Lawmaker Aims To Ban Four Loko In NYC

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Some lawmakers are looking to ban Four Loko, a high-energy alcohol drink popular among college students, from being sold in New York City.

City Councilman James Sanders Jr., who led the charge in 2006 to ban a drink called “Cocaine” from hitting store shelves, says he has launched an investigation and is in contact with health experts about the beverage’s safety.

“We are going to go crazy to protect our children from going crazy over Four Loko,” Sanders said.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

The drink comes in a 23.5 ounce can and is equal to drinking three beers, a can of Red Bull and a shot of espresso. Many of the Four Loko flavors contain 12 percent alcohol by volume, making it easy for those with even the highest level of tolerance to become intoxicated.

“You’re mixing a witches brew that could have serious medical implications especially on young people whose systems are not fully developed,” Sanders said.

The drinks are sold in a variety of fruit flavors, packaged inside brightly-colored cans and cost only about $2.50 each.

Because of the packaging, police said it’s too easy for a store clerk to mistake a Four Loko for an energy drink, and sell it to a minor.

“We have managed to stop a drink called ‘Cocaine’ from coming into our community and we are willing to do that and more to this one,” Sanders said.

Ramapo College banned the drink last month after nearly two dozen students were hospitalized after drinking the beverage.

Police say the victim of a gang attack on gays in the Bronx earlier this month was forced to drink 10 cans of Four Loko.

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One Comment

  1. Idiot says:

    Hey I have a better idea…lets focus on stopping real cocaine from coming into our community instead

  2. Dominiquee says:

    its the consumers choice how much they drink. they know how much it takes for them to get drunk and all that. so if anything happens its all on them not anyone else its nobody elses fault but themself. everyone makes their own choices.! they should have the common sense to do that.

  3. Johnny says:

    Another democratic lawmaker with too much time on their hands attempting to save us from ourselves. What a waste of time.

  4. durrrr says:

    local- I agree. It makes perfect sense to lie to people to help keep them from getting dumber.

  5. local says:

    TO RMP, maybe thats what these people are trying to do. DETER STUPID COLLEGE KIDS FROM GETTING ANY DUMBER.

  6. rpm says:

    This article is full of BS. How about some responsible journalism ? The students at Ramapo College were just drunk kids going to the college clinic, NOT hospitalized. Of the 2 dozen, ONLY 3 HAD BEEN DRINKING FOUR LOKO !!!!!

  7. CSI says:

    I guess for $25. You can hospitalize or kill someone you dont like. one to two cans will put you on your butt. So imagine 10 cans. I dont think you will be getting up for a long time or at all

  8. TIM says:

    Why would they waste 10 cans of that on someone they don’t like. Stupid people to begin with.

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