Metro-North, LIRR Drinks May Get More Expensive

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Cocktail hour on the suburban commuter rail lines was likely to get a little more expensive Monday.

An MTA committee was expected to vote on a proposal to charge 25 cents more for drinks on bar cars and at platform concession carts on the Long Island Railroad and Metro-North.

If approved, a glass of wine would go to $5.75 and the price of a beer would rise to $4.75.

Riders would also pay more for bottled water and soda.


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  1. bam says:

    Brilliant, brilliant idea. Keep serving liquor to the drunks. They are so loud and out of control that they are clueless anyway that you are charging them more for the drinks. And what to do with the extra money? Just line the union pockets or throw it at Helena’s Penn Station beatification Project that no one cares about…then cry budget crisis again and add in another fare increase to the daily commuters…no problem…there is no oversight…who cares, right? No one is watching, Helena and Jay just do whatever they want. The governor, the senators, the congress all look the other way, it seems….as this MTA/LIRR cowboy operation charade goes on and on. But I digress, back to the drunks….NOW, they get off at their stations, totally inebriated, and so then they just get into their CARS, and DRIVE ON OUR ROADS….very nice. Another brilliant idea brought to you by the LIRR and rubber stamped by the Governor.

  2. wayne serbin says:

    Maybe commuters should purchase their liquor to go at some 8th ave. liiquor store. It might be cheaper.

  3. aikoaiko3 says:

    Keep a cold six-pack at work, bring one or two on the train with you instead of $4.75 for a just-chilled watery Coors Light.

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