Westchester Teacher Accused Of Attacking Student

Cops: Man 'Snapped,' Slammed Teen's Head On Alarm Box

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Teacher rage has rocked Westchester County.

A high school teacher is accused of manhandling and throwing a student into a brick wall.

At Mount Vernon High school on Wednesday, students were talking about the teacher who got physical.

“He’s very nice. I never thought he’d do something like that. He’s one of my favorite teachers,” student Adina Nicholas told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

The most recent photos of the teacher were taken by the police. Police said Kelly Oram, a 51-year-old music teacher at the school for the past three years, just snapped after he got angry with a boy who acted up in class.

Investigators said Oram threw the student to the floor, dragged him out of the classroom by the back of the neck, and then shoved him up against a wall causing the boy’s head to hit an alarm box.

He then allegedly threw a backpack at the student and slammed the door.

“It was wrong,” student Shantell Sewell said of the teacher’s alleged actions.

“He’s a good teacher. He taught me a lot. I don’t know why he’d manhandle, do something like that. It’s very wrong,” student Ti-Tiaja Harding said.

Word of the attack comes a week after a teacher in Tennessee was captured on cell phone video in a rage with a student.

At Oram’s home in White Plains, no one answered the door. A next-door neighbor who drives a school bus said he was surprised by the accusations.

“Well, I drive a bus and I know what it can be like with the kids, although you can’t grab a child.  No you can’t even supposed to touch ‘em,” James Logue said.

The teacher has been reassigned to administrative work until the investigations are completed, both internal and criminal.

The teacher, who was charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, will be in court on Oct. 27.


One Comment

  1. . says:

    Gawd, Americans really are stupid.

  2. Geezer says:

    You people make a lot of assumptions about the kid, how about we make some assumptions about the teacher? Being a music teacher with a hippie appearance, maybe he was high on something? Maybe gigging and getting drunk the night before? Looks like a hippie burnout to me.

  3. obbop says:

    My junior high art teacher dragged me out of the classroom and repeatedly threw me against the concrete block wall using enough force to cause pain and bruises.

    Back in 1969 when teachers could get away with that stuff though I truly could not comprehend back or later what I did to set him off.

    He DID enjoy allowing the girls to sit on his lap as he gave individual instruction on how to draw.

    Teachers were “on a pedestal” back then and MANY parents assumed (due to social brainwashing”) the teacher was always right.

    Care must be taken since I believe the “pendulum” has swung too far in the direction of the students always being right and teachers having to PROVE innocence.

    Looking back it seems my art teacher WAS a pervert.

    I know that his attack would have been unsuccessful after I became an adult with two military tours under my belt to toughen me up.

    Thought of going back for a visit a few times but the thought of prison kept me from doing it.

    Lucky for him since he wasn’t all that big and lacking in manly heft.

    He’s either dead or quite elderly now.

  4. Jimmy Page says:

    Why didn’t Robert tell me he’s working at a high school now.

  5. Phil says:

    No one should be surprised by this. People tend to get angry when dealing with a breed of people halfway between human and animal.

    1. Lots of Child Haters Here says:

      I agree, that teachers can be less than human, but we don’t go around beating teachers up for being half-animal, do we?

  6. mare says:

    stop putting up with a-hole brats just cuz they’re athletes, rich, gangies, etc. get some boot-camp options going with zero tolerance for bullying of any kind in our schools. kick the bullies’ azzes out of school, assign them to boot-camp where they can get what they’ve got coming. maybe let them back in school if they shape up.

    1. more child hatred says:

      I say we do the same with a-hole abusive teachers. Put them in jail and let nature take its course.

  7. Rakela says:

    Teaching is a horrible job, If u want to abuse yourself try that career. I speak fom expierence…..

    1. . says:

      You should never have gone into teaching in the first place.

      1. . says:

        Given that you can’t spell “experience” correctly, I wouldn’t want you teaching my kids anyway.

  8. Clay Boggess says:

    The teacher is being hung out to dry while student will be the ‘victimized hero’. There is something wrong with this picture. Clearly the student deserves to be punished as well. Loosing control definitely falls on the teacher but let’s put things in their right perspective. Students know exactly what they can get away with because the consequences for misconduct are ineffective. Which student is going to step up and tell what happened before the teacher lost it?

    Clay Boggess

    1. Steeeev X says:

      There is nothing wrong with this picture. People who assault people should be taken out of society for awhile. This guy needs jail time and to be fired, and then to find another job not involving kids. In fact, he should be court ordered to stay away from any teenagers. He obviously can’t handle their superior minds.

