NYPD Mobilizes To Find Elderly Woman’s Attacker

East New York 78-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted, Robbed At Home

By Pablo Guzman, CBS 2 HD News

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Imagine waking up before 5:30 in the morning because you hear someone in the house. You are a 78-year-old woman. You also happen to be a 78-year-old white woman who has stayed in the same East New York neighborhood for decades, even as it changed all around you; because this is where your roots are, where your best memories are.

And, because, it is your home.

Now imagine that after you beg the intruder not to hurt you, and you offer him what little you have, just, please, go away — he takes your money, takes two cell phones and then, sexually assaults you.

Imagine after all that, one more thing: that about two hours after attacking you, and you’re in the hospital, this useless piece of work calls your son from a number in one of the cell phones and makes him an offer.

To buy the phones back.

Except, this is not just a flight of imagination, this really happened.

Police sources tell CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman the suspect is in his 30s and said to be “very skinny,” an African-American male with light-skin with “a twist in his hair that’s a popular style on the street.” He was wearing blue jeans and had on a hoodie, the color unknown.

Guzman went to the woman’s house. A man who refused to open the door said he had nothing to say. It was understandable.

About two hours after the woman was attacked, her son got that call “offering” to sell the cell phones back to him. Of course, by then, detectives from the 75th Precinct were already involved. Arrangements were made for an exchange around New Lots Avenue and Stone Avenue in Brownsville. Police closed in on a woman. She had the two phones, but, of course, “I have no idea how they got there. I don’t know whose phones they are! Somebody told me to wait here!” came out of her mouth. She is about 22, Guzman learned.

As they were taking her away, a detective spotted someone in the distance nervously moving. In that way when someone is about to run. He matched the description of the low-life they really wanted.

The cops moved. The suspect took off. Police called for major backup. For hours, that part of Brooklyn was swarming with police. But for now, he got away.

If you know anything about this type of story, you know he’s not getting far. For one thing, there’s that woman. For another: they’ve already triangulated where he made that call from.

Unfortunately, even his arrest is not going to erase what that elderly woman has gone through – a woman who did not give upon her neighborhood.


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  1. shelby says:

    cbs u should remove the comment above from Ashamed,I notice the reply and report comment link is missing

  2. shelby says:

    I friend of mine lived in that neighborhood in the 60’s and 70’s it was bad then.It got bad when the mob moved out. Robert don’t feel bad about being white,I don’t. The message to this poor women is, its time to move..

  3. NN says:

    this is not race or not. but the truth is BLACK create so many problem in US

  4. Al Sharp says:

    @fabi. First of all kudos to the writer of this article for not being a politically correct. Fabi, this was a case of the elderly white woman being sexually assaulted by the black animal in this case. I’m sure that there are plenty of white animals out there as well. Less in East New York, more in Chelsey probably.
    As for now, you can take your boyfriend for a road trip and expand your horizons. Regards. Al Sharp.

  5. fabi says:

    Wow.Is this writer a racist or what??? My black friend and I live in a tony building in Chelsea. Not too long ago a white guy murdered another white guy there. “Imagine that.” Maybe I should tell my friend to move out of Chelsea before the white guys murder her too. Your’e an ARSE!

  6. N says:

    It’s tragic what happened and hopefully the assailant will be caught.
    It’s also tragic how poorly this story is written. And note the comment under the Sexual Assault picture states “Sexual Assault Generic”.

  7. Sarah O says:

    “You are a 78-year-old woman. You also happen to be a 78-year-old white woman..” Who cares if she was white???! Would it make a difference if she was of a different race?

    1. appalled by it all says:

      So horrible what happened to her,but the racism that still prevails is also horrible…

      1. NN says:

        come on , no matter how u deny , there is racism problem. but all we know that THE BLACK create so so many many crimes and all those nasty things in US. this is also a fact , a truth that no one can deny it. if they are good, no one will bother to complain, right!

    2. Robert Paulsen says:

      That was very strange. When I read it I stoped, and felt a little ashamed, for being white.

      1. Ashamed of yourself? You're right! Do something about it. says:

        Hey, Robert. Stop being ashamed and do something about it. Suicide is a viable option. Preferably before you’d spawned and further infest the gene pool.

    3. pablo guzman says:

      From Pablo: Normally, I would omit the black/white thing. My point here was, this is a woman who stayed in the neighborhood, from a time when it was much more diverse. If we’ve ever grown up in those neighborhoods — as I have — and returned — as I do — then you know what I mean. There is a certain poignancy there. I was asking you to look at one more dimension of this human tragedy. Which could have happened to my mom. Or yours. Not, “she’s white. It should not have happened.” Sorry you took that from the story.

  8. Z says:

    toss this guy and the two from CT in a hole about 20 feet deep and about 5 feet wide. toss in a grenade. fill the hole, plant a tree.

  9. JasonS says:

    Let me the first to say that I hope they catch this sub-human primate as soon as possible. Getting sick of these thugs. Kill em all!

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