Vigil Held For Pace U. Student Killed In Police-Involved Shooting

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. (CBS 2/ 1010 WINS/AP) — A vigil was held for slain student DJ Henry on Pace University’s Pleasantville campus Sunday night.

Henry was killed in a police-involved shooting at a Westchester bar early Sunday morning.

Gunfire erupted outside Finnegan’s Grill in Mount Pleasant as police checked out reports of a brawl involving dozens of young people shortly before 1:30 a.m.

Police said they approached a car parked in a fire lane. When an officer knocked on the car window, the driver sped off. An officer tried stopping the vehicle but it accelerated and he ended up on the hood. As the vehicle passed by, another officer was hit by the car.


westchester bar shooting Vigil Held For Pace U. Student Killed In Police Involved Shooting

Police investigate the fatal bar shooting. (credit: CBS 2)


Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno said 20-year-old Danroy “DJ” Henry was behind the wheel, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported.

Henry allegedly struck several cops as he drove away. Police said a Pleasantville officer tried to stop him and ended up on the hood clinging for his life.  That officer along with a second cop opened fire and Henry was killed.

In suburban Boston, Henry’s family was filled with grief and anxious for answers.

“He was so quiet, such a good kid, just wanted to be a football player, good grades in school, I don’t understand how something like this could happen,” Henry’s aunt Kathy Hanson said.

And there was a similar reaction from students at the Pace campus in Pleasantville.

“Great kid man, never hurt nobody, excellent athlete, talented kid, loved music, loved football, loved everything, it’s a shame,” Nate Ford, a Pace University student said.

“DJ is one of the most peaceful guys on the team…I’ve seen practices or I’ve seen things escalate on campus, DJ would be one of the people like ‘”I’m going to remove myself from this situation, this is not me,'” Kevin Talbot said.

“Why? That’s the only thing you can ask, is why,” Pace student Phil Pierre said.


dj henry 21 Vigil Held For Pace U. Student Killed In Police Involved Shooting

Danroy "DJ" Henry (Photo/Facebook)


“We extend the deepest sympathies of our community to Mr. Henry’s family and friends.,” Pace University, which was celebrating homecoming weekend, said in a statement.

Police said they were responding to a call about a large fight that had broken out in the area. When officers arrived, they observed a “large group of unruly patrons” that had gathered in the parking lot in front of the bar, according to a police statement.

Alagno said the fighting continued even after the shots rang out. Eventually, it took about 50 officers from nearby departments to get the scene under control.

The statement also said that were two others also in the suspect’s car who were also shot. They were both transported to Westchester Medical Center. Two police officers were treated for physical injuries and two others were treated for trauma, according to the statement.

“I’m surprised this is a peaceful area, I’ve been here three years, I’ve never seen it happen before,” said store manager Mike Annabi.

Mount Pleasant police are planning another news conference Monday morning at 10 a.m.


One Comment

  1. abcd says:

    i still get amused with the clinging on for dear life comments what was the car driving 10mph from the time officers “decided” to jump on the hood and open fire..your all ignorant people who are too close minded too realize these cops will go down for their actions

  2. BusterBrown says:

    when are people going to learn to obey a po when he speaks to you.
    Right away people want to make cold blooded killers out of cops
    If everyone is so afraid of killer cops then they should be all the more dilligent in
    complying with them
    Yes, it’s a tragedy but he was probablyup to no good and he should’ve stopped the car
    I don’t believe the cops “killed him for no reason”

  3. Elaine says:

    Seriously cops are friggin trigger happy. They can’t wait for a reason to pulll their guns out especially on a black person.

  4. me says:

    Are people forgetting that the driver tried to and did hurt these officers? Thankfully the officers are alright. They risk their lives and you have the nerve to say they overreacted. Unbelievable.

  5. A.S. says:

    I do believe it was this year when an NYPD officer was drunk and struck and killed a black woman in the city. Instead of cops shooting him down they actually let him go home. And come back the next day to take a breathalyzer. (which made no sense at all) I find that to be very interesting. He TOOK someone’s life and didn’t get shot up for it, but someone who did the opposite was murdered. Did I mention the cop was white and the woman was black? If you think race doesn’t play a part in either of these cases you’re just plain stupid and ignorant.

