Cops: 3 Teens Viciously Beat 14-Year-Old On Bus

Trio Allegedly Stomped On Victim's Arms, Legs & Stomach

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2 / 1010 WINS/ WCBS 880) — Nassau County Police said a local teen was savagely beaten on a Long Island school bus, in what’s being called a bias attack.

Three other teens were arrested on Thursday. They’re accused of stomping and kicking the boy, and making sexual slurs, because they perceived him to be gay, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports | 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

Police said it was inside a school bus where anti-gay slurs, taunting and bullying began, and added the lawless behavior went on for weeks. Investigators said the alleged victim from BOCES career prep admitted he didn’t have the courage to complain — fearing retaliation, but when the taunts turned physical the victim finally came forward.

Three schoolmates have been charged with felony hate crime – 16-year-old Chase Morrison of Lakeview, 18-year-old David Spencer of North Valley Stream and 16-year-old Roy Wilson of Baldwin.

bus attack suspects Cops: 3 Teens Viciously Beat 14 Year Old On Bus

(credit: CBS 2)

“Punches, backhand slaps and kicks, the victim retreated to the back of the bus where the defendants followed and continued with the assault,” Nassau County Police Det. Lt. John McEwan said.

The trio allegedly stomped on the victim’s arms, legs, stomach and thigh, while making disparaging remarks about his sexual orientation.

Nassau’s police chief said such unacceptable behavior is the centerpiece of the county’s anti-hate campaign in the schools.

While the suspects pleaded not guilty and were held on bail, neighbors addressed the issue, saying parents have to get involved.

“How was your day today? What happened to you today on your way to school? Ask the question,” said Lakeview resident Jeanette Robinson said.

Police met with the female driver and matron who were aboard during the incidents. Thomas McEnany is manager of First Student Bus.

“It is still under investigation. We are taking everything seriously,” McEnany said.

Experts said the responsibility needs to be shared.

“Unfortunately, buses and locker rooms and hallways and playgrounds are fertile fields for bullying,” said Alane Fagin of Nassau County Child Abuse Prevention Services.

The bus driver and matron are cooperating, being questioned by their supervisors and police, who said it is their duty to immediately report any taunting or bullying on the bus.

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One Comment

  1. jc says:

    American adults, ‘white’ and ‘black’, have had exactly the same rate of illiteracy since 1979.

    race-baiter, shamelessly using this website to promote a website.

    1. Joe Clark says:

      Please. With a statement like that you have to provide a source or at least cite a reference. Nobody’s buying the empty statements anymore.

    2. Moe says:

      “…American adults, ‘white’ and ‘black’, have had exactly the same rate of illiteracy since 1979…”

      Based on the criteria of finishing high school (not merely passing the GED) five years after entering 8th grade African-American students have a dropout rate of 50+%.

      When you use the term ‘illiteracy’ I trust you understand the standard for ‘literacy’ is so low as to be meaningless. Saying Japan and the U.S. have a literacy rate of 97% is not the same thing as saying beautifully mono-racial Japan and increasingly non-white and therefore increasingly dysfunctional America have the same levels of academic achievement.

      Oh Japan, why so perfect?


    just like the movie “planet of the apes.” blacks for the most part are apes and savages with poor impulse control. that’s why they have such widespread disciplinary problems in school and are responsible for disproportionate violence against people of other races. it’s not uncommon to actually see them jump and hop around on street corners like apes. if these kids were white, the police and bloomberg would already be talking about “maximum sentences for hate crimes.” how come there’s never any talk like that when the perps are black? guess we can’t go after blacks with the same justice as those from other races,, guess that would be “racist.” wonderful sense of justice, guess only whites can be guilty of hate crimes. maybe obama can get the charges dropped and get them into harvard through some type of affirmative action, since it’s probably the white man’s fault they did this.

    1. Dawn says:

      Planet of the Apes,
      I love it!! You are 100%right

  3. flytrsp says:


    Can’t we all just agree that this is a horrible crime and not bring politics into it? -_-

  4. livinlyfe71 says:

    Throw them in jail let these 3 beast get a taste of their own medicine! Lets see how they like getting ganged and stomped upon by hardcore inmates! Am black person I say PUNISH THEM! They are vicious animals. Am for punishment for those who do vicious crimes like this black/white. That poor kid I hope he is okay, I hope his parent moves him to another school, or drive him to school if possible.

