NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Goodbye, “Rock the Vote.” Hello, “Tweet the Vote!” New York City residents are turning to the popular microblogging site as a soapdish to express their feelings about their voting experience on Election Day.

Tweeters citywide were voicing their pleasure or displeasure in placing their vote Tuesday by describing their experience and indexing it under the the hash tag “#nycvotes.” The city’s Board of Elections generated the hash tag, which is used to classify specific tweets for a specific topic, to get an idea of where voters were having problems voting. 

The BoE put together a “dedicated Twitter response team” to monitor the tweets. They also asked voters who don’t tweet to use their phone hotline at 866-VOTE-NYC.

Hundreds of Twitter users took advantage of the hash tag and didn’t waste time in giving the BoE a piece of their minds. Here’s a look at some of the many tweets that trickled down throughout the day Tuesday (updated 2:05 p.m.):

@zachhonig: @NYCMayorsOffice Had trouble finding the 66 Frankfort St polling place for #nycvotes … NO signs on Frankfort St and NYPD couldn’t help.

@jefftrexler: #nycvotes Privacy a real issue @ Baruch/22nd — booths, scantron open to room; people in line stand behind you, can see your votes.

@ArtsForAll: Problems at my polling place again. Inept poll workers, disorganization, and I’m STILL listed twice on the voter rolls (3rd time!) #nycvotes

@elipongo: Wrong entrance was listed on BOE website for PS87 #NYCVotes

@greggo33: Voting was a snap today up in election district 008 (118th and 5th ave).  Folks were polite and helpful.  Process was easy.  #nycvotes

@aaldef: At Seward Park HS in Manhattan’s Chinatown, only 1 Chinese interpreter at 9:40 am (3 req’d). #nycvotes, #election, #EP2010

@Elizabeth3883: even though I’ve voted in the past, including this year’s primary, they couldn’t find me on the list so I had to file an affidavit #nycvotes

@jennifertravels: Just voted in #NYC. Very disorganized. Both young and elderly have difficult time understanding and reading new ballots. #nycvotes

@RachelSterne: Voted at PS 3, friendly volunteers and smooth process. #ivoted #nycvotes (@ PS 3)

@jnathanbullock: Voted at 1525 St Nick and had no problems at all other than the guy not understanding my name. #nycvotes

@popnloque: @NYCMayorsOffice scantron at PS2 failed, couldn’t register vote. I was told that’s not the first problem today. Voted w/affidavit. #nycvotes

@Scott503: Complete incompetence at PS 290. Directed to wrong table twice, told I was at the wrong bldg once. Friend also misdirected twice

@lolitapop9: Mayhem at Good Shepherd poll.All scanning machines jammed, last voter’s ballot not even counted. Every1’s frustrated in this room. #nycvotes

@kjappel: was first told that I couldn’t vote – and then had to explain to the poll worker what an affidavit ballot is #nycvotes

@tysonsagesmith: Quick and easy voting experience at Emanuel Church W 116. Good job Poll Workers and BoE. #nycvotes

@spacetomatoes: No issues with the scanning system, but at PS 70 the woman in charge was bullying voters and employees alike! No need to be rude! #nycvotes

@queenscourier: #nycvotes P.S. 41 in Queens has two scanners down and lines are forming #votingproblems

@brooklynrob: @nydailynews #VOTINGPROBLEMS in Park Slope early. Scanning machines at PS282 not working; voters (e.g., me) used emergency ballots

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