Spitzer Denied Membership To Harvard Club

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) — Ex-New York governor Eliot Spitzer has been snubbed by the Harvard Club.

His spokeswoman Linda Linden tells The New York Times that Spitzer was disappointed that his application for membership to the club in New York City was rejected. She noted that the school had asked him to speak last year and Spitzer gives financially to Harvard.

Spitzer graduated from Harvard Law School in 1984.

The club has declined to comment.

Spitzer resigned as governor in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal. This month, he joined CNN as a commentator.

The Harvard Club has more than 11,000 members. Membership is open to alumni and people with ties to the university. They must undergo an interview process before an admissions committee.

The club was established in 1887 and is currently located in adjoining buildings at 27 and 35 W. 44th Street in Manhattan.


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  1. Sy Sperling says:

    He is more than welcome to join the Hair Club for Men.

  2. Richard T. says:

    Our former governor should just know when to call it quits. He disgraced his position and embarrassed us clear around the globe. Bow out gracefully and pay the required attention to your wife and family.

  3. Lisa W. says:

    Spitzer does not know how to leave the stage gracefully.

  4. Nemesis xyz says:

    Russia is almost 3x the size of the U.S. Why he was even allowed to immigrate to the U.S. totally confounds me. If anything, deport him. There are lots of Millionaires in Russia nowadays, no need to rape the U.S. of megabucks.

    1. Me says:

      you’re an idiot…

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