  5. ColtAR15 says:

    RE: sk

    “Lou, don’t amke this in to a racial issure! The kids beat up someione. Thye have to accept respeonsiblioty and not use their race as an excuse for their actions. Schools need to teach the students about tolerance, respect, prevent bullying and how to help those being bullied, that includes teachers!”

    Right ON, MomX5!! I personally think it is the PARENTS responsibility to teach the kids about Tolerance, Respect, Preventing Bullying, etc… Parents can’t just Pawn off their kids to a surrogate to teach them the BASICS of HUMAN BEHAVIOUR!!

  6. mreither says:

    Racism is only against blacks. How can there be racism against whites? they are the group that is committing racism. It is impossible for any act to be racism against a racist. All whites should be executed.

    1. Grape Soda says:

      Good luck with that sub human knuckle dragger.
      You simiens are too busy killing each other to be effective at anything.

    2. suplol says:

      Gee, Michelle Obama, is that you?

  7. Mreither says:

    How is it that the news can reveal the names of 3 minors?

    1. Moe says:

      “…How is it that the news can reveal the names of 3 minors?…”

      Because they are being charged as adults.

  8. pat says:

    Gee, What a surprise. Black thugs. Gay one day, Korean the next, blond, small, intelligent, acting too white. Hispanic or European. It does not matter to these animals. And racism is the core of black culture as Obama has shown all Americans over and over again.
    We have a serious problem with black crime in America, ignoring it is encouraging these animals.

    1. Moe says:

      “…We have a serious problem with black crime in America…”

      True dat.

  9. aussie says:

    What a surprise. Young black men behaving like animals but somehow it’s not a hate crime?

  10. Glammer says:

    If it’s blacks committing the attack, they should be let off, because 160 years ago we had slavery.

    1. pat says:

      America had slavery for about 77 years. England had it far longer. We were all slaves or serfs until 1783. It was a shame we did not destroy it when America revolted. That is the grief of our nation. Meanwhile the Europeans, Arabians, and Africans that created this hell skate.

    2. GavInTucson says:

      I hope this is a poor attempt at sarcasm.

  11. Peg says:

    the fact that so many of you jumped to the conclusion of thinking this was a black on white crime shows your innate racism. Why arent you all over on the story about the 4 white kids who beat the heck out of a 15 year old Muslim? There is NOTHING that says this kid is white, but since he went to the same “career prep” school in a black community and his peers are black, he is probably black. This is not about black and white, its about beating up a kid because he was GAY.

  12. z says:

    N.Y. meh. Do people that actually reside in NY think people from other states GAS what goes on there? We hope you all kill yourselves and this is a great start :thumbup:

  13. Mark says:

    These three young men cannot be held responsible. Man evolved from apes and one cannot be held responsible for primal ancestral instincts.

  14. donfiness says:

    It’s just black on black crime. Who cares? If it wasn’t the gay thing, they would’ve come up with another reason to beat the s#$t out of each other.

  15. atcshan says:

    To all you ignorant adults who are making this a race issue: it is people like you who are role models to kids like these. Hate is hate, no matter where it’s directed. You ignorant adults are teaching these kids to hate. This has nothing to do with race. There are just as many bad white people as black and everything in between. If you had a brain in your head, you could open your eyes and see this
    From an educated white girl

    1. suplol says:

      Every “educated” white girl thinks exactly as you do. Turns out your glorious liberal arts education was really just 4 years (probably 7 for you) of propaganda being shoved down your throat at the cost of $25,000+ a year.

      Anyway, enjoy your AIDS and wide variety of other STDs if you sleep with black men.

  16. nancy says:

    Well obama will have a fit over this one. White guy shot in head on Texas Lake Falcon was acting stupidly. I am not saying this was right, it was very wrong, but obama will pick the Black or Muslim everytime.

    1. suplol says:

      Approximately 99% of blacks HATE white men.

      All white men.

      The degree to which ALL blacks hate white men is nearly incomprehensible for anyone not raised within their closed black culture. They are taught this hatred from birth and the media and schools reinforce it day in and day out until they commit heinous hate crimes (that are never charged as hate crimes).

