse Lee Davis and 20-year-old Amanda Connor had the pricey jewelry on them.

“It was an assortment of jewelry. The victim claims that the jewelry was valued at approximately $20,000,” says Gleeson.

The Tennessee folks have been charged with petty larceny.

They are due in Rye Town court on Friday.


One Comment

  1. Aunt Tricia says:

    They have to be in court the 20th so everyone pray!!!! He was never found with anything on him and doesnt’ deserve this!!! Thank you all for keeping an open mind and realizing the media loves drama!!

  2. Aunt Tricia says:

    I might be a little partial since I am his aunt but he is unbiasly a great guy. He has always been sweet and respectful to any girl he dated. Mandy loves attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. She has been to my house and I do know her. We’ve never fought but I have no respect for her. I love Jesse and I hate the way she always ends up hurting him

    1. Jessi says:

      Jesse is a great guy. Hopefully he learned a lesson this time and will stay away from Mandy. I totally agree w you.

      1. Who Dat??? says:

        Mandy does not love him because she knows how its all a front as well. He will make u think he is full of good morals… then he stabs u in back while looking u in the face… He’s A keeper though, fa show. lol I will say he is good at what he does.

  3. Aunt Tricia says:

    Jesse is my nephew and lives with me. He is an awesome person to be around and so intelligent its scary. He just fell in love with the wrong girl. They have dated on and off for a while but she always cheats on him. He’s one of the best people I know.

    1. Who Dat??? says:

      I agree, because he is a fukn saint. He is honestly as fake as that show… i say throw him a tent and let him post up on the set. I just can not stress how fake he is. He really has u people fukn snowed.

  4. Deanna says:

    Mother of Six ( My Aunt)…Try not to worry, God will see you and Jesse through this. Love you!!!

  5. Deanna says:

    My cousin Jesse is not a thief…Love you Jesse!!!

  6. mother of six says:

    Reading back through this i wish everyone to know there is nothing funny about being falsy accused of a crime. As a mother there is no greater nightmare than knowing your child is in jail. Especially when like i know all the true facts not the ones being given on the news and especially when they all differ.I pray this nightmare on no one not even all the ones making fun. It’s no joke to us loved ones.

  7. mother of six says:

    As a mother there is no greater nightmare than hearing your child is in jaiil. And knowing the facts of this as i do it is compounded by the fact that they are being falsy accused. So to all that find this amusing I pray it never happens to one of your loved ones because when it’s real it definately is not funny!

  8. southern princess says:

    What a story coming from New York I proudly live in Soddy Daisy TN. and i can assure you if someone here stole 20.000 dollars worth of jewelry they would not have been charged with petty larceny. Would you have ran this story on 9-11. Makes me wonder. Now who should we be laughing at?

  9. ashley conner says:

    Wow!! This reposrter are getting paid? They F N dont even kno what is going on. “Like mother of six” said she does not have the court date right nor does she have the amount of jewlery recovered right. Catherine Cioffi may want to look into going back and retaking her journalisum class….jus sayin’ but hell it is keeping you yankees attintion

    1. SeltzerDog says:

      Hi Ashley (the one who was arrested I am guessing) read the story again it says “The victim claims that the jewelry was valued at approximately $20,000.” THE VICTIM CLAIMS

      1. ur a lame O dude says:

        no i am not the one who was arrested dum ass, her name is mandy but the reporter has nothing in her storie right. well the victom clamed that one thing ever thing she wrote is wrong, hell she didnt even spell her last name right

    2. Seltzer says:

      Ps you spelled reporter, don’t, jewelry, journalism, and attention wrong

  10. its all good says:

    have you seen her mug shot she looks like she needs to shave

    1. ashley conner says:

      well damn you must be a big fan. you had to do a little seaching to see her mug shot its not on tis site and now hear you are on this stie reading all you can about her. funny

      1. its all good says:

        it didnt take much searching her ugly face was everywhere or is it his face im not sure funny is you have the same name you married to her or him

  11. sexything says:

    I think jesse is way to hot for mandy ide take him in a second. watch out girl hes way to good for you.

    1. love bug says:

      i agree hope youre available jesse

  12. renee and val says:

    mandy we love youuuuuuuuuuu come home lol dat so crazy…..

    1. noneya says:

      i didn’t i say let her stay in jail

      1. ashley conner says:

        well sweetie your not a jude so what you say doesnt really matter now does it? now go to bed!! lol

      2. noneya says:

        so you her sister why where you in jail at

    2. smiling joe says:

      i think she looks like a crack ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. ur a lame O dude says:

        your momma does

      2. smiling joe says:

        so does youf moma

    3. Love and live says:

      does she even know where she lives or even where she is my guess NOT

  13. POET says:

    JERRY!!!! JERRY!!! JERRY!!!

    1. SEXY THING says:

      no it’s JESSE JESSE JESSE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kevin says:

    $ 20.000.00 Petit Larceny ???????

    1. mother of six says:

      Exactky! and as the mother of the male assused all i can say is everyone is innocent until proven guilty!!!!!! Regardless where you are from so everyone posting comments about the south and all of us being ignorant shows your ignorance!!!!!

      1. mother of six says:

        Before anyone corrects me, I will edit my first comment. I meant to say as the mother of the male accused.

    2. mother of six says:

      And the news need to get their facts straight they didn’t even have the court date right.

  15. Cletus Crenshaw says:

    Haw, haw!

    1. noneya says:

      with a name like that you are going to laugh

    2. Envy says:

      I mean i should have. I got too much self respect to actually appear on a show they dont even broadcast in the south.

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