Protected: LEGAL HOLD: DO NOT DELETE – Investigators Suspect Arson In Flushing Fire

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  • pat

    You mean to tell me that the world of “shady” immigration offices in the ghetto can be dangerous???? In this day and age in NYC? I’m shocked.

  • Nemesis daf

    Normally I would say it’s another shyster lawyer that got what it deserved. But the building next to was recently torched also. So I would say it’s a gang shake down.

  • Nemesis xyz

    Earth is truly the Death Star. Get me off of this planet, now!!

    • Nemesis daf

      To Nemesis:

      Just wear “special sneakers” and “special jumpsuits”. Than wait for a passing comet and drink cyanide. It’s worked before, no reason why it wouldn’t work for you now.

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