  17. Taylor says:

    They need to make an example out of these idiots; give them the max sentence to prove to the public that we cannot and will not tolerate acts such as this. I think it’s a waste to hope for a hate free world; however, I feel it our duty to do what we can to deter these kinds of hate crimes (hence the max sentence).

    p.s. This has nothing to do with race. Sadly enough, there are just as many white people (and any race for that matter) who would do this, it has been done before. This is just a matter of extreme ignorance and immaturity.

  18. DavidArizona says:

    Where was the bus driver?

  19. Wendy White says:

    I’m concerned with the view that some have taken that the parents should have known the bullying was going on. Kids keep secrets. Even if the parents did know, they may not have realized the severity of it or the capabilities of the thugs who did this.

    To those wondering why the bus driver did nothing, I’m noting that she was a woman. Near here, a bus driver was shoved down the steps of the bus by unruly youth. There are all kinds of protections for thugs like this, they need their transportation to get their free education etc. Here you have three offenders who do not look like small children.

  20. Daddy says:

    C’mon! Colored people are the most racist of any group. try walking trough their hoods.. it wont matter if your latino, asian, white or jew.. they will attack.. who else name groups after their skin color.. NAACP… huh

    1. tf says:

      I’ve been through several black neighborhoods, and no one shot my white ass. They left me alone. But I wasn’t wearing a pink boa and gay pants, either.

      1. Moe says:

        “…I’ve been through several black neighborhoods, and no one shot my white ass. They left me alone. But I wasn’t wearing a pink boa and gay pants, either…”

        And having learned your lesson you returned the next day properly attired. They couldn’t leave you, nor your white ass, alone then.

    2. JC says:

      Colored People? Daddy, for real? Who talks like that? Please, understand that the NAACP was established at a time (1909) when white Americans were openly racist and movies like Birth of a Nation (1915) were popular. By using a term like ‘colored people’ to refer to anybody who is not white-skinned anglo, you expose yourself as the kind of thinker who has no place debating issues of race, culture, or politics. You need to get with the times Daddy

      1. CommonSense02 says:

        But you didn’t refute his point. Go walking through the “all black” neighborhoods and see what happens to you. Is the truth racist, now?

      2. bill says:

        NAACP was established by a white woman. Imagine that. The NAACP will probably defend the feral blacks and say it is just all racism.

    3. terry jones says:



  21. fredb says:

    There is no reason to bring this kid’s suspected sexual activities into this, people get beat up in school all the time. I have been on both sides (receiving and issuing the beating) as a child and it is just a rite of passage. It prepares you for the real world where you have to look out for yourself and be able to fight off or deal with the big guys.

  22. R. says:

    uy yuy yuy. Where is Rev. Al Sharpton now? Won’t hear a peep from him, will we?


  23. Augustine says:

    Strange, I must be a prodigy.
    I saw the title of the article and guessed the race of the attackers immediately.

  24. fredb says:

    There is no reason to bring this kid’s suspected sexual activities into this, people get beat up in school all the time. I have been on both sides (receiving and issuing the beating) as a child and it is just a rite of passage. It prepares you for the real world where you have to look out for yourself and be able to fight off or deal with the big guys.

  25. Leslie says:

    Very poor parenting. These parents should be embarassed that they have raised these kids and not taught them a damn thing.

  26. joe says:

    If the perps were WHITE and the kid who was beaten was BLACK, no matter if it was because of being gay or not, it would be all over the news and be a hate crime and you ALL KNOW IT! And that is exactly why there is a gap in race relations. The US govt is forcing white people to deal with it off the books!

  27. wisehiney says:

    This is George’s fault.

  28. zaks5thave says:

    When all the facts are revealed, it was the 14 year old who instigated the altercations. The 3 other boys were just protecting themselves. The rev al told me this and I believe the rev al.

  29. terry jones says:

    Race has everything to do with it. If it was a straight white person, it would not even be news. If the community organizer can get away from his teleprompter or golf game long enough, perhaps he can get involved and try to get the victim charged with inciting a hate crime

    1. terry jones says:

      Next time you want to lie, call me Mr. Jones… BOY!!!

      FYI…..NEWSFLASH… Bill there are a lot of white children father that are not around!! DAH!

