Police ID Driver Killed In Multi-Vehicle NJ Crash

ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) — Police have identified the driver of a pickup truck killed Wednesday afternoon in a crash that snarled traffic in northern New Jersey for hours.

State Police say 51-year-old Long Branch resident Sebastiao Braga’s vehicle was hit by one tractor-trailer and pushed into two others, causing it to catch on fire.

Keith Waters of Camden County, the driver of the tractor-trailer, has not been charged but an investigation is continuing.

The accident occurred on the southbound New Jersey Turnpike near Newark Liberty International Airport. Traffic on Interstate 78, Route 280 and numerous other smaller roads was affected for several hours after authorities shut down the turnpike’s truck lanes.

Three other trucks and three passenger vehicles also were involved.

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  1. Sue says:

    Jen. While I realize that sometimes car drivers are at fault in accidents and near accidents, I drive these roads all the time, especially 78 and the NJ turnpike. I have seen many more times where Big Rigs, despite their weight, are tailgating-sometimes with as little as 10 feet between their nose and the bumper in front of them, weaving in and out of traffic as if they were driving a small car, driving in the third lane, going way over the speed limit, texting while driving, reading a newspaper or book, shaving, holding dogs on their lap, and many other things that point to irresponsible driving on the part of the so called professional driver. The Big Rigs are often badly maintained with retread tires blowing off all over the roads, creating their own traffic hazard, brakes that are obviously not well maintained, bodies that are falling apart, and somehow they still manage to be on the road. Police often ignore a truck going well over the speed limit and chase a car instead.
    I have witnessed many accidents in over two million miles of driving and many of them were caused by truck drivers being way too aggressive on the road. I realize you are under major time constraints and pressures from companies that you are hauling for and I do put a lot of blame on a system that forces drivers to have to drive in an unprofessional manner to make deadlines, however this does not excuse bad driving for the cause of ruining someone or many people’s lives. All drivers should take a look at themselves and realize that driving too aggressively and distractedly kills!

  2. DanTe says:

    Always a twit that cuts off a truck, expecting tons of moving metal to stop on a dime.

  3. jen says:

    i drive big rigs and they are not easy to stop on a dime. 4 wheelers need to be put through big rig schools to see how it is for us drivers who have to try to slam on breaks from not hitting the darted arse people who cut us off and not have the trailer swing around and hit other 4 wheelers or have them run into the trailer as it swings. but all 4 wheelers need to get behind the wheel or go for a week long ride to see how different it is. Since I have been driving big rigs when i get into my car i drive differently around them now that i know what they have to go through.
    I have had a lot of people cut me off and slam on their breaks in front of me. It’s not easy to stop a 48,000lb vehicle. thank god i havnt hit anything yet and god forbid i will never hit something! I feel sorry for the guy and his family who lost his life. my thoughts and prayers are with you all through this difficult time

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