How To Winterize Your Home

MAPLEWOOD, N.J. (CBS 2) — As temperatures start to drop, homeowners will have to winterize as CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reports.

Triza Quito of Maplewood, N.J. lives in a house so drafty that she put plastic over her windows.

“Um, even though the heat is up, you can feel the cold drafts coming in,” Quito said.

But a spray of insulation is exactly what she needs, said Tom Wolfe, a home improvement expert.

“This is an insulation filler, that when you spray it in those gaps, it expands and fills all the cracks,” Wolfe said. “We’re having air come through here, and we want to fill this in.”

Within seconds, the gap is filled and air can’t get in.

“Fifty percent of your energy bill is due to heating and cooling being released from your house,” Wolfe said.

Testing the insulation spray is in the store is one thing, but it’s easier to understand when seen on an actual home.

Homeowners can also us a hair drier to smooth out that plastic over home windows. It’s a film, sold as a kid, to stop cold drafts.

And the average window, believe it or not, saves $17 a year, when done this way.

A programmable thermostat is another quick fix that’ll save homeowners money. You can set the time to turn for when your heat goes on and off.

When you’re at work, you don’t need to have the heat on when you’re not there, but a half hour before you come home, you set up the heat so that it comes on.

But experts say the biggest loss of heat may be at your front door. A double draft stop can be the solution.

“It’s one of the easiest things we have, and for $7, it does wonders. It seems easy. It is,” Wolfe said.

If you place the draft stop, filled with foam tubing under the door and closing it, you can notice the difference immediately—a solution for Quito, who needs all the help she can get.

“Yeah, I definitely do, I’m from California,” Quito said.

Another recommendation is if you have a central air furnace, change the filter. Changing the filter will help it run more efficiently, saving money on your energy bill.


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  1. mike says:

    One of the most overlooked areas is your water softener systems. We need to take a look at them and make sure that they are in in a cold enough area to freeze. Will cause a major problem. Great article

  2. Harry D. says:

    The best thing we ever did was to install low-e window film from SnapTint. The window films are relatively inexpensive and we easy for us to install ourselves in one afternoon. The film work by reflecting the radiant heat, that would normally go straight out the window, back into your rooms. We noticed a big difference in how much warmer our house stayed and how much lower our heating bill was. Check out SnapTint’s website for more information at

  3. DanTe says:

    I LOVE WINTER. That’s when the environmentally correct, brainless libturds tries to impress you with their environmentally “friendly” gadgets (that’s produced cheaply in 3rd world cesspools that just spews out the waste into the environment). And all the while, they have the heat in their homes cranked up to 75F or higher.

    Here’s a better idea to stop global warming. Humanoids produces CO2, the greenhouse gas with every breath. Just reduce the brainless ones (libturds) into bio fuel. It’s a WIN WIN: Bio fuels AND reduced CO2 emissions!

  4. Dan says:

    There are so many different ways to reduce heating usage in the home. The challenge for many is the perception that only expensive and complex and ‘too hard for me to do’ approaches to reducing heating bills, electric bills and even water bills.

    There are literally hundreds and hundreds of simple and no cost / low cost ways to reduce a home’s energy and water costs.

    There are many collections of money saving energy saving ideas available for anyone’s use.

    This free collection, as an example, contains more than 530 energy saving and water saving ideas for any household, of which:

    – 440+ are simple and easy to do
    – 300+ cost absolutely no money
    – 125+ cost next to nothing
    – 145+ clean water saving tips
    – 115+ electricity savings tips
    – 110+ winter heating savings tips

    Start with the no cost and simple ideas. Then with the initial money saved on slightly reduced utiity bills see which of the low cost and simple ideas are applicable to one’s own home. And so on.

    Combining both lower cost of energy plus reduced energy usage can add up to a lot of money saved.

    I hope this helps,

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