Cops: 3 Teens Viciously Beat 14-Year-Old On Bus

Trio Allegedly Stomped On Victim's Arms, Legs & Stomach

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2 / 1010 WINS/ WCBS 880) — Nassau County Police said a local teen was savagely beaten on a Long Island school bus, in what’s being called a bias attack.

Three other teens were arrested on Thursday. They’re accused of stomping and kicking the boy, and making sexual slurs, because they perceived him to be gay, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports | 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

Police said it was inside a school bus where anti-gay slurs, taunting and bullying began, and added the lawless behavior went on for weeks. Investigators said the alleged victim from BOCES career prep admitted he didn’t have the courage to complain — fearing retaliation, but when the taunts turned physical the victim finally came forward.

Three schoolmates have been charged with felony hate crime – 16-year-old Chase Morrison of Lakeview, 18-year-old David Spencer of North Valley Stream and 16-year-old Roy Wilson of Baldwin.

bus attack suspects Cops: 3 Teens Viciously Beat 14 Year Old On Bus

(credit: CBS 2)

“Punches, backhand slaps and kicks, the victim retreated to the back of the bus where the defendants followed and continued with the assault,” Nassau County Police Det. Lt. John McEwan said.

The trio allegedly stomped on the victim’s arms, legs, stomach and thigh, while making disparaging remarks about his sexual orientation.

Nassau’s police chief said such unacceptable behavior is the centerpiece of the county’s anti-hate campaign in the schools.

While the suspects pleaded not guilty and were held on bail, neighbors addressed the issue, saying parents have to get involved.

“How was your day today? What happened to you today on your way to school? Ask the question,” said Lakeview resident Jeanette Robinson said.

Police met with the female driver and matron who were aboard during the incidents. Thomas McEnany is manager of First Student Bus.

“It is still under investigation. We are taking everything seriously,” McEnany said.

Experts said the responsibility needs to be shared.

“Unfortunately, buses and locker rooms and hallways and playgrounds are fertile fields for bullying,” said Alane Fagin of Nassau County Child Abuse Prevention Services.

The bus driver and matron are cooperating, being questioned by their supervisors and police, who said it is their duty to immediately report any taunting or bullying on the bus.

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  • Jigaratta

    The bus driver was probably old. Scared of three large black kids beating up on him. Look at those guys. They are scary looking. What would you do if they came at you?

  • thelastpatriot

    well a gay life, and illegas life, or a black life is worth more than a white life in this country ….especially a white christian yahoo…welcome to the liberal world order

  • Debbie Rigg

    where was the bus driver in all this??this could have been addressed long before it went this far..that tells me the bus driver was afraid just like the victim or he was also black protecting his own kind..

    • well

      Debbie – If the bus driver intervened the black kids’ parents would see their ticket to money and sue him. blacks will sue anyone for any reason to get a couple of bucks.

  • Mantis

    Master Bator, er, Lou Bator, you have some serious issues!

  • Nat

    this typical on the thinking of lower income young males, and is the reason for the ‘don’t ask – don’ ttell” policy in the military.

  • CommonSense02

    Also note that if a white kid fought back against three black kids and won, HE would be charged with a hate crime AND it would make national news. Race Baiting Incorporated has a lot of power.

  • MrMan

    sorry, they’re.

  • MrMan

    C’mon, there only in second grade.

  • Richard

    Thats a BOLD LIE

  • Mike

    If it were a white student being stomped by blacks with all the “cracker” & all the other racist terms to go with it… This story would NEVER make the news. The media is comprised of people who HATE white people.
    But being gay today is a status that affords special high class attention. Gay people think they are more important than anyone.

  • Chrislongski

    Black-on-White hate crime us a “bias attack”…

    White-on-Black is a “hate crime”….

    The rules are convoluted and arbitrary, so you have
    to be careful to always comply with PC and get it right.

  • Atlas

    “Neighbors said parents have to get involved” LOL, these little savages have no idea who their father is. Time for this community to stop organizing and face the facts… you are self destructing.

  • Jose A. Agosto

    Bus driver will lose job

    • Y B Gerbil

      So what, $11 per hour.