  9. sadder but wiser girl says:

    I was a substitute teacher for 10 years. I duct taped the mouth of a high school student who was a habitual discipline problem. I did it in humor, and as a way to get his attention, as his was extremely disruptive on a daily basis. He laughed before and after the incident. I informed his parents that evening, and apologized to them for handling the situation poorly. They were not unhappy or upset with me.
    A YEAR LATER, when the student was being disciplined by an administrator, the boy mentioned the incident. I lost my job.

  10. Brigmaster says:

    I was an ill mannered incorrigible young hoodlum in school and such treatment would have been considered mild. Semi-enforced tour in the USMC and a lot of clips up along side my head did me no harm< I am now a Father of 2 well behaved children and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a poor parent who does not chastise his children and a fool who will not be corrected.

    1. Another Thug for Jesus? says:

      I hate to tell you, but you’re still ill-mannered and a hoodlum, and probably a home-fascist as well. You just found a way to feed your ill manners and hoodlum ways in a legal way – military hoodlumism and religious bullying. Your children probably aren’t well behaved, they are probably frightened to death what you or the evil nasty god you believe in might do. Let me tell you something, ex-soldier minister. You ever put your hands on any kid in my presence, even your own, and you’ll need all that military training and prayers. I suppose now you use your ill manners and hoodlum ways to build your ministry? Like they say, once a thug always a thug.

  11. Bret says:

    Many many of the parents need to be beaten to death with an iron bar, and then their spawn.

    1. . says:

      Actually Bret, it’s people like you who need to be beaten to death with an iron bar.

  12. ex-teacher says:

    Give me administrative work any day!

    I lasted 6 years in the classroom. I loved the kids. I hated the red tape and the nutso parents.

    1. FINALLY!! says:

      You’re about the only person on this blog who isn’t a total kid-bigot. A teacher who likes kids, actually you said love kids. I would love to have had a teacher like you instead of all these kid-hating so-called teachers who have no idea. It’s too bad about the red tape and idiot adults. WE NEED TEACHERS WHO LIKE KIDS.

  13. Jabbo says:

    He should be named educator of the year and given a medal.

    1. . says:

      He should be named “burnout of the year” and given jail time.

  14. Bret says:

    When I was a pupil, my teachers took turns azzraping me whenever I misbehaved. I killed them all when I grew up.

  15. Bret says:

    If i were a teacher, there’d be a lot of dead and maimed students

    1. Bret Hates Children ot Just Another Psycho?? says:

      That’s why you’re not a teacher. I hope others with your sick, twisted attitude towards kids will choose other professions. There are still a lot of people with violent fantasies of killing children [like you] who are teaching. By the way friend, you may want to consider therapy for those murderous fantasies you have before you actually hurt someone. You’re sick buddy.

  16. divot says:

    As a teacher, I can tell you the main problem with education. Discipline has been removed from teaching and in most schools, especially inner city schools, the climate is chaotic. The kids are in control and they know it. Ever see Lord of the Flies? Teachers will keep taking the brunt of the blame for public educations problems because the PC crowd doesn’t want to address the real issue. So sad.

    1. Discipline vs Punishment says:

      Discipline has never been in the schools. Corporal punishment is what you are talking about, and if you believe in that, then you have no business being a teacher in 2010.

  17. JohnnyKid says:

    In the 70’s I went to a private grade school. My teachers, mostly nuns, were allowed to physically discipline us. I was bent over the principles’ knee and wacked, lifted up by my ears and had my knuckles smacked with a ruler. Looking back there wasn’t one time where I didn’t deserve it.

    1. No Kid Deserves a Beating says:

      You’ve been severely brainwashed to believe you deserved any of that. All abusers use the excuse that their victim deserved it. If an abuser can convince the victim that the abuse is legitimate, then they aren’t going to do anything about it are they? Cults use the same tactic, as does religion and business. It’s called blaming the victim. No Johnny Kid, you deserved to be treated with respect and dignity at all times in school, and not be assaulted. I sincerely hope you rethink this, because if you believe it was good for you, then you will probably repeat the abuse on your own children. If you turned out okay, it was not because of the abuse you describe, it is in spite of it. Best wishes.

  18. Robin says:

    I’d love to have seen the bug-eyes on that punk while he was being dragged across the floor! His expression must have been hilarious!


      So would it be hilarious if I grabbed YOU by the neck and squeezed until your eyes bug out, and then drag you across the floor because you said something or did something someone didn’t like? I don’t like your comment actually. Does that give me rights to beat you? Let me remind you Americans that THE SIMPSONS is NOT a course on parenting (rolls eyes), and people get HURT emotionally and physically when they are assaulted, and some NEVER recover.