  6. The Good Samaritan says:

    Pace should do a better job on giving background checks to all incoming students.

    Having school athletes posing as thugs in a bar is not acceptable.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  7. syverlike says:

    whenever something of this nature happen people begin to fix blame here and there, lets leave the blame and face the reality D.J is gone there is nothing one can do about it but i stll believe that destiny has an answer to so many whys many poeple might have asked. meet mr destiny…!!!

  8. iatealemon says:

    Whatever happened to shooting to incapacitate?!

    Jeezus. Too many trigger happy cops today. Watched too many action movies I bet.

  9. fthepolice says:

    and they wonder why people kill cops

  10. abcd says:

    its just funny to me how cops show up to break up a fight and somehow a non involved sober student manages to get killed..its not hard to see that the student got nervous when approached by the officer and started to drive away so john mclean from die hard decides to jump on the hood and open fire when he could have easily radioed the car in to get pulled over..the fact of the matter is a innocent man is dead and no matter what the reports claim it could have been avoided..Protect and Serve Baby!!!

  11. Bmore Fuzz says:

    Hey Carrie, were you one of the ones hit by DJs car or clinging onto the vehicle’s hood for dear life? Or maybe you were stoned at the bar participating in that fight nearby endangering the lives of civilians, cops and establishment employees.

    Go back to super sizing fries and doing price checks at the piggly wiggly and let the cops do their job. If DJ was doing what he should have been doing there probably would have been a different outcome…

  12. former pace student says:

    this makes no sense to me… if the cop is tapping on the driver side window.. how the hell did he end up on the hood? the truth will come out eventually and DJ Henry, of course did wrong in hitting the cops but I still find him innocent as well as he shouldnt have deserved to get shot .. not to mention 4 god damn times!!

  13. JasonS says:

    @MORON: Because the “stop spikes” will eventually slow a car down and/or make it difficult to control. They are used in chase situations and are not expected to work instantly. When you’re being run over by a car, you need that car to stop instantly. Blowing the tires out will do you no good, you have to disable whomever has their foot on the accelerator. That would be the driver. Yes, you’re a moron.

  14. JasonS says:

    @pbro: If you want us all to understand that African Americans have a natural fear of the cops because of experience, then by the same token you must concede that the cops have a natural fear of African Americans…because of experience. If AA’s are more likely to run when confronted by cops, then they are “profiling” based on past experience. Like it or not, cops who have to deal with the violence in minority neighborhoods on a daily basis form perceptions by the same mechanisms and react accordingly. So if cops are more likely to feel their lives are in danger from black perps, then you can hardly blame them. They police black areas which are to all intents and purposes war zones, in which people take pot shots at the cops from roofs and in which life is obviously so cheap given the number of senseless murders which go down there.

    1. pbro says:

      First of all, I never said that African Americans HAVE a natural fear of cops. If that were true, then we wouldn’t have so many minorities on the police force. I said that fear is an unfortunate reality that most minorities have to face, especially AAs. READ my post very carefully. I was also speaking primarily from my own experience as an AA male and, get this, has never committed a crime or been arrested, plus educated on top of all that. Yes, the issue of excessive force IS a reality for minorities. Only idiots say there’s no such thing. I won’t go through the whole list of the past 25-30 year of incidences involving the use of excessive force on the part of the police. The old attitude of, “Well, what was he doing there to begin with? If he wasn’t involved in the crime, he was there doing something else,” is not only racist, but also displays a lack of education and ability on the part of these ignoramuses to research the FACTS to come to a proper conclusion. Now, having said all that, do I think there are situations that warrant a cop pulling his/her gun? Yes, absolutely! Are there situations when killing is justified? Yes, especially, when the perp has a gun. This discussion can go on for years to come. While we do need police to keep our neighborhoods safe, there should also be some kind of accountability when “proper procedure” is not followed. Oh, by the way, YOU made a very ignorant comment when you said, and I quote, “They police black areas which are to all intents and purposes war zones, in which people take pot shots at the cops from roofs and in which life is obviously so cheap given the number of senseless murders which go down there.” Obviously, you haven’t traveled much. Perhaps you should take a trip and go through some very affluent African American communities across this country. You’ll see many black professionals that are certainly living a lot better than the whites in the trailer parks across town.