  • CommonSense02

    Silly people. Only white people can be convicted of hate crimes. This hasn’t been in the news because the attackers were black and the victim was white, and that trumps anti-gay. Sorry, gay people, that’s how it works.

  • Patrick

    It’s OK. These three patriots see Obama going after gays in the courts and on the battlefield. They see Obama not tolerating the gay lifestyle and are only following his lead.

    Good to see we have some youth who follow Obama and are willing to take on Obama’s hatred for gays.

  • Jose A. Agosto

    They balance it out to parole and they have to apologize. Until they find out he is plain white and disregard it. What would have happen if a good Samaritan step in to defend the helpless as the Bible says. Oops he is a white guy, who would go to jail?

  • phillip Jones

    Please, tell me again how libs are angry with the Mormons over Prop 8 in California? Guess who else voted against gay marriage? I’d like to see you take your little signs to the barrio and protest.

  • Stan

    Welcome to Obama nation where racism I wrong, unless it’s against white people.

  • jimmah

    That’s awesome!

  • bob

    Throw them in jail where they can really find out about gays. And then KICK THEIR PARENTS OUT OF THE COMMUNITY.

    • Jamal

      Can we please leave them in the “community”?

  • Robert

    So if a “protected class” is injured, the punishment is more severe? Sounds like the hate crime laws place a higher value on the lives & feelings of the “protected class” than those of the non “protected class”. Isn’t there a 14th amendment that should prevent hate crime laws:
    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the EQUAL PROTECTION of the laws.”

    Sounds like the real bigots are the ones who think that gay people, or black people, or any other “protected class” is MORE valuable than the others.

    Doesn’t sound too equal to me…I’m just sayin.

    • jimmah

      They pushed that garbage through on a defense bill last year- piglosi at her finest

  • bill

    Blacks think they are untouchable. Black Pride Day, Black History Month, Affirmative Action, Hate Crimes, Discrimination, Slave Reperations, Diversity. I could go on and on.

    • Richard

      You need to walk a mile in a BLACK mam’s shoes before you start talking, buddy.

      • sam

        Sorry Richard. You need to walk in a white man’s shoes: especially when you apply to college or a job. You can be smarter, more talented, ect. and a minority will still get the spot! Two wrongs don’t make it right. The black person’s days of discrimination seems over. Time to stand on your qualifications not your ethnicity. You can’t expect reverse discrimination to be okay.

      • cindi

        oh yeah! you have one in the white house, quit complaining and accept responsibility

      • bill

        Richard, I would actually agree with you if it were the 1950’s or the 1960’s. But in 2010 you are wrong.

      • well

        hey Richard, in case you haven’t caught on yet, whitey is sick and tired of hearing about “walk in the black man’s shoes.” Get.A.Clue. WE DON”T CARE! Times have changed. 30 years ago the black man would behave differently in front of a white person, then behind their backs they would voice their true beliefs and feelings. Well, guess what, whitey does that now…

      • Moe

        “…You need to walk a mile in a BLACK mam’s (sic) shoes before you start talking, buddy…”

        Not enough Odor Eaters in the world for that.

  • OldEtonian

    I small a Coke summit at the White House brewing. Blow or Cola?

  • Krysty

    Just where were the driver & the matron while all this was going on? The article says that this lawlessness went on for weeks, so what were these two folks doing? Filing their nails? And what’s up with you folks posting on this article? How do we know this is a racial issue? Seems to me like you folks need to be demanding accountability from the people your taxes pay, and quit squabbling over ASSUMED racial problems!

    • well

      Hey krysty – why do people like you want to blame everyone but who’s at fault?

    • Ziegler

      I agree completely Krysty. There were two adults present on that bus. I can only presume that this “matron?” was to keep order on the bus. Whether it was black on white, or black on gay…it doesnt matter. Hate crime is a fallacy, all crime includes a component of hate.

  • marie

    Oh, my goodness! Don’t tell me the children who perpetrated the attack are black!

