Nassau County Staring At Possible ‘Toilet Tax’

County Executive Mangano Defends Controversial Proposal

Story Updated: Oct. 16, 2010 8:45 a.m.

NORTH MERRICK, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A proposed tax on sewer usage by non-profits such as hospitals, colleges, and fire departments could bring in $38 million a year.

But as CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reports, taxpayers worry they will now be stuck paying for it all.

Critics call the sewer fee — a “toilet tax” in Nassau County. Next year’s budget — for the first time — calls for previously tax-exempt public school districts, library districts and fire districts to increase their budgets, raise taxes, and, they fear, pass along the financial burden to taxpayers.

“It is being called taxpayer relief act when actually all we are doing is soaking the taxpayers with a toilet tax or sewer fee,” said Nassau County legislator Dave Denenberg, D-Merrick.

Democrats in the legislature are blasting the Republican county executive’s proposed “water usage fee”– that would charge one penny per gallon of water entering Nassau’s sewage system. They claim it would bankrupt hospitals, schools and more.

“We have 10 buildings and we have an irrigation system on our football and athletic fields. What would it mean in dollars and cents? Over a quarter of a million dollars,” said Hempstead School Board president Charles Renfroe.

Renfroe said water is needed for school toilets, sinks, showers and landscaping. A North Merrick fire house uses 700,000 gallons a year, translating to $7,000 in fees. Libraries, too, are worried.

“We have to either raise taxes to get that money, libraries would have to, or they have to cut programs to get the money,” said Jackie Thresher of the Nassau library system.

But the county executive said his sewer reforms would eventually lower rates for homeowners and businesses.

“I inherited a sewer district authority that’s $28 million out of balance. Nowhere else in New York state do not-for-profits get a free ride,” County Executive Ed Mangano said.

Critics said “passing along” taxes does not “freeze” taxes. A public hearing on the water usage fee will be held Monday.

If the budget is passed, the new sewer fees would go into effect in Nassau County beginning July 1, 2011.

  • bravejames

    I will not leave long island; but let’s kick all the boards of education, PTA’s, IRS, EPA, DOT’s, out of commission!!!!

  • Patti Hogan

    Obama is not doing a good JOB! What is or he done,?? the economy seems to get worse and worse and there is NO sign of him until someone in the news brings his name uP !!! He better not run again because all he does is keep blaming it on the Bush Admin. But his campaign was that he will make the “CHANGE” , WHERE IS IT??????its been almost 2 years!!!

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  • rob

    Do people not read this news story… if you can call it that! This story is BS. There is not additional tax. The sewage plant is 28Mil in the red. Schools, Fire Dept, Non Profit get access for free. The sewage plant needs to make up money. They either charge the people that pay, more money, or charge the free leaches their fair share for access. Should schools get free text books too, how about free internet, free power, a free building, free equipment. Last time I checked, all schools pay a power bill, all schools for text books. Do fire companies pay for fire trucks? or does GM or who ever just give them free vehicles too? How about hospitals? Do they get free power? Free medical supplies? the answer is a resounding NO! This is common sense here!

  • Artrina

    Tax the nonprofits which provide services for the poor that are desperately needed. The nonprofits will have to cut back their services to pay the new fees which will only push people to government agencies for the services. Cut taxes, but, add and raise fees. Do the politicians really think people are that stupid that they can’t see all the politicians did was change what they’re calling the tax/fee? We pay tax on money when we make it at our jobs. We pay taxes when we spend money to buy good and services. When we don’t spend money, but have it sitting in an account which earns interest we pay taxes on the interest we earn. How many more ways can we be taxed?



  • Painmo


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  • Bob

    Nassau County is the only county in NYS that exempts non-profits from paying sewer taxes. We’re paying their share of the sewer tax already in our taxes. Let the non-profits get rid of their blotted bureaucracy to make up for the monies they’ll need. Wake up dummies

  • Jsck Kinch(1uncle)

    Will the politicians assume that the sewerage system is being used? Or will they put a few million more people on gov payroll to check before flushing is allowed ? Will they be union flushers ? Will there be four in each crew to be four flushers ?