  30. Khalid Hassan says:

    I wonder if the same kind of people will riot in the streets, many of them destroying their own neighborhoods after Mr. Barry Dunham is exposed as a fraud, having been born in another country, despite having spent millions of taxpayer money to block the release of all his personal records; records which all other Americans must produce upon request of any government bureaucrat. You can bet your life savings that Mr. Barry Dunham’s (Soetoro) people will do it. He’s their top silverback, after all. Monkey see, monkey do.

  31. El Mojado says:

    Send those 3 to Jasper, TX. I’m sure they can be taught a lesson in perceptions.

  32. deegeejay says:

    This is not “bullying” the label minimizes it – this is assault pure and simple. If the bus driver is scared to stop it then let the police. I’m fed up with the whimpification of the country. Help the poor kid bus driver!

  33. George Johnson says:

    Don’t forget, a “hate crime” is nothing but a “THOUGHT CRIME.”

    Why does it matter what you’re thinking at the time??? Isn’t beating a gay person just as bad as beating a straight person??? The ONLY difference, is what you’re thinking at the time.

    That’s just ONE step away from “pre-crime” where you’re arrested and tossed into jail for what THEY THINK you might do because of something you said.

    Hate Crime, indeed…… It’s THOUGHT CRIME!!

  34. DanStlMo says:

    A crime is a crime, stop with the “Hate Crime” stuff

  35. Lee says:

    Why does it matter what motivated the crime, the fact that they would attack another person the way they did, should be severely punished. I don’t care if some one attacks me because they hate white people or because they don’t like the way my deodorant smells, or because I looked at them funny, I would want them to serve the same amount of time regardless of the reason.

    1. CommonSense02 says:

      Then vote for Republicans, because liberals excuse minorities from punishment from crime because it’s somehow Whitey’s fault.

  36. George Johnson says:

    Once again, you can blame liberals for this sort of thing.

    They’re shoving their gay agenda down people’s throats. And telling kids in school “it’s OK to come out, it’s OK to be gay, in fact, it’s GREAT!” And everybody knows how kids are, they’re NOT READY for it!!! I blame liberals and their agenda’s for this.

    No, it’s not right to beat up kids for ANY reason. But it’ll happen, this just gives them a reason. Stop shoving your agenda down people’s throats!!!

  37. dmd says:

    3 less obama vote in 2012

    1. zaks5thave says:

      In a demoncrat controlled state, being in jail is no hindrance to voting. In fact they get to vote at least twice, once from the jail address and once from their home away from jail residence.

    2. sdfg says:

      How so? Criminals vote in NY and MA.

  38. Buckwheat Trash says:

    More trash to toss out. I bet their families are also trash.

  39. LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

    So called, “hate crimes” are no more than new age McCarthyism and a real and present threat to equal justice under the law. When the law makes penalties worse for the same crime committed against a “special class” than that of an ordinary citizen the law has set up tiers of justice. Some people are “more equal” than others. When fascism comes to America it will be carrying a pink swastika wrapped in a rainbow flag.

  40. lakia johnson says:

    Black youth engaged in thuggish behavior? Say it ain’t so.

  41. Nazi Pelosi says:

    Oops the attackers were BLACK …That will lead to a protocol check in liberal LALA land and the conclusion is ??????? Its just a cultural mis understanding …NO HATE CRIME HERE…If the attackrs were white HATE CRIME ! National Media Coverage !!!!!! LOL ! The left what a conundrum they are in !

  42. Frank says:

    I see the mugshots and I can’t get over the fact that black guys would actually pack up like mindless, inbred animals. The shock is just too overwhelming to me.

  43. Fred Arlington says:

    oh look, they are black, i am shocked, dumbomas!!!

  44. fluffy says:


  45. LarryIsRight says:

    OF COURSE…A BLACKS! Who else, since NO-BAMA was elected, they ALL are border line crazy with arrogance! It is okay, NO-BAMA is on the way out, with his LIB friends…FINALLY!!!

    1. cindi says:

      love you larrry

    2. well says:

      Larry, that’s always what happens when stupid get some power – it goes to their heads and you can’t fix stupid, but by all means, let them vote.

  46. bluefincheesetime says:

    … the bus driver should have gone back and started pepper spraying everybody

  47. Fishsnot says:

    It’s the “tribal mentality” bred into these pieces of “inhumane debris”. You can’t teach to these gorilla-goons, they most likely each have police records and should be beaten within an inch of their useless lives!

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