Death Of Brooklyn girl, 4, Prompts Grand Jury Review

NEW YORK (AP) — A grand jury has been convened to hear evidence surrounding the death of an underweight 4-year-old New York City girl found dead in her home last month.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office said Thursday that the Administration for Children’s Services, a contractor and an upstate hospital had been subpoenaed.

Marchella Pierce was under ACS supervision when she died Sept. 2. She weighed 18 pounds.

The agency hired Child Development Support Corporation to monitor the girl. Northwoods Health Systems, now known as Pathways, treated her.

An ACS spokeswoman said it is cooperating with the investigation. The contractor said in a statement it was not responsible for the girl’s death. They say their contract with ACS ended June 30. The hospital declined comment.

The girl’s mother has been charged and is being held on $300,000 bail. The name of her attorney was not immediately available.

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  1. Conspiracy Bob says:

    ACS operates above the law, and without adequate oversight. They themselves are unaccountable, and there’s the rub!

  2. Poo Bah Jones says:

    No Sweat – just have this abusive violent sick twisted psychopathic mother call Sanctuary For Families and claim that she has Battered Women’s Syndrome! The Attorneys at Sanctuary for Families will get all charges dismissed lickety split! They will simply partner up with a huge, 10,000 Attorney law firm, and then assign those young wide eyed Associate Attorneys a lot of pro bono work! They can then file 20 Motions a month, thus drowning the Prosecutor, the District Attorney, ACS, and the Family Court Judges in a sea of frivolous Motions to Dismiss and invasive litigation practice, all billed in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the US Federal Government under the VAWA Statutes! They will intimidate and scare off ACS like they did in the Nicholson v. Scoppetta case, simply because ACS held sick, twisted, drug addicted, violent, abusive mothers to the same standard of Child Abuse and Neglect that they hold fathers to! And it’s all tax free income to the all of them as they are a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization! What a great country! Meanwhile more kids will die due to this sick machinery of a Family Court System! Oh I’m sorry – was the mother black or white? Because if she is black and poor, she won’t be able to hire Sanctuary for Families – she will simply go to jail and lose her kids to Foster Care, where they will continue to make money for New York State in some other way! What a fantastic system! And the FBI doesn’t really give a damn!

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