No Charges In NYC School Trip Drowning

NEW YORK (AP) — A prosecutor has determined that the drowning of a 12-year-old Harlem girl on a school trip was tragic but that there was no criminality involved.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said Monday no charges will be filed in the case of Nicole Suriel.

Nicole was one of 24 students from Harlem’s Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering on the June outing to Long Beach, Long Island.

Rice said the decision to let the children into the ocean may have been unwise. But she said evidence did not support a finding of criminality on the part of any of those involved.

A teacher who chaperoned the kids was later fired. The school’s principal was placed on probation.

Nicole father, Juan Suriel, told the Daily News he’s still processing the DA’s decision.

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  1. joe k says:

    Wait til you see the lawsuit on this one

  2. sk says:

    I feel horrible for the loss of this child, however, the parents allowed the child to go on the trip. I don’t understand the school allowed the children to go on the trip. So, it was a bad idea but the teachers are not the only ones responsible for the drowning. But, I do think it is a lesson for schools to think about where to take children on a trip.

  3. Jojo says:

    @Law & Order, you so are right. Although the teachers made a bad decision to let the children go into the water (even with no lifeguard on duty) its not criminal. Also, the parents have some responsibility here too, if you know that you kid does not swim or does not swim well you should not let them go unless the parent is chareroning the trip and can keep a close eye on her child.

  4. Law & Order says:

    While tragic, nobody forced that child into the ocean. That’s why there are no criminal charges. If you can’t swim, stay out of the fuggin water!!!

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