  19. Lover of all Mankind(Father) says:

    Lastly – what’s with all these comments about black children?? Are you serious?? Have you not heard of rural America?? Out in the sticks with the hicks as they say? Honestly, I was always ahead of my class but it’s sad to see you all grown up still complaining with absolutely no clue how tihngs work. You sound so manipulated.

  20. Mack says:

    I hope the teacher really hurt the snot nosed little moron. When his parent(and I use the term very loosely) shows up to whine about the treatment of their little angel, they should get their azz kicked as well for not raising their kid properly.


      I don’t think you were raised properly either, you hairy-nosed little moron. And I hope someone kicks your ass and really hurts you for being a violent moron. And your parents too.

  21. zodiacmindwarp says:

    the student and his parents are to blame.

  22. Father of ALL says:

    For those of you that were willling to bet your money that he deserved it:
    I’m willing to collect your money now, thank you.

    As a substitute teacher (2004/5 school year – Mount Vernon Middle Schools) I can attest for the EXTREME difficulty of trying to dispense the lesson plans amongst a tirade of distractions from iphones, ipods, magazines, talking, playing, fighting, you name it. You know the difference between myself and the teacher who went savage?? I kept my cool and never allowed myself to lose my cool. #1 Rule – keep your cool. Besides, in the back of my mind I knew something that actually made me sympathetic. These children have no clue the hell they will catch once they are required by society to make a living. Wtih that knowledge in mind, you don’t even want to batlle because you’re a winner on matter how disrespectful it gets. I’m no power tripper. Walk away, and if they fail unfortunately that’s their fate.
    Now, I grew up and went to Pelham High School and there were plenty of KNUCKLHEADS!!! Never did they get hemmed up. The teacher lost his cool – he’s no hero, nothing like that. He lost his cool – he violated the #1 rule. Period. Now as for the majority of you who swear you know what’s going on, please don’t run for office or any position of power because I will legally oust you. So ppl like “John Frost:” and others, sit down and let the real soldiers do what we have to in order to keep this blat afloat. You are witnessing a result of actions/decisions that took place way before your time on this Earth. SMH.

  23. John Frost says:

    Are Blacks posing as Humans to get White women?

    1. . says:

      Is John Frost asking stupid questions because he is a rascist pig?

  24. John Frost says:

    Darwin: “Blacks are not human but a different species”
    Don’t allow your precious White kids near Blacks.
    Blacks want to murder all white kids.
    Do a Youtube search : Black Panthers want white babies dead.t

  25. Andrew Eppink says:

    I’d be very surprised to learn the kid didn’t deserve it. A sizeable fraction of the kids know they can get away with anything with the disgusting libs in charge and some wimp ‘judge’ will see to it that a good man’s good name and career is ruined. The evil and moronic libs are sinking us and people are dumb enough to put up with it.

    1. A GOOD MAN? says:

      Good men don’t assault teenagers. Nobody deserves to be beaten. Do the crime, do the time. Evil, moronic kid-beaters belong in jail and don’t deserve a career in teaching. Let him serve burgers.

    2. . says:

      I’d be very surprised to learn that you have an IQ over 50.

  26. Freddy says:

    Assault is assault; EXCEPT IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL..Anyone else find the most objectionable piece in this article to be this?

    “The teacher has been reassigned to administrative work until the investigations are completed, both internal and criminal.”

    THAT IS YOUR LEFTIST UNION ALIGNED ADMINISTRATION IN DC AND ALBANY IN A NUTSHELL!!!!!!!! Send your children to our schools to be molested and assaulted should be the NEA, NYSUT credo!!!

  27. Darrel says:

    The little punk azz student got what he deserved. If his “parents” had raised the little punk correctly, actions like this would not be necessary.

    Hopefully the little punk learned something and will behave better in the future.

    1. . says:

      If it’s the parent’s fault, why punish the kid? You just said it wasn’t his fault but the parents. No fault = no crime.

      1. U Deserve a Beating Today says:

        And by the way, I think you’re a little punk and deserve a beating so that you will behave better in future.

  28. jrjr says:

    Was the music teacher a fairy?

  29. SD says:

    This is what happens when the inmates run the asylum.

    1. . says:

      Nice cliche. How long did it take to come up with this brilliance?

  30. Prospective Teacher says:

    Fortunately, there are still teachers that go into education for the calling. I have yet to meet anyone, in my years in undergrad AND graduate school, that has said that they are going into the vocation for the money, the hours, the vacation, or the benefits. We start out very idealistic and the “system” tends to take that away from us.