  • JasonS

    Isn’t it funny that a hugely disproportionate number of these vicious hate crimes seem to be carried out by minorities? This is the result of 40 years of continual left wing brainwashing in the public school system…instead of turning out politically correct tributes to tolerance and diversity (as planned), the schools are churning out more and more of these hateful little feral savages who don’t seem to agree with what their liberal schoolteachers are teaching them.

  • Darwin

    Right or wrong, this is why non-blacks will avoid black areas and black schools AT ALL COST.

    • Joe

      EXACTLY! Because white kids never beat people up, or blow up buildings, or drown their own children and blame a non-existent black guy for doing it, or throw acid on themselves and blame a non-existent black guy for doing it.

      • terry jones

        LOL… you forgot shooting class mates and school staff Joe. ALL those example are proof enough that there will always be racist white people (AKA’s computer names) on these blogs and they will always blame the non-existent black guy, even if the person was white who blew up buildings, drown their own children and throw acid on themselves! They can’t help it, they need GOD!!!

        For those who tell bill, his other names and friends how racist they are… they will find another blog to be racist on when they find out the vic. is black.

      • Moe

        “…Because white kids never beat people up, or blow up buildings, or drown their own children…”

        It’s a matter of degree. People in general are no damn good, but blacks are really, really no damn good.

        The African-American scorecard per the FBI:

        52% of all murders
        45% of aggravated rapes
        67% of armed robberies
        89% of interracial crimes
        30% of fraud crimes

        While hard stats and definitions are hard to come blacks also shine in the area of serial murder, an estimated 20% of serial murderers are black. D.C. Snipers, Coral Eugene Watts, Zebra Murders, etc.

        And the worst part is the extent blacks and their enablers successfully employ the argument white racism is to blame.

        At some point ‘whitey does it too’ will seem a risible argument, if not already so.

  • littleleers

    I thought all the attacks against gays and blacks are from the Tea Partiers……(sarc).

    What kind of parents or, lack thereof, raise such thugs. School buses have become dangerous places in the inner cities.

    And yeah, I am a conservative and bullying and assault, is just that…it is utterly unacceptable and the parents and, in particular, the schools, do little to control it.

  • Anne Jones

    Race has everything to do with this. Think Ruwanda.

    • ricky rman

      Don’t care if its race or sexual orientation or both, its a hate crime and the perpetrators need to spend some serious time in jail. And tried as adults. let them find out about all this when they face some jailhouse bullies. (Don’t pick up the soap, boys!)

      • CommonSense02

        But they won’t. Because they’re black.

    • JC

      Anne, learn how to spell Rwanda please, and these men are American, not Rwandan. What a bigoted comment. This has everything to do with teenage boys being bullies.

      • CommonSense02

        Nope. Americans respect the rights of other people. These are savage tribals. That’s not American culture.

  • seth

    Isn’t it amazing when you here Al & Jesse complain about the majority of the prison population being black?

    • College Kid

      I will take your comment seriously when you learn to distinguish between the word ‘hear’ (the thing you do with your ears) and the word ‘here’ (a word used to describe location).

      • seth

        damn kid, is that all you have to say?

  • tp

    is the victim white?

    • well

      I’m done with white guilt and you can blame the black man for that.

    • Truth Be Told


  • murph

    When the 18 year old goes to jail he will know what if feels like to get beat up and even how it feels in the rearend!

    • Outsider Looking In

      To Appalled, I’m sure this forum pales in comparison to a Klan rally. If there were 3 pictures of white kids beating an unnamed 14 year old on a “hate” crime, I’m sure there would be comments about “white supremacy” or “the man beating down minorities” or something to that effect. A lot of posts are motivated by biases they see that others may not directly see. If a black person wore a “Black Pride” shirt, they wouldn’t get a second look. But if a white person wore a “White Pride” shirt, they would get jumped or called “racists”. See the trend?

      As to these boys (real men don’t be up 14-year-olds) they will reap what they sow in jail, and it will “bite” them in the ass. No pun intended.