  15. stif wu says:

    EXCOP are you a minority?

  16. luke says:

    wrong place at wrong time? why is he driving away from the scene as cops came to his car and then why is he continuing to drive after hitting 2 with his car and still driving with one on the hood before hitting another cop car? something fishy there if you ask me about this “wonderful” kid everyone talks about…It is funny whenever someone dies like this it is always the best kid blah blah blah THE BEST KID RAN OVER 2 COPS AND TRIED DRIVING AWAY FROM THEM!

    1. Here Is Your Answers says:

      Look at this video and you will see for yourself what really happened.

  17. PILI says:


  18. none today says:

    Pbro, yeah, you are a little too paranoid dude. My nephew is in Atlanta (white) with a black girl, and he does not trip the way you do and NYC is alot of minorities.

    1. pbro says:

      None today,
      Here’s the problem with your example of black/white relationships. A white guy with a black woman is not nearly as frowned upon as it would be if it was a black man and a white woman! More violent crimes have involved whites killing blacks because of interracial relationships than the other way around. Let’s face it, the white man/black woman thing is nothing new. Just look at the family trees of about 90% of black people in America. Somewhere along the line there’s a white great-great-great grandaddy. Some of us don’t even have to go that far back. By the way, I went to a historically black college in Atlanta. Maybe that’s one place your nephew should be careful when taking a night stroll with his “brown sugar.” Now, back to the subject at hand.

  19. MORON says:

    Say Jason? If shooting out tires does not stop a car, why do they have stop sticks? They do the same thing with out bullets you idiot!!!

    1. Bmore Fuzz says:

      Moron, this anin’t Hollywood so turn off the tube. You don’t shoot at tires because of the chance of ricocheting that threatens innocent bystanders. Stop sticks aren’t readily available on your gun belt, they’re usually in the trunk of the marked unit and need time / distance to set up.

      If a 3500 pound vehicle comes at you on a split second notice, you shoot to impede the threat…which is the operator dumba$$

  20. pbro says:

    Fear is an unfortunate reality that most minorities, especially African-American men have to face when dealing with the police. It’s almost like a “natural” instinct for Black men to run when they see cops-EVEN IF THEY DID NOTHING WRONG! I’ve learned to keep my cool when being pulled over by the cops because I drive a nice car, or while driving a WHITE GIRL home that I know from class. I, for one, don’t want to be shot while reaching into the glove compartment for my registration. Maybe he did what he did out of fear. I’m not saying the action was right, but unfortunately a promising young man’s life was taken and cops are notorious for using an excessive amount of force on minorities while in custody. I’m from the NYC area, not from the hills. Here, we deal with these realities all the time. My heart starts to race just leaving a department store because the sensors might go off indicating that I stole something. Sorry, I guess I’m just another paranoid black man.

  21. tim says:

    mikeo 498 if you mean like a transcript. I hate to inform you but that and nothing is the same thing. Those could not be further from the truth. They will omit and delete parts out. they cannot guarantee its accuracy from noise to poor recordings.

  22. UseOfForceJustified says:

    I blame the dumb ass that drove his 3000 pound car ( Deadly instrument..look it up in the new york state criminal procedure law) at the police officer. Police are allowed to use deadly force against deadly force. The biased media never ever gets this right. Its justified all day long. My heart could care less about an animal that doesnt know how to act like a civilized person. The only senseless part is why he would drive his car at a cop!!!!

  23. dangerous says:

    Shoot first and ask questions later. Your better off being alive than dead.

  24. dee says:

    I’ve read this … I won’t call it a news report, that’s too kind … several times.

    It includes this sentence: “Meanwhile, a vigil was being held for White on Pace University’s Pleasantville campus. “ Who the heck is “White” and why are people holding a vigil?

    The dead kid’s name was Danroy “DJ” Henry.

    Did I miss, in this mess of a news report, that someone else has died or did the reporter completely get the dead boy’s name wrong right in the middle of his/her own news story?

    If that’s the case, does have no proofreaders, no editors? Is there no staff at all? Does someone just phone this stuff in from the corner drugstore?

    OMG — 1010 Wins was no great source of news, and somebody was always playing jokes with the headlines, but I’m missing it badly now.