    With lack of support from administration, parents, and the general public, there is no one to turn to when students act out and disrupt the process of learning which is what we are SUPPOSED to be there to facilitate!!! Classroom management is surprisingly NOT taught as part of routine teacher preparation training! Most teachers find it elusive and have to figure it out as they go, with ever changing guidelines from politicians down to parents.

    Give your local teachers a little of your support as they navigate the daunting task of turning today’s youth into productive, educated members of society. They don’t have an easy task, generally get very little training before being thrust into the job, and yet manage the best way that they can with the ever present threat of losing their job due to students’ low test scores on standardized tests in many states.

    1. Apologist for Abusive Teachers? says:

      You sound like an apologist for teacher/student assault. While what you say may be true, it does not excuse this, not in any way, shape, or form.

  31. derf says:

    I too will take an order of the little bstrd probably deserved it; kids no longer have parents at home, they have their buddy with the checkbook. so what do you think they learn in the way of respect for authority.


      Was I censored? Let’s try again. Derf, I think you are a bstrd and deserve a beating. Furthermore, authority should NOT be respected, but held under the microscope, questioned, and challenged.

  32. Hadley says:

    Put me down on the kid deserved list.

    1. . says:

      I’ll add you to the list of people likely to end up in jail for beating a kid.

  33. Lobon says:

    Long time ago you could paddle students.

    Now you cannot touch them or they will sue.

    There has to be a happy middle ground between whipping someones arse and having them disrupt the teaching of others.

    Education is a privilege, not a right.

    People need to remember that and teach their children to be attentive and respectful.

    1. derf says:

      Well I will disagree with your thinking about education is not a right, if you want a population of ignorant fools who believe everything they are told by TV and radio, have no knowledge of science, still hold to 200 year old religious nonsense like it is real… oh wait a minute.

  34. WiseOldLady says:

    Kids are pretty disrespectful to everyone, but it is hard to have respect for a teacher who cant spell or do basic math. Unfortunately, teaching jobs today appeal to a certain type….the type that wants garunteed raises regardless of job performance,,,the type that wants to fire-proof regardless of job perfo5rmance…the type that wants summers off. Thanks, Teachers’ Unions!

    1. John says:

      Wow, you really don’t know anything about teaching, do you? Every teacher has to base competency tests, as well as obtaining at minimum a bachelor’s degree. Most of them can even spell big words like guaranteed, and can make singular/plural agreement with verbs and nouns.

  35. Ron Murray says:

    The system has a place and process for students with diciplanary problems. The teacher was wrong for getting physical with any student.

  36. me says:

    When I was in High School, I saw this happen more than once. It is usually a kid who has home problems and pushes the teacher everyday until he snaps. At our school, we didn’t say anything, because we were happy someone did something. I don’t know the situation here, but I think it could be either person’s fault or lack of parenting or support services for the teacher. It is easy to blame one, but from experience, it is usually the kid messing with the teacher that sets him off.


      I find it very sad that you would support the abuse of your peers. If a teacher “goes off” then they simply should not be a teacher anymore. The only fault here is with the teacher who did the assault. Students should be standing up for themselves and each other against corporal punishment and against teachers assaulting kids. Have some self respect and stop blaming kids for teachers who cannot handle the job.

  37. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Was this a black kid running his BIG mouth off??? These kids today have NO respect , manners, etc. etc…..I couldn’t last a day as a teacher, trying to deal with this trash!!! I’d have back-handed these clowns in a heartbeat!! CASE CLOSED!!

    1. Do You Hate Children? says:

      Explain to me please why you are proud to be a home-fascist, child-abuser, prison-inmate wannabe? Because your attitude, if you act on it in 2010 will probably land you a well-deserved jail sentence, where you can be regularly beaten and abused until you smarten up. If hitting people makes them smarter, you’re gonna need one HELL of a beating. I’d be happy to oblige.

  38. Doug says:

    He looks like Robert Plant.

  39. ben says:

    Where I taught, if the kid was sent to the office he would have returned to class with a big smile. Useless administrators are everywhere.

    1. . says:

      So are useless teachers everywhere. I think a teacher who resorts to child assault is really useless to any student and themselves. Who was helped in this? The teacher? Noooo. The student? Noooo. USELESS.

  40. Aunt Bee says:

    “Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake.”
    – Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower

    Student will win and winning is everything in chess and school politics.


    1. . says:

      Student will win because i is against the law to beat people up.

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