NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The windy weather wreaked havoc on Queens – and it was caught on video.

A crew was working Saturday to clear a fallen tree at one house, while another tree fell just steps away.

The massive tree branch came crashing down just as a tree-trimming service was working right down the block. The tree hit a house, damaging the roof and crushing the gutters, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Neighbors woke up early Saturday morning to an unexpected crash on 215th Street in the Hollis section of Queens.

“They just heard this loud, crackling sound, and you can see the damage from that sound,” resident Richard Harris said.

The tree fell just steps from another tree down the block that came crashing to the ground on Friday. The homeowner said they had to climb over the fence just to get into their home.

“My grandmother had called us while we were in the city and said, ‘oh, there’s a tree in your yard,’ and we’re like, ‘what?’” resident Tyanna Williams said.

Williams, 15, and her mother thought their tree would be the only one to blow over. When it fell during Friday’s high winds, it hit their roof, snapped power lines, busted their fence and left the front door out of reach.

“I’m just glad all of this is going to be removed,” Williams’ mother, Erika Whitfield, said. “Come home and this is what you see – not really pretty.”

The clean-up is keeping that work crew in high demand. They used a chainsaw to cut down the rest of the newly fallen tree before, just steps away, getting back to their original job – clearing branches from Friday’s fallen tree, and sending it through a wood chipper.

City inspectors plan to take a look at the entire block, just in case another tree is in danger of falling.

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