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  • mda

    Only a rhino (democrat) would propose this! Liberals love taxes… Fire them all and cut your costs… Get a true conservative and you’ll get YOUR money back from these thieves!!!


    Well….NY is already in the toilet – might as well get some extra $$$ to flush down the system!!!

  • Punkindrublic

    It doesn’t matter what party this buffoon is associated with. He needs to go along with ANYONE else that thinks this is a “good idea”. (And probably many of the voters in NY along with them.)

  • Flannigan

    In a relaterd stor,y County Executive Ed Mangano is also suggesting a tax on DONATIONS TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    Apparently, it makes no sense to tax one and not the other!

  • daniel

    Tax the sh– out of those dem libs they love taxes.

  • John Q. Public

    Most of you on here are complete morons. The tax payer is currently paying for this. Why won’t the school district cut a few patronage positions? Why won’t the superintendant cut his/her astronomical 6-figure salary…sometimes over $250k!!!??? How many “friends” does the superintendant hire as counsel for the school district? The Nassau County Comptroller discovered that Nassau County was entitled to tens of millions of dollars from the federal government for its sewer treatment plan that it never received. I guess the Nassau County tax payer should pay for that too? I’m sick and tired of carrying the entire state on the backs of Nassau Residents. Why does every piece of filth in the boroughs pay $2 to go from Coney Island to the Bronx, but I have to pay $16 to go one way to Penn Station at “PEAK” time and it’s a shorter trip!!!???

  • TomB


    “These folks are on the system and they don’t pay … that means everyone else pays more (either through higher fees or tax subsidies)”

    Thats just it, either way they won’t pay and the taxpayers will. Schools and fire departments get their funding from taxes. So they either dont pay for water and everyone else pays more, or they pay for water and taxes for everyone else go up to pay for the higher school/fire/library expenses. Taxpayers pay in the end. Corporations and groups dont pay taxes – PEOPLE pay taxes.

  • Leo

    38 million down the toilet . STOP SPENDING YOU DEMOCRAT MORONS !

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  • Mannie

    Who is paying the water fees for the “freeloading” hospitals and schools, now? The taxpayers. Water ain’t free.

    If the Sewer Authority needs more money, they have a few options. They can cut costs or they can raise fees. The best way for any municipality to cut costs is to bust the municipal unions. Cut wages 25% across the board. Let the wasters go on strike, and replace them with hard working scabs.

    But no, they’ll spend your money instead. You have plenty of it. Shut up and eat your cake.

  • R.Davis

    The Big Government in New York has no interest in cutting taxes. They just spend, spend, spend and add more taxes, and fees. The Democrats has this state in a stranglehold. High Property Taxes, Business Unfriendly, Mandates and fees and taxes, that is all they know. New York will go down big time if we don’t get them out!!!
    Many people are finding that their tax payment is larger than their mortgage payment. No one wants to move to New York, all the doer and workers are moving out!!!
    Wake Up people!!!

  • Regulas

    It’s called Cap & Tax, carbon credits.

  • texasgoat

    Here in Texas we pay a waste treatment fee based on how much water we use. Seems fair to me. Anyone using water, schools, hospitals, private residences should pay for waste treatment.

  • stop2think

    In order to sustain its uncontrolled spending ways, government will look to any source for income. That is the corrosive and dangerous powers of government left unchecked. When a household or business reaches its financial limit, they cut back. When government does, it expands its taxing authority and leaves you less free. Think about it.

  • Lee Tollend

    as soon as cap and tax is passed.

  • MadCharles

    You got what you voted for

  • Cloonellis Spernwalter

    I think that it should be fair and they should put a sort of meter in the toilet to measure the actual amount of poop and goo that goes in so that they can be fair, That way, you wouldn’t get taxed because your mother in law lives with you and she slithers to the toilet to get a drink because she has no legs.

  • Tommy

    The facts are that either someone pays more or something has to be cut and everyone always says ” don’t cut me”. The sewer and water industry is very expensive to build and operate and the EPA and your State authorities have regulations to protect the public and abiding by these regs can cost a fortune. With non profits not paying for these services do any of you think they try to conserve? If they had to pay for the services they would definitely be more conservative in their water use.

  • b. mattingly

    Cut the size of GOVERNMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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