Convicted Killer Found Dead In Long Island Jail Cell

EAST MEADOW, NY (AP / WCBS 880/ 1010 WINS) – Hours after being convicted in a 2004 murder-for-hire plot, a Long Island man apparently committed suicide inside his jail cell.

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Nassau County police say 29-year-old Herve Jeannot was found hanging by a bedsheet inside his cell at the county jail in East Meadow at about 11:45 p.m. Tuesday. He was pronounced dead early Wednesday. An autopsy was being conducted.

Jeannot was convicted Tuesday of murder and weapons charges in the death of Bobby Calabrese. Prosecutors say Jeannot was paid $4,000 by a co-worker to kill Calabrese, who worked as a bookmaker’s runner.

It was the fourth trial for Jeannot on the charges. His first two trials ended in hung juries and a 2006 conviction was overturned on a technicality.

William Petrillo, the attorney for Herve Jeannot, said, “Despite the crime he was convicted of, the man I got to know was respectful and kind and well liked by many. His death is the final tragedy in this case.”
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One Comment

  1. a sad Mom says:

    I believe this is such a tragic story all around. It definitely matters who you are hanging around with. I feel terrible sadness for both the family and friends of the victim and this young man. This is not a happy ending. Black or white, it doesn’t matter. I truly believe that.

  2. NYer with a brain says:

    How dare are people to say he was a good person?? I don’t care what color he was white, black or even pink, he was a killer. I wish the guy in CT will do the same. For all the people who will come here and say a life was lost, well he was long lost and wasted before he did hang himself so don’t worry about it and have some respect for his victim’s family.

    1. Devenio says:

      I agree with NYer with a brain – all solders are killers. All cops are killers. No matter what reason you kill someone you will rot in hell right, NYer with a brain

  3. Proud Agnostic says:

    Perhaps there is a god afterall?

  4. Roy says:

    I think Jen C meant he was a great person,for a convicted MURDERER

  5. J9 says:

    If you cant do the time, dont do the crime. Especially murder. Thats a big one.

  6. Roy says:

    nowhere did it say,what color,or ethnic backround he came from………unless I missed something L B

  7. Jen C. says:

    I knew Herve and he was a great person. You all who speak ill of him don’t know who he truly was. His family and friends are hurting more than you can believe. Any life lost, no matter how that person lived should be respected.

  8. L B says:

    He was a friend of mine and he will be missed. Just like the kid who was shot a life is wasted. He has a mother and a father just like the victim of the murder. Many people are praying for his soul. He will be remembered. No amount of $ should matter when a life is in the balance. This entire situation has ruined so many lives and for what. Most of the readers on this article consider “us” and yes I am black, expendable. Just read above if you disagree….

  9. Jo says:

    My friend actually group up with this guy. He said he was always a knuckle-head, a constant reminder to nip problems in the bud when their kids before they grow up to be a bigger problem and take an innocent lives.

    1. ANDREW LEWIS says:

      Your friend couldn’t possibly have grown up with him because i did, and anyone who knew him knows he couldn’t and wouldn’t hurt a fly, he was well mannered, respected, and a loyal friend.Never a history of violence, never, he barely had a bs case for a white collar crime. who the hell do u know who jumps from white collar to murder for hire.If you knew him you would have known his parents while working two full time jobs manage to send him to kellenberg an expensive private school, so trying to blame parents is lame and trying to talk about someone who you definetly didn’t know is super lame. if you want to talk to someone parents you should talk to the boy who was killed, no one deserves to be killed, but if parents had clue what the children do maybe none of this would have happened, i don’t gamble ,and i don’t know any bookies, and i wouldn’t know where to place a bet, this kid did, and knew how to rack up 20 grand in debt, where were the parents the, there is no one innocent here, just tradegy …

  10. jd says:

    one less

  11. Dr. Kavorkian says:

    he just couldn’t take it. All those salads he would have to toss while on the prison channel!

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