  25. MV says:

    Did they release the toxicology report? The student must have been very drunk (or high). Good thing he did not kill anyone.

    Tragedy all around

    1. We Want The Truth says:

      For allt he people calling him an animal, saying DJ was drunk or high, get your facts straight. He was a designated driver for the night. He didn’t drink anything at all and he doesn’t do drugs. I played with him and he was one of the best and kindest people I know. A lot of these reports are bull and the truth will come out. I was there, and yes he made a bad decision trying to leave when the cop knocked on his window. But there was no one “hanging off his hood” as the reports are saying and the other cop put his own life at risk by jumping in front of the car, then pulled his gun and shot. DJ was not intentionally trying to run him over. Funny how none of the eyewitness reports that completely conflict with what the cops are saying have been released. If you ask me it’s just another case of Mt. Pleasant and Pleasantville’s finest doing what they do best, profiling.

  26. JasonS says:

    Mike Parks, you are an idiot. If someone tried to run over a group of armed British cops, are you telling me they wouldn’t have done the same thing? I know this is going to REALLY shock you, but shooting tires out doesn’t stop a car and is pretty much pointless in a situation in which someone’s life is in danger because they’re on the hood of the car.

    As a recent immigrant to NY from England, you are no doubt as of yet unacquainted with the severity and frequency of “urban” crime here, these thugs will routinely kill each other – and innocent bystanders – over the most trivial issues. I will give you approximately 2 years of observing the daily news flow in New York before you come to the conclusion that in fact it’s a miracle that the cops don’t discharge their weapons more than they do.

    1. ee says:

      how dare you call someone’s child, their dead child, a thug? No one is saying that he made the right decision to try to leave but have some respect. You know nothing about him, so try not commenting on his character or so called “urban” crime. Take a second to stop kissing the cops’ butts because if it had been your relative that you had to now bury, you wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment.

  27. rebate says: all i can say is you must see for yourself.

  28. JasonS says:

    Let’s shed a little common sense on the issue here. Why on earth would cops open fire at a car, in front of hundreds of witnesses, for no reason, and then lie and say that the cop was on the hood?

    They have no motive whatsoever to do so, in fact shooting into a car that was, er, supposedly just driving off peacefully, would amount to first degree murder, to suggest that cops are going to do this in front of a crowd of witnesses is just plain stupid.

    The cops had good reason to shoot this kid. He is not a “fine upstanding member of the community,” he tried to run over a cop, just like the crack dealer Sean Bell. I have no doubt that there will be witnesses who will clear this up, as well as security camera footage of some sort. The usual cop haters will say anything to whip up anger.

  29. mark says:

    At least he won’t have any more chances to kill any more cops while using his car as a dangerous weapon.

    1. ee says:

      you’re an insensitive, poor excuse for a human.

  30. Mike Parks says:

    As a recent immigrant to NY from England, I have to say your Police seem far to quick to shoot their weapons. This wasn’t a gang fight at a crack den, this seems to have been a group of students making a stupid decision. Another young life wasted – couldn’t they have shot out the tyres – if they really needed to discharge their weapons????

  31. J says:

    I don’t see how the officer could have been clinging onto his hood at a time when he should have been killed upon impact if the car speeding towards him hit him. Something sounds fishy to me.???

  32. Educate says:

    Not true Deb. There is a difference between facts and reports. I think investigations are done for facts, reports can be done by me or you. Tell me again how an officer clinging to a hood can get his gun out of the holster and fire multiple accurate shots in a moving vehicle? Sounds unbelievable.

    1. Deb says:

      Educate, according to more than a dozen eye witness reports, it happened that way. PS, my husband was one of the officers at the scene after the shooting, therefore, I know my facts. JasonS, thank you for your statement, I could not have said it better. May god watch over the family of this man and grant them peace.

      1. We Want The Truth says:

        Your husband was there AFTER the shooting, not during. There was no cop “Hanging off the hood”. THis is just BS they’re saying to make it look justified. I was there and mine and atleast 15 other eyewitness reports completely conflict what the cops are saying happened. Why are none of these reports being released. Seems fishy to me if you ask

  33. Educate says:

    Let’s be respectful and not demonize anyone with the information from this poorly reported and slanted story. The kid was fatally wounded before the cop was hit by the car. He was not running down police.

