Manhattan Judge: Little Girl Can Be Sued In Bike Crash

NEW YORK (AP) — She might have been too young for grade school, but a judge says a New York City girl was old enough to be sued over a bicycle accident that happened when she was 4.

A Manhattan judge refused earlier this month to toss out negligence claims against young Juliet Breitman. She, her mother and others are being sued by the estate of a woman who said she was severely hurt when hit by bicycles that Juliet and a boy were racing down a sidewalk in April 2009.

The woman, Claire Menagh, died later that year.

Juliet was three months shy of 5. The judge says there’s no evidence a child of that age couldn’t appreciate “the danger of riding a bicycle into an elderly woman.”

Lawyers for everyone involved didn’t immediately return calls Friday night.

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  • what really happened?

    Thats too bad, but what complications did this lady have? A 4 year cannot go that fast to hurt some on a tricycle …..

  • DanTe

    How about suing the stupid c\/nt “mother” that was suppose to supervise the child? Bet you SOB’s would be singing a different tune if the girl biked into the city streets.

  • billy bats

    maybe the judge could be removed for gross stupidity unbefitting a human being???? is anyone investigating how he is ‘involved’ with the dead womans family????

  • NYC

    These people are so sick! What is the world coming to?? Whats next? Suing for looking at someone??

  • Syosset

    The same thing happened to my husband’s grandma in the BX. She didn’t die, but she was plowed into by a 10-year-old on a bike. She broke her shoulder and had to have surgery. The boy was very sorry, but we didn’t sue him. It was an accident!

  • NYC

    No doubt that this Judge will be over-ruled on appeal. A four year old cannot be held responsible for this.

    • linda

      But her parents can be!!!!!

      • rugbyball

        Ok, her parents can be and they are named in the lawsuit. So then sue the parents, leave the child out.
        What does suing a 4 y/o do but make you look like a school yard bully.

  • mj

    they should take her for EVEYTHING shes got . her barbies , her care bears even her my little pony .

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