LACKAWANNA, N.Y. (AP/CBS 2) — Police had to become shepherds when a flock of about 150 sheep, goats and a couple of cows escaped from a western New York slaughterhouse and started roaming around town.

It happened late Tuesday night at the Halal Market in Lackawanna. Animals are slaughtered there according to Islamic tradition.

Captain Joseph Leo of Lackawanna police says it took quite a while to get all the animals rounded up and returned to the building. Patrolmen were aided by a couple of narcotics officers and some residents.

The captain says the market’s owners say there was a break-in, but police believe one of the workers failed to secure a door.

The slaughterhouse opened this past summer despite strong opposition by Lackawanna residents. The market serves a large Yemeni population in the neighborhood.

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