    1. Deb says:

      Educate, you are correct that the incident has been poorly reported, but the facts of the story are that the officer was on the hood of the car, the car was moving and then the officer fired into the car to make the driver stop.

  34. STFU says:

    ex cop– its very humane of you calling a dead college student a moron, clearly you are the moron and need to get a clue.

  35. KL says:

    To clear up the story for all these blog posts and ‘jason’, this kid was not drunk and did not purposely run over the police officers. Maybe he shouild of made a better decision instead trying to leave the scene and just answered what the cop had to say. But this kid was far from a thug or an individual who would do something like this. Yes, alcohol was involved, yes the situation got really out of control after the first fight occured, but he was simply trying to leave the scene after the situation escalated. But for the record, the whole Pace community is mourning this lost. So please show a little sympathy for him and his family and the officers who were also hurt in this tragedy.

  36. poet says:

    shoulda slammed on the breaks then floored it again

  37. ex cop says:

    hey bob and property tax payer were you both there? No? I didn’t think so. So shut the hell up and get a clue. If the college morons knew how to behave and not act the jersey shore morons this would not have happened. Thats the problem this society gives praise to the morons by giving them a tv show and paying them lots of money to get drunk and act like aholes. Maybe you and taxpayer should get your own reality show. MORONS.

    1. Property Taxpayer says:

      Funny thing is I agree with nearly 100% of this. I didn’t ever imply that this was a bad shoot. I merely suggested that perhaps some slightly different action by ANY of the people involved could have prevented it. Including the kid and the cops. And forgive me for suspecting there might be a Keystone Kops element to this story, That was probably somewhat premature.

    2. bill says:

      hey ex cop “were you there? no? so shut the hell up”…u dnt think wen u talk do you?…you know nothing so go back to in the corner dumb fool

  38. Rene says:

    CBS New’s quality has taken a nose dive. They are more about advertising than reporting. This page refreshes before you have time to write a comment. There is so much more to this story. Someone is dead and this poor reporting leads to confusion, supposition, and rumor. What happened to the time when a reporter would be proud of their work? You fire your best reporters to save a buck and replace them with novices or automatons. Where is the follow up on this. Someone is dead.

  39. bob says:

    That’s the problem with these little Barney Fife towns. A fight breaks out and they reach for their guns. One cop shots and then they all start shooting.

    1. jason says:

      How about the idiot kid who drove drunk and injured an officer

      1. ee says:

        Funny, i didn’t see you there. He wasn’t even drinking, you moron. He was probably terrified that he was going to jail fo a fight he wasn’t involved in. Shut up about things you know nothing about.

    2. Deb says:

      Bob, most people who live in “Barney Fife towns” choose to do so because we wish our children to grow up with a sense of fairness and morals that are usually missing from most cities. As for the shooting, it is a tragedy that a life has been taken, but make no mistake this was not a child behind the wheel, but an adult. He chose to hit a police officer, then continue driving his car with the officer clinging to the hood of his car. Would you prefer the officer to let go, then fall in front of the moving car? It is a senseless tragedy, but there were choices being made last night. Danroy Henry (the individual’s name) made a rather bad choice and his life ended, but let us not forget that the officer also made a choice and he has to live the rest of his life knowing he ended a life, even if it was to possibly save someone elses. Next time you choose to disparage an incident you know nothing about, please take the time to consider all individuals involved.

  40. Steve says:

    MORNIC STATEMENTS bt PROPOERTY TAXPAYER – After a drunk driver attempts to kill several police with his speeding 2 ton weapon, they simply wave him by and let him go on this merry way. DUMB STATEMENTS! WHO KNOWS HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HE WOULD HAVE MOWED DOWN ON HIS WAY BACK TO CAMPUS! SO STUPID!!!!!

    1. Property Taxpayer says:

      guess you didn’t read the rest.

