Election Day 2010: Talk Back With CBS 2’s Rob Morrison

Election Day 2010 is upon us, and there are many significant races across the tri-state. CBS 2 HD is proud to provide complete coverage of the major races in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and we’re here to take your questions and comments as voters race to the polls and officials tally all the results.

rob morrison Election Day 2010: Talk Back With CBS 2s Rob MorrisonCBS 2’s Rob Morrison will be working live from the CBS 2 HD newsroom tonight, reading through your comments and taking your questions right here on CBSNewYork.com. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments submission box below. Be sure to leave your name along with your city and state, and Rob will even choose some of your submissions to read during our extended Election Day coverage tonight on CBS 2 HD News at 11.

Unfortunately, Rob won’t be able to answer all your questions, and we ask that you please do not submit them more than once. Users who submit duplicate comments will be ignored.

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One Comment

  1. A,G Hornney says:

    I tried to vote yesterday but the print on the ballot wae too small to read, I was given a magifier but it was to dark to be useful two of my markecd ballets were refused because the marks were too large. fiinally a helper marked a bellot fo me but now my privacy was lost. HE;P111111

  2. Julio G says:

    We have high tech equipment, but we still have paper books we have to sign, paper ballots we fill out with pens, and long lines with ONE worker per line! The mayor is right: a royal mess!

  3. Sheryl Galatolie says:

    OMG, What’s going on here? My husband is an amputee and in a wheelchair. There was no access for him to get down stairs to vote. He had to climb down stairs on a prosthetic that he is just learning to use. When I mentioned it to the poll workers they told me to complain to the principal.???? If he can’t get to the polls how can he vote? No privacy and no pens..All the pens were broken off of the holders. What happened to the privacy sleeve? A FOLDER??? Give me back the machines. There I had privacy and no question if all items were answered. Did not know about the referendems on the back and were not told by the poll workers. Do we vote the next time?

  4. ML Szym says:

    Lastly, a question, as I entered and exited my polling place there were people handing out information on the Tea party and the Working Families party. They seemed to be over “100 feet” from the entrance, but is that still okay?

  5. Tina says:

    After listening to your report at the 11pm news, I to did not know about the questions on the back of the ballot. While checking in the was a woman causing an up roar because there wasn’t a republican and a democrat checking people in. The republican gentlemen was helping an elderly lady with the scanners. I didn’t know u had to have each party represented at the table

  6. ML Szym says:

    I was aware of referendum votes from listening to the news. No one advised me of the referendum votes on the back of the ballot, but I already knew about them, so, I guess, we need to be informed before heading to the polls. I personally spend a little time on the internet researching before I go to the polls….

  7. DR.SCOTT LUCKOW says:


  8. MK says:

    Just heard you say on the air that NY pole workers were not informing voters about the questions on the other side of the ballet
    I voted on west 73rd St Manhattan and they were very clear on filling out both sides. They also made sure sure voters knew how the new system worked…

  9. ML Szym says:

    Voted in Carroll Gardens, Bklyn. Though I miss the old lever machines, the new process did not seem too different to me. Absolutely no problem with privacy, no one was looking at my ballot. It’s a big change for NY’ers, but I think we can handle it!

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      good to hear. Thanks for weighing in.

  10. Joel Epps says:

    Well, this was my first time voting, and, I noticed, over the course of the campaign none of the major news outlets mentioned any third parties or if they did it was only in passing. Don’t you think it’d be in America’s best interest to let people know they have more options than the demorats or the repugnantcans? I at least want to see more coverage, even if they don’t win, just to know that there are other candidates out there.

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      A valid criticism of political coverage I think. Although, you must admit we were treated to our fair share of “non-traditional” candidates this time around.

  11. Ryan Denmark says:


    Is it true that it did not matter which way the ballot was inserted into the machine? And I was also not informed of the questions on the back, I just happened to flip it over and find it!

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Good question, I’m not sure. Did the “public counter” register your vote when you inserted the ballot?

      1. Ryan Denmark says:

        It did “register” my vote. But the ballot was also double sided which means it could have counted the questions and not the actual votes!

  12. nancy says:

    what’s with the fact that no one asked for id when i went to vote.
    anyone can try to match the signiture that is from the past voting.
    you have to show id every where else but we don’t need to show id
    to vote. that is a bit scary.

