Restaurant Owner Mauled By Pit Bulls In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (AP) — A restaurant owner was attacked by three pit bulls when he entered a fenced in yard in Brooklyn while passing out menus.

The man’s daughter told the Daily News that the man had his earlobe chewed off and his legs, arm and head bitten by the 3-year-old dogs in Brooklyn Sunday morning.

A “Beware of Dogs” sign was posted near the fence. The daughter said her father, who’s Chinese, couldn’t read the sign.

The home owner was able to pull the dogs off. The Fire Department says it transported the man to Kings County Hospital.

The home owner told the paper that one dog died — probably from a heart attack — while in the custody of the city’s Animal Care and Control Center.

No charges have been filed.

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  1. cygon says:

    he may have been stupid but the man was trying to earn a living. imagine THE OWNER distributing leaflets. that is a hardworking man. don’t knock him. but are the menus in english?

  2. al morrow says:

    Just wait for the ambulance chasers and the lawsuit of not having a Chinese beware of dog sign. This is the perfect reason of why ENGRISH needs to be the national language

  3. bullenbeisser says:

    Headlines that scream about maulings by pit bulls contribute to hysteria that leads to prejudice against these wonderful dogs. CBS, please rethink your copywriting. Would you publish a headline that says “Tourists Mugged By Black Man?”

    This dog owner should sue the city for the death of his dog. The guy who was attacked was trespassing. The dogs re not to blame for this.

    1. Scott R says:

      @bullenbeisser: You got that exactly right.

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