Fox, Cablevision Suspend Negotiations Over Dispute

NEW YORK (AP) — Cablevision and Fox parent News Corp. have walked away from the negotiating table for the evening.

That leaves 3 million customers in the New York metropolitan area with little hope of watching the first game of baseball’s National League Championship Series from their couch.

Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella says both sides met for hours Saturday afternoon before walking away. He says negotiators plan to meet again Sunday.

The stalemate that led to Fox pulling its channels from Cablevision after midnight Friday was the latest in a series of programming fee disputes that have led to blackouts of programs such as the Oscars.

The American League Championship Series, which began Friday, is airing on TBS and isn’t affected by the dispute.

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One Comment

  1. Sam says:

    Why should Cablevision pay more for Fox 5 then 3 networks combined? You can get this and many other channels for free with a converter box. Also, you can watch TV on your computer if you have a tuner.

  2. Vicki says:

    Does anyone find it “interesting” that cablevision pays MSG (owned by the same people who own cablevision) over 125 million to broadcast on cablevision…they’re paying themselves!! nice work dolans..oink, oink

  3. Myth says:

    I’ve read all the comments and i’m disturbed by the lack of understanding with how cable programming works. I do content negotiation for a small Telco in the west, and in my experience, the content providers are ALWAYS trying to bend over the operators. If Ala Cart were possible, I believe all operators would love to offer it. I hate as much as anyone forcing my customers to purchase channels they don’t watch. Guess what, I have to pay content providers for those channels no one watches.

    Furthermore, the tiers or mostly set by those providers. I’d like to put less watched channels in their own tiers. That would be a step towards Ala Cart. If I could, only customers who wanted the obscure content would have to pay for it.

    I’m not saying Cablevision is blameless here, but in the end, if Fox wins, they’ll have to pay more to offer their channel. And in the end, if Cablevision pays more, their customers pay more.

  4. raul says:

    Who cares.

  5. steven troise says:

    refund i dont think so. I will just deduct $20 off the bill for each day i dont have the 2 channels

  6. Ginny Bandiera says:

    They have said this to 3-4 other channels already,,, How many times will we be THREATNED..stop this channel or that one,
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee give us all a break and handle your kiddy problems in the boardroom!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Soooooooo–Will I get a refund for the cancelled channels on my $$$$ contract with Cablevision??–no way.

  8. Tracy says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! I’m so sick of this damn Cablevision and their disputes! This is the last straw – I’m off to DirecTv or Verizon!



  10. HATS ALL FOLKS says:


  11. Ivan says:

    Cablevision/Dolans just don’t get it once again. They claim to be helping their customers… are you kidding me?

  12. rudee says:

    It is all about money….and it is really a shame in this time of the money crunch that we the viewers have to be the ones who get hurts in all of this. II am sure it is all about wanting more money… don’t be surprised if your cable bill or how ever you get you TV channels doesn’t cost you more. Felel for you that hate FOX news that much….but I do find it interesting that it sounds like you all watch it to know so much about it….why when you don’t like the people on there and what they have to say????

  13. Vicki says:

    To all you FOX NEWS “haters” …FOX NEWS is NOT being taken off the air; if only you knew how to listen and read…it is the Local Fox TV station that is blacked out. FOX NEWS is still with us..LOL….

  14. nathan says:

    How will we survive without FoxNews hate?

    1. Nick says:

      I’m sure you, nathan, your CBS employers, and all other airheads will find a way to dictate to us what “hate” we will survive on.

      Don’t worry, not many people will see this post before you censor it – In The Name Of The People! Comrad!

      1. nathan says:

        NIck arent you tired of cyber-stalking me on this site? Every time I comment on any thread you call me out by name. So instead of hiding behind your low-end Dell, maybe youd like to meet me in person to “discuss” things? Time and place, friend.

  15. perk says:

    simple greed…to pay for commercial TV

  16. beebop says:

    The FCC is another federal agency that is useless and should be abolished. They should require cablevision be allowed to at least rebroadcast channel 5 and 9 from fox in their systems. It is a free over the air channel anyway. The other channels are premium and negotiations can continue on these. But of course the FCC says negotiate some more.

  17. kevin says:

    Cablevision proves once again it is one of the worst run companies anywhere. Three times to this point with a variety of suppliers, and the public propaganda campaign trying to justify their position. Disgusting and childish. This is a town of business, so take care of your business, provide the services to your customers, and keep your inept management diatribes to yourself.

    1. Jack L says:


      of course cablevision is a poorly run company. just look at the knicks, the rangers and not to mention that slum called madison square garden. you can thank cablevision for not having the jets play in a west side stadium as well.

  18. georgette says:

    I’m thrilled beyond words to lose Fox news but the World Series is another story….double pox on those two bozos. And this is not the first time that Cablevision has done this to their customers. If they truly want to save their customers money, which they claim this fuss is all about , then undbundle their channels and let me pick what I want to watch. Right now I have 1000 channels of which 980 are garbage and never watched.

    1. Sal says:

      Don’t you think that if it ever came to cable ala carte CableVision would charge ridiculous prices for the most popular channels so your bill would be as high – if not higher than it is now?

      1. Nick says:

        Yes “Sal”. But with ala carte pricing, “I” get to chose which over priced channel “I” want to watch. I DON’T have to pay for stupid channels like Muslime’s “Independence” channel nor BET, nor 10 different “god” channels. Nor do I need to pay for idiocies like “The View” where if you don’t agree with them, they’ll shout you down or walk off the stage – all in the name of Freedom.

  19. Rhiannonl says:

    In the words of the immortal Edward L. Norton: “A pox on both of their houses”.
    If these two entities sucked anymore, they could float the Titanic and tha Andrea Doria back to New York.

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