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Sounds like another problem with the poll workers.

      1. Gary says:

        I am SHOCKED! I just heard from you that there was a back of the ballot that no one at the poll on 40 West 20 Street told me or anyone about. I believe the City should and must let us all vote AGAIN on another day!! I didn’t know about the referendum and the poll workers should have told everyone who was voting. This is an OUTRAGE!

  13. Renee says:

    Hi: When will we learn about Harry Reid’s race?

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Numbers are slow nationally … experts are saying it could be the wee hours.

    2. Renee says:

      What are his latest poll numbers?

  14. Norm Misrok says:

    Dear Rob: It is good to have you back. As far as today’s elections. the quality of the politicians, and their agenda, would have the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. They serve their masters known as lobbyists and special interests, without regard for the people or the Republic. The last great President, one Harry S. Truman, stated that if a civil servant becomes rich, they are stealing. The politicians are stealing from the people. The best way to describe a politician comes from the movie, “The Hunt for Red October,” which states, “When I’m not kissing babies, I am stealing their candy.” They all need to read up on Harry Truman, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham LIncoln and George Washington. Glad to have you back. Norm MIsrok, South Bellmore, NY

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I think there are many disgruntled people who agree with you. Certainly, reading up on any of the leaders you mention could never hurt.

  15. tom vislocky says:

    unemployment is my big issue i was out of work for two years i just got a seasonal job at macys and i hope it will be for good after the holidays

  16. tom vislocky says:

    hello if you like to read any of my comments on air you have my permission

  17. Vahang says:

    Why don’t I see any news on Avella vs. Padavan?

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      At the moment, the 11th District is not reporting any results. Stay tuned.

  18. June says:

    agree, the system stinks. I had NO privacy at all and I must admit I was pretty angry.They gave you a tiny booth that was to small for a huge ballot and markers that went through the ballot. I did not appreciate the poll worker over my shoulder.

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Privacy issues are among the biggest complaints along with the small letters and people not knowing that the referendum questions were on the back of the ballot.

  19. Jackie says:

    How can the winners of the top of the ticket and US Senate be decided already with what appears as hardly any precincts reporting, but we see no results for State Assembly or other races? Also, shouldn’t this years results come in real fats since the results are computerized?

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Good question, I just asked our expert – samples are taken from the precints and based upon them predictions are made that are supposedly accurate to within +/- 4 percentage points. She compared it to a blood test… only a small sample is needed. It’s become quite an exact science, but it’s not perfect…remember the 2000 Presidential Election. Hope this helps.

  20. tom vislocky says:

    hi rob, what do you think the new governor should do first

  21. tom vislocky says:

    i am glad i voted i hope the economy does get better and i hope the goverment in albany and washington can work together

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Hey Tom,
      Clearly with the House balance shifting (as CBS is currently projecting) some Democratic legislation will be challenged. But remember, new members heading to Washington will be the most junior members with very little immediate influence. As far as Albany goes, things have to get better at some point. Right?

      1. tom vislocky says:

        yes you are right about that thank you for rypling, say hi to chris wragge, cbs news is number 1

        1. Rob Morrison says:

          No problem Tom, as soon as Chris dashes through here again I’ll tell him.

  22. tom vislocky says:

    hi tom here rob do you think there will be any big changes after this election or will it be the same , the people who win tonight all have to work together can they

  23. Jason Cirone says:

    i had no problems today voting with the new system and i am only 23 years old I thought this system was easy.

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Ahhh youth! Glad you had a good experience today. Well done. If you don’t mind me asking, what issue most resonated for you?

      1. Jason Cirone says:

        well rob my issue most concern about for me about this election is about the health form bill that was passed by the president ealier this year.

  24. Steve says:

    Rob, Linda McMahon dropped $50 mil on her campaign and still lost by 9 percentage points? What happened?

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      McMahon’s money plus Blumenthal’s early gaffes seemed like a potential recipie for victory. However, McMahon endured some of her own controversy involving the WWE and anecdotal evidence suggested many women were turned off by her aggressive campaigning. In the end, Blumenthal’s reputation as being tough on special interests won out. Thanks for writing.

  25. john says:

    what if citys and counties started there own big buissness where all county and city folks are share holders and hire only county and city residents no big ceo”s fulltime jobs they vote on raises and supply the country merchandise

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Remind me, is that socialism or communism? Or both?

