NYC Mom Pleads Guilty To Burning Son In Tub

NEW YORK (AP) — Prosecutors say a New York City mother has pleaded guilty to assault after she forced her 3-year-old into a tub of scalding water as punishment for soiling himself.

Regina Cooper is expected to be sentenced to 15 years in prison. Prosecutors say the 31-year-old woman submerged the child, Barkim, as he screamed in pain and pleaded with her to stop.

By the time she took him out, his skin started to fall off. He had second- and third-degree burns over 21 percent of his body and will be permanently scarred.

Queens prosecutors say Cooper was angry that her son had soiled his pull-ups.

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  • UR_4given

    if she should be punished then how would WE? Are WE different from her…yeah I think so except that WE do our own in private! Now OK let’s see who ever is having CLEAN Minds and Hands be the first to cast the first stone!

    • Tiny Hands

      true we are all sinners but to admit that we do such in PRIVATE is not an excuse to let such an evil act get away with no due punishment. Being sinners ourselves doesn’t mean she could just get away with this. Just reading this article gives me the creeps on how a ‘mother’ was able to do such. I cannot imagine such horrible and evil act. Though I’m quite thankful she didn’t bake her child in an oven along with the pull-ups to make sure he will never, ever FORGET his lesson. I have a beautiful 18 month old baby and had been practicing ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION with her since day 3 from her home birth. We shower her with praise every time she goes potty, even when she has some accidents. She can sign POTTY, too and communicate when she needs to go. I believe it’s about time the world knows there is a better way of communicating with this poor, unfortunate beings called BABIES who do not even have the power and ability to communicate. My heart goes out to the poor child. To all who read this, may you be instruments to spread the wonderful benefits that ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION or Infant Potty Training along with BABY SIGN LANGUAGE brings not only to the child, but most importantly to the mother or direct caregivers themselves.

    • kathleen

      To UR_4given — Many people do not torture children. Sounds like you have a sick mind like her.

  • J. Wolfson

    Truly sickening, she should be hung for her crimes. To subject an innocent to such torture and scar them for life. At the least she should be locked away in a padded room for life.

  • W Mayorga

    OMG some people just should not be parents… saw her vagina shut while there is time

  • Michelle Ezzo

    Having kids is NOT a right. It pains me how people think that just because they had a child they can do whatever they want to them no matter how barbaric it is. Pull-Ups are TRAINING pants. It is the PARENTS job to train the child NOT punish him/her for not being taught!!!! She should serve the rest of her life in prison with a mural painted on her cell wall of the burns she gave her child to remind her every minute of what she has done.

  • lori

    I agree except they should do that to her once a month. What a HORRIBLE women to do that to your for any reason.

  • eye for an eye

    The same should be done to her, then she should be sent to prison.

    • Lisa

      What is wrong with this “mom”? How can anyone do that to a baby! Fifteen years ISN’T enough time for the amount of pain an suffering that little boy is going to have to go through for the rest of his life. An eye for an eye….she should dirty her underpants an be scalded just like she did to her son!!!!

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