Woman Charged With Tossing Boy Off Balcony

Jerry Zhou, 3, Later Died; DA: Suspect Tried To Kill Herself

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — A Queens woman who police said had a history of depression was charged Wednesday in the death of a little boy. She was accused of throwing the child off an apartment balcony, CBS 2’s Magee Hickey reports.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

“Heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how it happened,” said neighbor Jonathan Wang.

Wang’s 3-year-old son, Justin, used to play with 3-year-old Jerry Zhou, the toddler who police said died after being thrown from the seventh-floor balcony of a Flushing apartment building by an emotionally-distraught woman who lived with him.

The tragedy happened around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said the 53-year-old woman, Xiao Cai, who lived with the little boy and his mother, got into an argument with her own daughter and, for some reason, threw the boy off of the balcony.

“She attempted thereafter to throw herself off but was pulled off by other people in the apartment. The woman is not related to the baby in any way. It is just a sad and tragic incident,” Brown told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

1010 WINS’ Susan Richard reports

The little boy’s mother was in the apartment at the time and neighbors said she ran to the sidewalk where the boy lay dying.

Neighbors said police have been called to the apartment before because Cai had previously shown signs of mental illness.

“She was always afraid people were trying to kill her, poison her. She had mental problems,” Wang said.

“If she had an illness, what are they doing for that? So sad for the child,” said neighbor Ailean Brown.

Cai, while under arrest, was hospitalized and undergoing psychiatric tests.

“I was speechless. I don’t know what else to say. I saw them put him on the stretcher,” another neighbor said. “No baby deserves to leave that soon.”

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One Comment

  1. Teddy Veliz says:

    death penalty for both the babys mother as well as the killer. this is a typical example on how iliigal immigration should be enforced. this animls ring their personal madness to a civilized country . and them blame everythiing in a a so called episode of mental ilness. in their country they would have linched or cut her into little pieces , instead here in the usa taxpayer have to suffer for the insanity of politicians and law makers who enrich their pockects on the expense of law abiding citizens

  2. tona50 says:

    i think she should have just jumped and left the poor baby alone……i hope she rots in hell……

  3. sunheartedlady says:

    This is indeed a time to pray both for the little boy and the lady who did just a hedious crime. We must pray for peace and happiness. We must not judge but allow the system of law an order to take control. God will take care of both. Peace and happiness to the family at this time.

  4. rdeleon says:

    Automatic execution for the crazy woman. God may forgive but I wish it was my job to arrange the meeting

  5. angela says:

    there is no way in the world she would have made it to the window with my child and in the case she did, she better be ready to meet her maker as well.

  6. jtorres says:

    I don’t think she should have been “helped off the balcony” or “sterilized” but I question the wisdom of the little boy’s mother. How do you let a woman with mental illness who is not related to you live in your apartment when you have a little child? This was a disaster waiting to happen

    1. wilfred okine says:

      pple always want to point fingers. have u ever been anywhere with some one u don’t know? it’s a sad situation. in this poor economy a lot of pple are staying with strangers just to get by. learn something one with no faults. have a good day.

  7. Widow Maker says:

    It’s a messed up world because of people like Xiao Cai

  8. vivian says:

    That is so bad poor child!despite being depressed that woman has no heart.

  9. Glory david says:

    i am not saying her children to die, all am saying is that she can be punished at the same time be forgiven.

    1. Gillian says:

      Just experience what the mother of boy is feeling… I believe you will never forgive the woman.

  10. SoberOpal says:

    If this were my child, this woman would not have left this apartment alive. Mentally ill, or not…society does not need people like this in the world.

  11. Glory David says:

    Well, i will like to say that she was very angry but that would not make her throw a little boy down the balcony. she deserve to be punished for her wickedness and secondly i felt sorry for her. Forgiveness is the answer and God will do the rest.

  12. CSI says:

    Wow you are a looser. Yes understandable to feel that way but to say that her children deserve to die is out of line.

  13. Widow Maker says:

    They should have lent her a hand and pushed her off.

    1. Gillian says:

      I agree with you… Being mentallly ill does not give them the right to kill… She should be executed. How can the crazy woman’s daughter tell another family to live in the same apartment knowing that her own mother is psychologically unstable.

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