Skirmish Breaks Out At Linda McMahon UConn Visit

HARTFORD, CT (AP / WCBS 880) – Campus police were questioning at least two University of Connecticut students involved in a skirmish during a rally for Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon.
The Republican candidate was visiting the Storrs campus on Monday.
Several students from a campus domestic volence awareness group turned up a small rally for McMahon. A 24-year-old student, David Haseltine, says a McMahon supporter tore down the sign he was holding that accused McMahon of profiting from violence against women — a reference to McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment.
Students and staff for McMahon said Haseltine shoved the female McMahon supporter _ a claim he denied.
McMahon cut short her visit and was escorted to her SUV by campaign staff amid a chorus of yelling by supporters and protesters.
Lt. Hans Rhynhart of the UConn police says there will not likely be arrests.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows Democrat Richard Blumenthal still leading McMahon in the race, but the gap appears to be closing.

LISTEN: WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau on the poll numbers

The Quinnipiac University survey released Monday shows Blumenthal leading 53 percent to 44 percent among likely voters.

Linda McMahon campaigns in Vernon, CT - Nov 1, 2010 - Photo: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880

Linda McMahon campaigns in Vernon, CT - Nov 1, 2010 - Photo: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880

That’s compared to last week’s survey, which showed Blumenthal leading 54 to 42 percent.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane with a confident McMahon in Vernon

Poll Director Doug Schwartz says independent voters have been very volatile and are shifting back to supporting the Republican candidates for both Senate and governor.

Both major party candidates are vying to fill the job now held by U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, who is retiring.

The survey of 930 likely voters has a margin of sampling error of 3.2 percentage points.

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One Comment

  1. steve says:

    D Baker,

    You clearly have not researched this as much as you thought you did.

    Let’s start with the drug testing issue.
    1. The DEA doesn’t go after them, because they are too low on their radar
    2. The WWE has pretty strict wellness policy/drug testing. You should read about it on their website. It is actually pretty hard to beat (doctors have to watch them pee). The tests are random. That is not to say people can’t pass them using designer drugs, but if they can here, they can in any other sport too. You do realize that you can look muscular and not be on steroids, right? Wrestlers are a lot smaller than they were 20 years ago

    You make claim that the violence is extremely damaging to the psyche of Americans. I’ve been a fan 25 years and I can tell you I’ve turned out just fine, as have many others. There’s just as much violence, blood, etc on every prime time show.

    You also make a claim about them profiting from pornography and violence against women. You do realize the WWE is PG now, right? Granted, in the past the WWE has produced some storylines and skits that was pretty risqué, but overall, I’d say the show is a lot less risqué than gossip girl, desperate housewives, etc. You should really turn it on sometime and see.

    The WWE does a lot of charitable work. Do you know that wrestler John Cena is the #1 choice for kids at make-a-wish?

    That said, if you really want to attack the WWE, go after the fact the wrestlers are labeled as independent contractors and not employees and don’t get health insurance.

    Oh yea, one last thing, you should probably drop all the talk about anarchy, rebellion, and merchants of the Earth, it kind of distracts from the point your trying to make.

  2. D. Baker says:

    These wrestling shows, which degrade women and promote violence to women, should be banned from the airwaves until they can reform their content to not debase women and control rampant steroid use/abuse among wrestlers.

    Where is the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in controlling this ANARCHIC mess.

    The violence they promote is extremely damaging to the psyche of Americans.

    Now the people who profit from the pornography and violence which is the WWE (Linda MacMahon) are attempting to get elected to our government !!!

    I would rather watch REAL wrestling with Olympic athletes turned professional competing in the ACTUAL REAL sport of Olympic style wrestling.

    WWE is nothing more than a platform for public pornography and the degradation of women. As well as a display of freaks grown to absurd size by abusing multiple steroids and growth hormones obtained illegally.
    Where is the DEA in all this mess?

    We in the U.S. should be ashamed of this display of violence towards women and the degradation of the human body through drugs abuse and sexual exploitation. We should be roundly condemned for beaming this violence and degradation of women via satellite TO THE WHOLE WORLD..

    The U.S. airwaves are in a state of ANARCHY AND REBELLION for which Americans are, and will, pay a heavy, heavy price if nothing is done to bring this pornographic ORGY of violence and disrespect under control.

    This is what happens when the MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH gain the upper hand over democratic government.(the people).

  3. Mon Jontone says:

    Only 930 likely voters? I think BOTH parties have a MAJOR enthusiasm gap

    1. Michael H. says:

      You don’t understand how polling works, do you?

  4. D'Brickashaw Uggams says:

    Of course he’ll win. He won the Vietnam War, he’ll win this.

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