Westchester Bear Hunt Ends In Capture

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A bear on the loose in the wilds of Westchester has been caught.

The small male was estimated at about 150 pounds and was caught in a special trap that was set in the woods in Armonk.

Authorities believe it was the same bear that was spotted in and out of garbage cans and backyards around the region for the last three months.

Wildlife experts were glad the bear hunt was over. “We were getting worried about Halloween is right around the corner, and we didn’t want to have a bunch of kids roaming around town on Halloween and worrying where would they encounter a bear somewhere,” said Guy Mezzancello, North Castle Town Supervisor.

The animal was to be tagged and then set free in a more bear-friendly area.


One Comment

  1. billy d says:

    If FTR had a clue, he or she would realize that Armonk is content. Sore friggin looser.

  2. Former Town Resident says:

    If the town had a CLUE, Guy Mezz WOULD be Town Supervisor. I guess Armonk is content with its static, “slow and steady … never quite finishes the race” leadership mentality.

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