Slain Pace Student’s Teammate Appears In Court

Police Expected To Offer First Update On Situation

VALHALLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A defense lawyer is questioning the criminal mischief charge against a college quarterback accused of breaking a store window after a teammate was shot to death by suburban New York police.

The Pace quarterback, Joseph Romanick, of Slidell, La., entered no plea during a brief appearance Thursday in Mount Pleasant Town Court.

LISTEN:WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi on the arraignment
WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi with comments from the family’s attorney

His attorney, Richard Vercollone, said a deposition attached to the criminal complaint does not appear to support the charge.

The deposition, signed by a witness, does not make clear that the window was broken on purpose.

Romanick left the courthouse with Pace University coach Chris Dapolito. Neither would discuss the case. Pace has canceled its Saturday game against Bentley University.

Danroy Henry, of Easton, Mass., was killed early Sunday after police were called to a disturbance that spilled out of a Thornwood, N.Y., bar.

Police have said that Henry, a 20-year-old Pace University student, sped away and hit two officers after a policeman knocked on his car window. His family’s attorney said eyewitnesses have contradicted that account.

Attorney Michael Sussman said paramedics ignored the handcuffed and dying football player and attended to injured officers for several minutes.

Brandon Cox, who was grazed by a police bullet, left the car under his own power after the shooting, then realized no one was helping Henry, Sussman said.

“He saw the police come to the vehicle, drag his friend out, handcuff his friend, lay his friend head-down on the ground, and no help was coming,” Sussman said.

When paramedics arrived and began tending to the officers, Cox began screaming: “We’ve been shot! We’ve been shot!” Twelve to 15 minutes passed before Henry received medical help, according to Cox, Sussman said.

Messages seeking comment on the paramedic’s actions were left with a spokesman for the Westchester County police, which made the arrests. Sussman did not know which ambulance company answered the call, and a Mount Pleasant police dispatcher said the department uses several companies.

Mount Pleasant police Chief Louis Alagno, who is investigating the shooting with state police, did not return a call seeking comment. Alagno said Monday that Henry was handcuffed until officers realized he was gravely wounded, then was uncuffed and treated.

The lawyer for three of Henry’s other teammates said they had been brutalized by officers and arrested when they tried to help their mortally wounded friend. One player knows CPR and begged the police to let him try to save Henry, but instead ‘they put a gun to his ribs and they told him to back … up or he would be next,” said attorney Bonita Zelman.

She said the other two teammates were zapped with stun guns when they tried to intervene. They said Henry “was on the pavement, handcuffed and dying, and no one was helping him,” she said.

Westchester police spokesman Kieran O’Leary said one of Zelman’s clients, Yves Delpeche of Brooklyn, had to be subdued with a stun gun. But O’Leary said the department had received no formal complaint regarding excessive force.

Zelman did not make allegations against specific officers, claiming some of them covered their badges.

Besides Delpeche, Zelman represents Daniel Parker, of Lauderhill, Fla., and Joseph Garcia, of Floral Park, N.Y. O’Leary said Tuesday that all three were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction. Parker and Delpeche also were charged with resisting arrest. All were interfering with getting medical aid to the injured, O’Leary said.

They deny any wrongdoing.

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One Comment

  1. dtr87 says:

    Lets use common sense…after the shooting, in regards to the officer with his gun out. A shooting just occurred. Does he know, who shot at who? Why the other officer shot? If there are guns in the car involved? Was there someone with a gun? It is now a crime scene. Just bc people want to help, are they allowed to just do whatever they want? Can they go through the guys car? Can they just make up there own laws and disregard what the police are telling them?

  2. rex39 says:

    And for those to make this about race? The windows were all blacked out…the front windshield with the strip across…At night in 3 seconds, do you really think the cop knew what color the people in the car were?

  3. sk says:

    I think cops are getting themseves in to trouble by going to these bad neighborhhods. No matter what the cops are seen as the bad guys. Criminals get away w/ what ever they want b/c the cops are always wrong All these peole nothing wrong? . If a cop was the one who was killed that would be OK w/ poeple in these neighborhoods. It would still be the cops fault, right?

  4. Nick says:

    Yes. It’s totally the Poh-lise’s fault! They should not be over reacting so. Just cause a coupla bro’s tries to run them over with a big ol car.

    Just pass a law barring police from those neighborhoods already. Let’s these More-Ons rot. And it’ll save taxpayers the cost of these imbecilic lawsuits.

  5. UGk says:

    Here we go again.
    Give it up people. The Police will be acquitted.
    These incidents are deliberately engineered by the government to incite riots
    so that the armed guard can declare martial law.
    The public will have to decide what they are going to do about this. Either say nothing or take law into your own hands regarding Police nonsense. This is the choice Americans are going to have to make

  6. Ashley says:

    you’re all disgusting and disgraceful.. check your own values.. these cops shot at a young 20 year old college student and than pulled their weapons on other college students.. trigger happy wanna-be cops, nothing more.. they don’t deserve to have a weapon, I say take their badges.. despite the stories here is the bottom line: they shot and killed a kid who did nothing wrong, for no reason.. he never hit anyone I go to Pace that parking lot is not large there is no way he accelerate so the police need to stop lying

  7. Unbelievable says:

    The cops were 100% wrong. They over reacted and shot at 3 good kids. Every single one of those kids were great kids, great students, and great athletics. Never have done anything wrong. To add to this, they said he sped off, but yet everything happened within 50 feet and 15 seconds. Please tell me how someone can speed off in 50 feet? So for those who said they just want a pay check, think again. Would you really rather lose a best friend and have a paycheck? I don’t think so. The four kids who were arrested were arrested because they tried to help the young man on the floor, who the police let DIE on the floor. So before you go ahead and start running your mouths, keep your comments to yourself. There are people who lost a child, friend, classmate, and/or teammate who will read this. Cops are not always right.

  8. Eric says:

    a group of soaps..
    Oh look..another law suit against cops.

    what else is considered NEWS.

  9. PointOfView says:

    This sounds like a gross overuse of tasers and deadly force.

    1. DanTe says:

      Yeah. Imagine that. Police shooting at folks who runs them over. WHAT A CONCEPT.

  10. The Good Samaritan says:

    sam the cops did their job

    1. Sam says:

      I did not say the cops did not do their job. They were trying to control the scene the way I see it. I said I did not believe the witnesses and thought their stories are a bit embellished.

  11. DanTe says:

    CPR on bullet holes??? Pace taught them Stupid, huh?

  12. Sam says:

    I don’t believe the friends story for one minute The cops stopped him from helping his shot friend and they told him he would be next and end up like his friend. i think they are making up stories so they can get a nice big fat paycheck. One of the witness said his friend thought the cop wanted him to move his car (and the copy was like run me over while you are at it). Give me a break, they were trying to book out there and ran down two cops trying.

  13. The Good Samaritan says:

    Did Pace University suspend these football players for their arrests for disorderly conduct,reissting arrest etc?

    If the don’t it will be a double standard since colleges suspend players that are arrested.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  14. The Good Samaritan says:

    Did Pace University suspend these football players for their arrests for disorderly conduct,reissting arrest etc?

    If the don’t it will be a double standard since colleges suspend players that are arrested.

    1. Bee says:

      Good Samaritan..obviously you have read nothing about this case, or you are just stupid.

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