Final Farewell To Pace Student Shot By Police

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. (CBS 2/AP) — As new details emerge in his controversial death, family, friends and teammates of the Pace University student fatally shot by police are gathering in Boston to remember his life and legacy.

Childhood pictures of Danroy “D.J.” Henry of Easton flashed on a screen as friends, family and Pace students filled about 1,700 seats in a ballroom at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on what would have been his 21st birthday.

Henry was shot outside a Thornwood, N.Y. bar on Oct. 17. Police have said Henry sped away and hit two officers after a policeman knocked on his window.

A leaked autopsy report shows that Henry was legally drunk, though police have not confirmed this.

“At the end of the day, the central question to us is, does that justify killing our son? Our son is dead,” said the victim’s father, Danroy Henry, Sr. “Is this information alone enough to justify that? We still fundamentally believe that it isn’t.”

Witnesses have said Henry was simply trying to move his car out of a fire lane and was no threat.


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  1. Bigredd says:

    All the children of those who followed musolini, hitler and Stallin well now there childrens children are still practicing and in powerfull positions in this my beloved country.

  2. Bigredd says:

    I don’t trust the media, Most police, or the government. To may lies to many? I respect my true patriotic brothers who believe in what we once stood for but this racism is old and just plain stupid. So I.A. Better start really checking the background on allot of theese police officers that wear the badge of servatude. To protect and serve! Stop acting like GANGSTERS!

  3. Bigredd says:

    Seems like ever since President F.D.R. Passed away (MURDERED) Stuff has just went south?

  4. Bigredd says:

    Once upon a time police whre trained to shoot the leg? The arm’s? Even the Buttocks. When did they start stop learning how to shoot unless they had prior millitary training or Swatt Training? Hmmmmm. Maes 1 Wonder?

  5. Bigredd says:

    Same nonsense different day. Let some racist post his sorry opinion and block the truth. Wow you guys are still so ignorant ad the funniest part about it is? It’s not funny anymore!

  6. Bigredd says:

    Whatcha scared of? Keep cutting my page. Lol!!!!! Do you think this is the only venue to post the truthe?

  7. Bigredd says:

    Bunch of racist non patriotic unamerican liars. Hiding behind badges and in political hallways of our government.

  8. Bigredd says:

    CBS you coward like puppets. As for the chumps who keep trying to hide from the truthe? GOD is watching.

  9. bill young says:

    it ashame you could say yell shoot him hope it never happens to you or maybe someone in your family try being black in the good old usa and we try to tell other countries what they should be doing lol we sill have to learn how to get along hello black and white

  10. jazz says:

    enough already he was a criminal he deserved what he got YO

  11. John Y. says:

    This is going to be an interesting case. Since I am a criminal justice major this has created lively discussions in class. What people do not understand is that when the cop was flipped onto the hood of the car he had to fire. Imagine yourself in the officers position. Once the other officer saw his partner on the hood, he also opened fire. This in policing is called a contagious shooting. Since Henry’s blood alcohol content was .13 this is maybe why he ran. Maybe the police were investigating the brawl and assumed that Henry was involved? Time will tell!

    1. Mimi says:

      The .13 was not correct. They had no toxically reports at that time. That false info was given by an anonymous tip covering for the police

  12. Tina Thompson says:

    Peace to Mr. Danroy Henry, Jr. and his family; American Policeman, needs protection and so does the citizens; the citizens pay for the policeman, therefore in this particular case, even if 2 policeman were initially hurt, police does not go after a citizen and kill them; this needs fully investigating, justice brought to 100% for this young man, his family, the public; 2nd TAKE out ALL HATE IN AMERICA.

    1. John Y. says:

      Tina, I do agree with you that the police are not trained to kill, but I have to ask you something. If you were on the hood of a speeding car or in front of a moving car, you would not fire? You would let the car run you over? If it is the police that ineed were wrong here, than justice for Mr. Henry is evident. It sounds like you want the police to be unarmed?

      1. Mimi says:

        It works in England. No guns there!

  13. Orlando Baxter says:

    OR, did the cops jump in front of a moving car! Let’s see what the facts end up being. BIG difference if he aimed his car at them and INTENTIONALLY hit them versus the cops getting in the path of a moving car.

    1. DanTe says:

      hmmm…. you people are born stupid, aren’t you? Police standing in front of the vehicle tells you, the vehicle’s driver to … STOP.

      You HAVE to be born this way.
      Nobody can possibly be working that hard at being this stupid.
      Just too much work.

  14. DanTe says:

    Let’s see. Your “good” son there ran INTO a cop with thousands of pounds of moving metal…..

    YEAH! Shoot the T ARD!
    (Try and tell me you wouldn’t shoot some imbecile that ran into YOU.)

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