  • Mikey

    I went to this school. The victim is black

  • jimmah

    More like a realist- wake up

  • JohnK

    You remember that too? A white student is viciously beaten on a school bus by black students yelling racial slurs, and CAUGHT ON VIDEO. “Hate” crime? Nope. Just a simple assault. “Hate crime” laws are ridiculous anyway, but then applying them only to some groups destroys the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

    • Apt604

      Believe what you want about the Constitution, but the Supreme Court already ruled unanimously (that’s 9 to 0) that hate crimes laws are just fine. By the way, it was in a black-on-white crime. Google the case of Wisconsin v. Mitchell.

    • Truth Be Told

      This was not a hate crime. This was a police work of fiction. Do not believe every thing you read. Read between the lines.

  • Jimmah

    democrats are all felony hate crime perps since they hate and do not tolerate religion- absolutely correct- only a hate crime if it’s white on black- the panthers and the doj will drop all charges and blowbama will call the victim stupid and wrong- he was at the back of the bus in these fine upstanding citizens seats-

  • T

    The Black Men who viciously attacked this white boy will be freed or will receive a pardon from President Osama.

  • Jack

    How long before the libs blame Carl Paladino for fanning the flames of intolerance? Surely these fine young cannibals couldn’t have arrived at this position on their own. They must have been brainwashed by the GOP.

  • Elle

    Is it me or has there been an explosion of these types of stories?
    Good grief! Where does this HATE come from?
    We need to all work together and teach kids that this is unacceptable, and it is no way to treat a human being.
    Say what you will about ‘organized religion’ but it would really be nice if we taught and believed in the 10 commandments .. what harm could it do to love your neighbor as yourself!

    • tom

      keep the faith, theres no harm at all

  • bill

    Usualy crimes committed by blacks against whites is kept extremely quiet. If you really want to get your eyes opened to the black crime against whites in this country then go to this website.

    • College Kid

      Dear William,
      I find this comment to be useless to this forum because this was most likely a black on black crime (We’re talking about Nassau here), and because the “facts” (I’m being VERY liberal with that term) from this website are unfounded. There is no evidence used to support any of the websites claims nor did I see a list of sources used to support the websites argument. Besides, any violent crime is a tragedy no matter who the victim or the criminal is.

    • jc

      bill… really? reading the drudge report seems to suggest the opposite! guess that says a WHOLE LOT about Drudge and the folks that use him as a guide to the most fearful thinking in America.

      do you even live in New York, in Nassau County where this happened? ever been there?

      you share with us thinly veiled white supremacy. breed your fear captain. nice website you neonazi.

      • bill

        jc, how is white women being raped and killed on a daily basis by feral blacks white supremacy? Some of the women are in their 80’s and 90’s. Damn, it is awful. Again, why are most of these crimes kept so quiet?

      • well

        some would be better back on the plantation. Feed them, cloth them and give them something to do during the day. If not, well…we see what happens when they don’t have enough to do…

      • Moe

        “…nice website you neonazi…”

        Is that better or worse than an original issue nazi?

        “…reading the drudge report seems to suggest the opposite…”

        Drudge deserves a great deal of credit for bringing to light anti-white crimes (Wichita, Nashville, etc.). But he can’t cover every outrage because of the sheer volume of black crime (52% of murders, 67% of armed robberies, etc.).

        This is why New Nation News and Thug Report exist, to inform America of the black plague.

  • tony

    so this is a “bias” crime not a “hate” crime?

    Whats the difference?

    Will be good to hear the driver and matrons story. although I cant imagine them telling the truth if indeed two vicious beatings took place.

    • LensmanCT

      It’s only a hate crime when it’s White on Black. We will probably hear that these three punks have had a tough life and are just beginning to get their lives together.

  • moron

    sk, you’re correct. It’s only a racial issue when it’s white on black.

    • OfColor

      Thats right… haha… since barack hussein obama has been in office it has been an all out black attitude and nothing but racist comments from the liberal left to stoke the fires of hate … against the right, but…. if any of these hate mongers knew the truth, (jacked up school system run by liberals, not teaching REAL history) they would know that it was the DEMOCRATS who wanted the slaves… who was against the MLK movements… etc… freaking lies…

      Now, these kids will beat ass on another kid, and no Rev Wright, Obama, jessee, or such will come out at all.

      BUT… flick a bugger in school at a black kid… holy hell… racist riot stuff.

