NYC Creates Suggestion Box For Money Saving Tips

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — City Hall wants you to tell them how to save money.

New York City has created an electronic “suggestion box” on its website that will allow users to send in their ideas.

Some people, however, were irritated that the city they think often wastes money would dare ask for anything.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman took to the streets for some feedback.

“Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should resign,” one woman said, “he’s not a mayor, he’s a king.”

Ironically, it was Bloomberg’s new Deputy Mayor of Operations, Stephen Goldsmith, a  former mayor of Indianapolis, who came up with the idea.

Have a Suggestion?  Submit it Here

Goldsmith said the suggestion box was designed to elicit ideas on a number of fronts.

“How can we make your neighborhood a better place, how can we save money, how can we be more efficient,” Goldsmith said. “Folks who are closest to the work or closest to the neighborhood know best how to improve their lives.”

Unfortunately for the city, some of the suggestions seemed to have touched a nerve about who has been managing things in the first place.

One man who spoke to 1010 WINS’ Senior Correspondent Stan Brooks suggested cutting city salaries.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks talks with residents about their suggestions

“The city employees are making too much money compared to what the private,” he said. “The problem is if you work for a private employer, you have to face competition. If you work for the government or in a public position, you have no competition.”

“Definitely we need to stop with this corruption man. If we could just stop the corruption in the government, we’d have a surplus of money,” another New Yorker said.

The city said the number of suggestions jumped from 12 on Monday to nearly 300 on Tuesday.


One Comment

  1. cxb says:

    I can list over 500 million examples of PURE WASTE by the Bloomberg Administration. EX: $30 MILLION to put Bloomberg’s name on EVERYTHING? (ex: when you cross the Williamsburg Bridge INTO manhattan, WHY do they need to have a giant sign letting people know who the mayor of MANHATTAN is?) (ex: why in so many govt bldgs is Bloomberg’s name on EVERY DOOR???)

    But if you BELIEVE Goldsmith, you are a fool.

    This is a HOAX ike everything else this crooked mayor has done.

  2. Moses says:

    1. The new license plate, driver’s I.D. and the new voting machine, unnecessary expense, I didn’t want that, I was never asked. I hated that “new way to vote”, it did not tell me who was who for which party, that has to be more paper, and I kept on getting “error, error”! Who cares about a heart and a flag on their I.D., it does the same thing! I have always prefered the license with the statue of liberty in the background, why are you guys changing it again? I thought people in jail do that type of stuff for cents, what happened to that plan? Next time you want to make changes like this, put it in a proposal.

    2. Stop watering the grass on rainy days, don’t water the grass after alot of rain, that makes no sense. Crack down on the hydrant laws, we have to pay for the parks, make our neighbors use the park sprinklers.

    3. Fire and hire a better team of people for “checks and balances”, your math is wrong. With all the ridiculous tickets, taxes, and prices how are your still short, you are sucking at your job. Pizza, baseball tickets, golf days, and nights at the Waldoff should not be on New Yorkers things to pay list! You might as well hire me for that job, perhaps something was missed. How is it we have no money, yet you building up a new regional park, your math is so wrong man! You say there is no money, but we see you doing otherwise. There is no money for schools we have to cut programs, yet you build new ones, not high schools, but more elementaries. There is a mta deficit, yet you build bus stop’s for ghost service. You are supposenly working for free, big discount to New Yorker’s, how, when, where. Obviously not, where still out billions; yet your income bracket hasn’t faltered. Someone is not checking the checks and balances correctly.

    4. Stop Repaving Roads That Do Not Have To Be Fixed! It is so annoying to see roads, that don’t need the attention, or are not even used that much so are not priority to be fixed; yet, there are other roads that have always needed the attention and nothing is done. Examples Flatbush, atlantic, flatlands, e houston, many.

    5. Crack down on hospitals calling ambulances for patients who really need ambulettes, or even a cab. That is a big waste of money.

    6. Turn off lights. How many times have I gones by a scaffolding building with those small lights on, or passed by a building and lights where on and nobody inside. Hey, even Vegas turns there lights off

    7. Stop outsourcing so much, make things more nyc made, grown and employed. New Yorkers need the jobs; they don’t mind supporting their neighborhoods.

  3. John Goetz says:

    Fire the mayor.

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