Art Lovers Help New York’s Homeless Animals

Inspired by the 2000 Cows On Parade exhibit in New York City, Art Dogs & Cats of NY is a unique exhibit that features twelve stone-cast dog and cat statues, hand-painted by local emerging artists.

Among the works are Identity Crisis by Elliott DeCesare, The Gilded Dog by Garry Grant, Mixed Media Meow by Jane Sangerman, and The Trojan Cat by Vicki Khuzami.

The statues were recently featured at a SOHO auction to benefit five Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals’( Participating Organizations: A Tail at a Time, Bideawee, Ready for Rescue , Stray from the Heart, and Waggin’ Train Rescue.

1010WINS News Anchor Susan Richard ( checked out this night of art for a cause in the latest edition of All For Animals.


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  1. RichieT says:

    I have a cat that Ive heard a kind of whine a couple outside a couple of times. One day she was in my house She must have come through my back door one day when I had left it open. When I came home I saw her in the house, she kind of freaked out. As soon as I opened the front door she ran out. Yesterday in all the heat, she was under a piece of plywood I had leaning against my stoop. I brought her some water. She decided to move in. Last night she was laying in my lap while I was on-line. She slept in bed with me. It’s a pretty unique way to deal with an abandoned cat, but it worked

  2. pinuprescuecats says:

    Art is a great way to expose and create awareness about homeless pets. Did you know that many adoptable homeless cats and dogs are euthanized at the NYCC?

  3. Ted David says:


    No one should legislate to others how they spend their money and on what, when it comes to charity. There is room for cancer, diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s, the homeless and yes, animals too.

  4. Jeff Malone says:

    Next, they should create life-sized pigs to paint and embellish and line them up in front of the proposed site for the new Uber-Mosque! A donation of art…

  5. Susan Richard says:

    No one is saying you should not help homeless people, or that you should help animals at the expense of people. All charitable giving is good. All of it. This report simply highlights one effort to assist several animal rescue organizations In New York City, and offers it as an opportunity for those who might be interested. That’s all. No one is telling anyone what to do with their money or time.

  6. Mo says:

    Please don’t tell us which charities we are to spend our money on, if we want to help animals it’s none of your business. Who are you to tell us we must help homeless people instead of animals ? And what do you spend your money on, I bet you don’t give a single cent to charities ! And if you do, I won’t come and tell you who or what cause to spend it on, it’s entirely your choice, so don’t you dare patronize or berate me !!!

  7. Blessings says:

    Are homeless life less valuable than homeless animals?

  8. saturnina says:

    Good luck and gods Blessings with your work and hope there will be more people and groups working towards the helpless and homeless annimals and people.involve more children to participate as they get exposure and see the hurt of others

  9. Diana L says:

    Bob-there are not for profits,organizations, and individuals helping homeless people.
    Open your mind; animals are helpless, what a beautiful and humble thing to reach out to the helpless. There is room in this world for all sorts of charity.

  10. Great Idea says:

    Animals are part of God’s beautiful creation too- This is an awesome idea! Thank you!! 🙂

  11. bob barker says:

    what would be great and i do MEAN great…. HELP HOMELESS PEOPLE BEFORE DAMN ANIMALS

    1. Bob says:

      What do you do to help homeless people?

  12. Susan Richard says:

    @Sydelle: Yes… that’s a great idea! Thanks for watching the video!

  13. Sydelle says:

    What a wonderful idea! They should make smaller versions for people with limited space to buy.

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