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Report: NYC Toll Hike May Take Cars Off Road

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / 1010 WINS / WCBS 880) — A report out Monday said hundreds of thousands of City drivers might park their cars for good if a proposed bridge and tunnel toll hike goes through.

The AAA told the Daily News that an estimated 180,000 drivers could decide not to renew their registrations if tolls go up next year.

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That’s based on a registration dip after a previous toll hike.

The MTA board was expected to vote on those toll hikes on Wednesday.

E-ZPass users face a 5-percent hike while drivers paying cash would pay 18-percent more.

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  • testy11

    pat, the smart NYers live in JC and Hoboken, so they don’t have to pay NYC income tax of 4%.

  • pat

    No wonder the Jersey City and Hoboken skyline gets bigger everyday.

  • NYSmike

    Ahhh…they did this with smokers, now it is time for drivers. Soon it will be those drinking soda and other sugary soft-drinks. Is your time coming next????

  • scott


    • Devenio

      Not sure what Bloomberg has to do with the MTA. He has no voice in the MTA.

  • scott


  • Cos

    Sorry…. I didn’t mean to misspell your neame…

  • Cos

    Devanio: I did the numbers on this already… Just on the subways alone, the MTA pulls in over 1.2 billion dollars a year…. This didn’t take into account weekends. Nor does it include MTA/Metro North Lines or Bridges and Tunnels. You can do the research yourself… I encourage you to google it and you’ll see what I mean…. With all that money made – and remember, the bridges have already been paid for 10 times over – where’s the money going…?

    • Devenio

      Cos: Do you really thing that 1.2 billion is enough to fund the MTA? Maybe 1.2 billion a month. Do you have any idea what operation cost are for the MTA – not including labor? Just upkeep alone is more that 1.2 billion.

    • Michael Z

      We have to stop what is happening here in New York as far as Tolls
      We are allowing them to raise these tolls and we just accept it. No we don’t
      Have to accept it. The Verazzano bridge $ 11.00 dollars to cross. They are talkinh
      About charging both ways and raising the toll. What do we do about it nothing!
      Come on people. We have to continue what the tea party is starting. If these
      Tolls don’t start going down like they were supposed to. We as a people must
      Do something. Write to these people let them know they can’t just shove it down
      Out throats. Protest we can show we mean buisness by closing these bridges down
      By showing up in the thousands! Let’s all come together and take back from these corrupt people making our life,s worse. Don’t take it!

  • Devenio

    Here a solutuon: Closed down the MTA. Stop all trains, buses and close the bridges. I bet you people complaining will be more than willing to pay whatever to get to work if that happened. Do you really thing $2.50 is enough to fund the largest transportation agency in the WORLD? No ever close.

  • testy11

    Time for competition. Split up Port Authority, let the bridges and tunnels compete for customers. Split up JFK & Newark. When people have choices, things will happen. Until then, the crooks will line their pocket.

  • Steven B.

    I commute from LI to White Plains everyday. I think $11 a day for bridges is absolutely ridiculously given these bridges have been paid for numerous times over and over. I believe the MTA uses these much of these funds to line their pockets to pay overtime for employees who don’t deserve it. These bridges are a almost a pure profit cash cow.

    It’s time for the government to come in and take over the MTA. The people can not afford another fare hike given salaries have not kept up with inflation. 18% toll hike is absolutely ludicrous!!!!!

  • CSI

    They are already raising subway. Time for toll now. Kevin if it’s almost free then you wouldn’t mind taking the subway then. It will save you money.

  • good news

    Good, then watch them leave NYC and move to NJ to open offices and then what will you do…idoits

  • Bob O'Bob

    I left.

  • jersey boy

    don’t work in nyc. don’t live in nyc. not like folks don’t have a choice. don’t like it, leave….

  • shawn falco

    mta is crook. these top level exec. are living lux life on our tax and toll money. shame on mta.

  • kevin

    Raise The subways.. There almost free compared to HAVING to own a car

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