  26. john says:

    sad but true both partys are corrupt no matter who we vote in we are going to see the same results corruption ther has to be another way than voteing for dems and rep this country is in need of some divine help god help us

  27. Bob says:

    We are the most defunctional state and have the most defunctional voting system now. That is my opium after voting today.

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      Do you think writing “opium” instead of “opinion” was Freudian? Joking. Sorry you had a rough day, at least you voted.

  28. bob says:

    We have gone backwards in the balloting procedure It is not a step forward but 2 backwards

  29. Jim Dulaney says:

    These ballots are ridiculous! I’m only 45 and had to walk away from my “privacy booth” to find light so I could read it. It still was very difficult. The one pen made available to me was running out of ink and there was no back up available. After the 7 or 8 minutes it took me to fill out the ballot (at least the old system was legible) the person manning the scanner was obviously looking at everyone’s ballots as she put them into the machine. It doesn’t take a genius to devise a system that actually works and is user friendly. I hope changes are made in the coming elections

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      We’re hearing those same sentiments a lot today. At least you voted! Thanks for checking in.

  30. Karen says:

    I just voted at the Barnum Woods Elementary School voting site in Nassau County, NY. I filled in my ballot by hand. Unfortunately, the scanner did not work and the Board of Elections (“BOE”) volunteer simply placed my ballot in the machine. When I called the Nassau County BOE to inform them of my concerns, I was told that the unscanned ballots should have been placed in a different machine from those which were scanned, and two volunteers will scan the unscanned ballots after the polls close. However, I have three very important questions that remain unanswered after my telephone call to the BOE: (1) How do I know whether the machine broke down before the polls opened or in the middle of the day? (2) Was my ballot placed in the same machine as those ballots that were scanned earlier in the day? It seems it was. (3) If the unscanned ballots are placed in the same scanner as the scanned ballots, how do the volunteers propose to accurately account for my ballot? Will they rescan all ballots?

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      I just called the BOE as well. At this moment they don’t have any specific info about your particular polling location. They reinterated what you already know about scanning the unscanned ballots later. I’m curious about why you suspect your ballot may have been placed into the wrong box?

  31. ailiakostas says:

    Hey Rob,

    Even though Jimmy McMillan’s “Rent is Too Damn High” rant was enjoyable to laugh at, it was obviously more of a charades act than a legitimate political party. With that said, do you think NY State legislation should look into tightening the rules involving candidate selection? That way, clowns like Jimmy McMillan won’t waste precious space on the ballot.

    Anthony I., Bayside, NY

    1. Rob Morrison says:

      This election certainly has featured a cast of characters who push the boundaries of “traditional” candidates. I agree the debate featuring Mr. McMillan was pure spectacle and probably did little to inform voters. But my gut tells me the inclusive nature of our democratic process is what makes our system great.

  32. Rob Morrison says:

    Thanks for the early feedback. Looking forward to hearing from all corners of the Tri-State area tonight.

  33. Brooklyn Voter says:

    Maybe there should be a scanner at every table, so as soon as you fill out your form, you scan it on the spot instead of walking down to a group of scanners. My polling place had 3 of them, all in use when I finished voting. That would speed people out and give more privacy that some are looking for. Personally, I didn’t care if the poll worker saw who I voted for.

  34. Rob Morrison says:

    Hi everyone, I’m very much looking forward to taking your comments and answering your questions tonight!

  35. Kaitlyn Kerrane says:

    There is no privacy. I did not appreciate the ballot worker looking at my ballot as it went in to the scanner and commenting on what offices I opted not to vote for. Come over if I need help, not to hover. Leave me some semblance of my vote is private. For me, I proudly voted for my party, but this could be a real problem for some people. Ridiculous.

  36. dogsrule says:

    I have to say this new election system is a joke. Acutally it is ridiculous. There is no privacy NONE> We have gone back to the stoneage! They tell you that no one cares if they see your vote, well it is quite obvious no one did care when they put this in place! The people that are responsible for this should be tarred and feathered. A stone age soulution for a stone age set up.

  37. Ken McLoughlin says:

    I would like for any person running for any public office to commit to the following statement: I will not support any legistation that would benefit me, unless it would also benefit all of my constituents and I also will not support any legistation that costs any of my constituents, without out also costing me.

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