Some New Yorkers Defying The Culture Of Cleanliness

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s what most of us do every day — a daily shower followed by a dab of deodorant.

However, Americans from Malibu to Manhattan are defying the culture of cleanliness. Alice Feiring of SoHo is among them and said she doesn’t shower every day.

“I don’t tend to smell, so I find that every other day, every three days is perfectly fine,” Feiring told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Feiring, a writer of wine books, argues she doesn’t work up a sweat at the keyboard and doesn’t need a lot of time in the tub.

“I do not feel less clean than other people and when I take a shower, I don’t necessarily feel fantastically clean,” she said.

In fact, you may be standing next to the unshowered on a crowded subway more often than you think.

Public relations executive Nancy Trent said she has never used deodorant in her life.

“I don’t need to. I have a plant-based diet and I’m clean. I take care of myself,” Trent said.

“Good grooming is taking a shower when you need to…it definitely doesn’t mean a shower every day.”

Both Trent and Feiring said not taking daily showers saves water, time and their skin.

“I don’t want to over process my skin. I don’t think it’s good for my skin,” Feiring said

Advocates pointed to research showing the skin has beneficial germs — antibiotics that actually kill off bad bacteria. They said that fact is a reason why daily showers aren’t needed.

The chemicals in deodorants are also a concern.

“Putting chemicals under your arms everyday is kind of a bad thing,” Feiring said.

Both Trent and Feiring said the lifestyle has been working for years.

“I’ve stood the test of intimate encounters and I’m okay,” Feiring said.


One Comment

  1. Froze Shakir says:

    Alice smells like a bouquet of fragrant wine..its all about cosmic mind over matter ..

  2. Widow Maker says:

    I bet that these two are single.

  3. Wash me says:

    Some folks are not prone to swamp-ass. I am not one of them. Judging by the above fotos, I’d say these women are spinsters and need not worry about intimacy and stank.

  4. Bored says:

    Might be gross, but I wonder how their undies smalle after a couple of days. Bet there’s a real stink fest going on down there after a couple of days of no butt washing.

  5. greta says:

    Anyone who doesn’t shower every day is a PIG imo. Even if you don’t have armpit odor as these bags claim, your crotch is still in need of destinking. Can you imagine if they don’t shower during their time of the month? EWWWWWWWWWW.

  6. charles116 says:

    This article stinks!

  7. HEALTH says:

    It is disgusting that they don’t wash themselves every day and have no shame in publicizing about their dirt. The news should not cover this! These people are not role models for a civilized society we live in today. Look at them, they do look dirty, and ugly, and smelly, and skanky as hell. Who the hell would listen to them! REPULSIVE!!! They look like homeless women!! GROSS!!!
    Cleanliness is next to godliness! People from Malibu cleanse themselves in the ocean water on a daily basis…and shower after!!!

  8. david r says:

    This lady doesn’t take a bath every day because she thinks she doesn’t smell? This is just as bad as saying that your poop doesn’t stink after you use the bathroom.

    Everyone smells, they don’t realize how bad it is because they get used to smelling themselfe everyday.

    Lady, learn the use the shower

  9. Mike says:

    Where’s the other half of this article? … Oh, I’m sorry, that’s all?

    Some people don’t bathe, big news. A person who doesn’t bathe every day is normal compared to the mutants who you see or smell some days.

  10. Barry Shapiro says:

    How hip.

    1. Tamyla says:

      I like how Alice says, “I don’t tend to smell.” It’s the word tend that is funny. Everyone should bathe or at least rinse down everyday. They may not smell of sweat, but they may smell musty. Your natural body order can be overpowering in a few days. Some people have a natural sweet order and others musty or unpleasant to the nose. I remember visiting a friend and she gave me a tour of her home. Her bedroom smelled like her, but 100 times more. It was smelly. I’m glad she bathes everyday. Everyone has a natural order and hopefully, if you are not bathing/rinsing everyday, it is sweet.

      1. T says:

        Watch the video and take a look at her bath tub- it has a ring of dirt around it. No more needs to be said.

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