Protected: LEGAL HOLD: DO NOT DELETE – Investigators Suspect Arson In Flushing Fire

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  1. pat says:

    You mean to tell me that the world of “shady” immigration offices in the ghetto can be dangerous???? In this day and age in NYC? I’m shocked.

  2. Nemesis daf says:

    Normally I would say it’s another shyster lawyer that got what it deserved. But the building next to was recently torched also. So I would say it’s a gang shake down.

  3. Nemesis xyz says:

    Earth is truly the Death Star. Get me off of this planet, now!!

    1. Nemesis daf says:

      To Nemesis:

      Just wear “special sneakers” and “special jumpsuits”. Than wait for a passing comet and drink cyanide. It’s worked before, no reason why it wouldn’t work for you now.

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