  • bill

    Just for the record. Has there ever been hate crime charges actually carried through against black criminmals when the victim is white?

    • Apt604

      Yes, a highly prominent case, in fact: Wisconsin v. Mitchell, in which a group of black youths attacked a white person because he was white, and were convicted under a hate crimes law. In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously upheld the convictions. As in 9 to 0.

      • Moe

        “…black youths attacked a white person because he was white, and were convicted under a hate crimes law…”

        Blacks commit approximately 16.2 million interracial crimes each year. Which means since 1993 there have been (assuming no duplication of victims) 272 million non-black victims of black crime. Racial animus ‘might’ have been a motivator in these crimes, let’s say half.

        So ONE down, 136,000,000 million to go. Meanwhile holding breath, turning blue…

    • terry jones

      Erik WELL SAID!!!

      No more fake smiles!

      Some white people are racist! Some blacks people are racist! Those who are need to get a LIFE!!!

  • Kevin Stowell

    What color was the person they thought was gay? Tell the truth, CBS, if it’s in you to do that.

    • kimberley

      it doesnt matter what the boy’s race was!!!

    • fedupmom

      The bus driver should have immediately stopped the bus and called 911. No excuses. What good is it to report the crime after it occurs when the driver knew it was occurring. what about the rest of the idiots on the bus…they all witnessed it and did nothing….no one alerted the driver? It’s a thug’s life, just what OBAMA encourages. These criminals need to be in JAIL not in some cushy kiddie prison that’s better than their own homes.

      • John A (not the same as John)

        I agree with Laura… you started strong but… ended with your own hate crime!

      • Laura

        I was with u at first fedup mom….but u lost me wth the Obama comment….LOL. how IGNORANT….I can guess what color u r llmbo. Please give us an example of how Obama encouraged “thug life”. Clearly this is a term u heard from ur child’s rap collection. Obama went to HARVARD … I bet u just did community college If that….Dumby!

      • John

        Please show me an example of Obama encouragibf kids to live a thug life.

      • kELLY


  • DaleW

    my comment was for Devenio

  • Lou Bator

    I’m just waiting for Al Sharpton’s take on this. Methinks that the kid who got beat up is White, due to the defensiveness of the posts and the lack of media attention thus far. Why is 18 beating on a 14 year old anyway? I hope that the younger kid has some big brothers and cousins. A little street justice is appropriate at times.

    • Sean Patriot

      I would kill all three of them if it was my kin folk

  • DaleW

    you are a bigot, as big as any

    • terry jones

      You are kidding, right? This is the same administration who will not prosecute black panthers who threaten people at polling places.

  • toyguy6464

    These thugs belong in a regular jail, and not some under-age detention. Where is Rev. Al sharpton conmdemning this sort of behavior?

    • erick

      Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.
      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      (now replace Negro with Gay’s)

      • Jay

        dude to be gay and be Black is not the same thing come off it. One can be gay and not share it with the world. one can be gay and not act on it. One can be gay and not have white women not get on an elevator with you or clutch their purse or cross the street when they see you coming. You can be gay and not be redlined in an area with no banks forced to use check cashing places and take out payday loans. please do not give me that gay=Black bull.

      • IkeSquared

        Stop attempting to compare the gay experience
        With the racial equality fight African Americans endured. You can be gay and not be harassed if no gay behavior is exhibited. Blacks cannot hide behind anything. it’s open and there for all to see.
        I do not agree with mistreating anyone, however your argument and/or using Dr. King’s quote does not hold water.

    • Kage

      Wow I wish I was not gay but it’s nothing I can do about it I hope this was not a hate crime I fell bad for the young man

      • erick

        you be proud of what God has made you! remember God does not make mistakes! pay your taxes, work hard, and live the American dream!

    • Stephen

      And that Kimberley only has a 6th grade education… Spell check?

    • alina

      You will not see Al Sharpton condeming this behavior because whites were not the one who did it. His only goal in life is to cause more hate and separation between whites and blacks. DIVIDE and RULE!

      • Damon

        Well don’t be disparaged, Republicans are doing their fair share.

  • Devenio

    Please try 4th grade again. Lessons didn’t stick.

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