  41. Property Taxpayer says:

    Wow, this sounds eerily similar to the Sean Bell case. The one thing that sticks with me after things like this is that if the Police weren’t there, everyone would still be alive. There would have been a fight to be sure and potentially some injury but no deaths. Maybe just let the guy drive away and catch him later. It’s not like there’s not a ton of cops in the area. I’m sure they had his plate number at that point. He’s a Pace student, where’s he gonna go? I guess I wouldn’t like it if he drunk drove into my kids and I’d be asking why the cops hadn’t stopped him. He of course could have just taken his DWI and spent the night in jail like an adult. Plenty of blame to go around it sounds like. And plenty of tragedy and pain. Prayers to everyone.

    1. amen says:

      Well, given that the cop who shot him was trying to stay alive while rolling around on the hood of the car right after being hit, they really couldn’t wait until he drove away. But keep making up stuff like this off the top of your head, we’re listening….

    2. Pace Student- RIP DJ says:

      I AGREE!!! would it have been so bad to let the guy drive away rather than trying to block the car??? or is it more important to kill a person rather than letting them get away. and I agree with AR too… i’m caucasian but i know as well that if it was some white girl in the vehicle oppose to a black guy there’s no way in hell they would’ve shot her. there were a million other things they could’ve done aside from that. and they chose to kill as so many cops in New York love to do. this just happened to a kid a week ago, and of course we can’t forget Sean Bell which is exactly like this situation. God bless his soul!

  42. Jen says:

    Acutally, it was a Pleasantville cop who shot, after he was hit and was stuck on the hood of the speeding car that was not planning on stopping.

  43. JERRY COLLADO says:


  44. Property Taxpayer says:

    Was this the Mount Pleasant PD that did the shooting? Based on their abysmal botching of the Kristie Fischer case, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this was caused by them in some way. Time will tell I guess. Prepare for the inevitable stonewalling which will surely commence.

  45. Jen says:

    Sounds like the police officers that were mowed down by this idiotic kid were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel for ALL the families including the officers mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and children that have to worry everytime they leave for work that they may have to intervene when a MORON gets behind the wheel drunk and decides to use his vehicle as a WEAPON!

    1. former pace student says:

      first of all he wasnt drunk.. get ur facts straight

  46. KermitBlows says:

    Hey Kermit, Dont blame the cops, blame the animals that caused the cops to be called over there in the first place. If you animals knew how to behave and act like humans instead of savages, this poor boy would still be alive. The cops have a tough job and every day when I see one, I thank them for putting themselves in harms way whenever we call 911. If you dont like it… go move to another country.

    1. jason says:

      It should have been Kermit

  47. dee says:

    Seems like everyone knows information except the reporter.

  48. peter says:

    The dead suspect struck multiple cops with his vehicle, and was accelerating while another cop was on the hood, and then struck a police car.

  49. NLO says:

    How were you able to place blame on the cop? Were you there? Maybe you should talk to the P.D. and help clear things up!!!

  50. kermit says:

    this is tragic, and i blame the lack of information on the police involvement. no one wants to say that the cop made a mistake and killed an amazing person that wasn’t even involved in the fight that was going on. i hope this is thoroughly investigated and the officer responsible suffers the consequences of his actions. My heart aches for his friends and family.

    1. a says:

      My father works for the Pleasantvile PD and I know the officer who shot the student. If it happened to be my dad who was clinging onto that windshield, I would have wanted him to do whatever he had to do in order to protect himself and his fellow officers. The officer did what he had to do so don’t blame him. This kid obviously has some issues if he tried to run over officers who were just doing their job. I pray for all the families involved.

      1. former pace student says:


      2. ar says:

        you’re an idiot. there’s no need to KILL someone and he wasn’t even driving fast. were you there?? of course yoru DAD is going to tell you a nice story. cops cover for eachother all the time. if it was some white girl in that car you & i both know they wouldn’t have shot her four times. lets be real about it.

      3. People says:

        Well hes still wrong,,he needs to be tried , and if found guily, be sent to prison,,thats “THE LAW”..if its good for us then it should be good for them…

    2. BmoreFuzz says:

      That’s Monday morning quarterback speculation Kermit. Cops want to stay alive like everyone else and end their shift free of injuries. Article clearly states that several cops were hit by DJ’s vehicle resulting in 4 being injured, 2 of them for trauma.

      This wasn’t a Steven Segal movie brother so stop trying to sell that “us versus them” perspective. Blame the drunk disorderly animals fighting at that bar for causing a 50 Officer response at that signal 13 melee you ignorant moron.

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