Did Mayor Call Obama The ‘Most Arrogant Man Ever?’

Rupert Murdoch: Mayor Reached Conclusion After Round Of Golf

NEW YORK  (1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — Did Mayor Michael Bloomberg describe President Barack Obama as the “most arrogant man” he’s ever met?

Fellow media mogul and fellow billionaire Rupert Murdoch told the Australian Financial Review that’s exactly what Bloomberg said to him.

“Let me just say this, I don’t remember the conversation that way. I think that Rupert Murdoch probably agrees with me, it’s time to get on. We’ve got to make this country work,” Bloomberg said Monday.

Murdoch said the mayor reached that conclusion after playing a round of golf with the president on Martha’s Vineyard.

Ironically, that meeting between the two fueled speculation Bloomberg might be in line for a job in Obama’s cabinet, 1010 WINS’ senior correspondent Stan Brooks reported.

What did the billionaires say to each other about the president?

“I do not think he’s arrogant,” Bloomberg said Monday while addressing reporters at City Hall. “We’ve got to stop focusing on criticism and start focusing on going ahead.”

The mayor added that the country needed to support President Obama regardless of party, WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported.

Just between billionaires?

When asked by reporters if he felt the need to call the president to clear things up, Bloomberg said, “I just did.”

“The president’s in India worrying about a lot more important things, okay? The last thing he needs [is] a call from me,” the mayor added.


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  1. Adam says:

    Let’s stop and be reasonable for a minute. Obama is the President of the United States. I think a certain level of arrogance is required for the position and quite frankly, if you get to be President, you’re entitled to it.

    Regardless of whether you’re an Obama supporter or not, this isn’t news!!!

    Also, to anyone who turned this non-news article into a conversation about race, I feel sorry for you.

  2. sharon says:

    some people are afraid of anyone that can walk and chew gun at the same time.

    the reason white some white are having a problem with Obama is because,he past the health care bill and he’s black.not all white people are against him and i beleive that most white people do care for which they have shown their support for him. it is a damm shame that after all these years people just hate black people because the color of their skin. but at the end of the day GOD has this country back,and with GOD for us who can be against us.

    1. Cindi says:

      That has to be one of the most ignorant and racist remarks I have ever heard.

  3. Lu says:

    Rupert Murdoch just loves playing with our heads. That’s why he created Fox News, to manipulate American politics for his sadistic enjoyment. Sort of like a spoiled, rich kid who tortures the tiny aunts in his aunt farm. And that would be us.

  4. urlnts says:

    If anyone is arrogant;look in the mirror,that is if you can also stand the sight of a hate filled,insecure , boor and bigot!!Just reading your posts make me cringe!
    Other Hateful Repubs,
    Obama has done everything that you barely human racists ask of minorities and more ,but your petty jealousies and small ,hateful minds still can’t stand the fact that it was your Repub leaders that destroyed America and a black man is cleaning up ,AGAIN!
    Lies of Bush ?Any normal person would say the WMD lies that got thousands of our soldiers killed and hundreds of thousands Iraqis,Mission Accomplished and Torture were damned egregious!
    Repubs are all just lying,hypocritical failures ,all 5 of our last 5 Recessions were under Repub Admins!Nixon and Ford caused the 70’s Oil Crisis ,REAGAN raised taxes 6 of 8 years and STILL TRIPLED THE NATIONAL DEBT,GW BUSH MORE THAN DOUBLED IT FROM $5 TRILLION TO $11 TRILLION!Both massively grew the Government!But yet you still try to blame a really good man that was handed a thankless and nearly impossible job ,I would say that you should feel ashamed but from your posts it’s obvious you lack any human feelings or emotions,beside hate!

    1. sarah says:

      It must feel good to call someone all those names when you have no clue as to what reality is. Yes, I can look at myself in the mirror because I know what I believe is the truth and I don’t hide behind a curtain of emotions. I don’t hate but the fact of the matter is, “things are what they are”. Unfortunately, the article wasn’t about me being arrogant. It was about Bloomberg calling Obama as such, so your point means nothing.

    2. Tomericus says:


      What part of your post do you feel is less hatefilled than anything Sarah said? What portions of your post would you characterize has having some redeeming quality, in either civil humanity or factual substance? If you think all of it fits that bill, there’s probably not much hope for you…

  5. Jimney says:

    Whites fear Blacks who think independently and are capable of telling them no sometimes. If you are Black and speak “man to man” with a white person, you are usually labeled as arrogant.

  6. Jimney says:

    When your Black and can speak to whites man to man. You’re usually labeled as arrogant.

  7. Clay says:

    Bull Connor Bloomberg (I’ll close your local school if I want to, I’ll change the term limits law because I can, NYPD does not have Quotas) is more proof that being rich does not make you correct, but a ready, willing and able bully. Obama probably told him “NO” about something and he could not deal with that. Most emporers act the same way.

  8. wane says:

    Coming from a man who DID AN END PASS AROUND THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE AND SUBVERTED THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS to give himself a third term, the word “arrogant” has zero meaning… as far as the Obama bashing goes, yawwwwwnnnn…..

  9. Who B. Me says:

    What kills me is the Mayor of NYC is the most arrogant person in the United States. Just because he jumps on the train for a few stops, does not mean he knows what New Yorkers want from him and his outta touch self.

  10. Joel Forman says:

    ahh yes let’s go back to the days of beeing lied to by Bush and Cheney….weher are those WMD’s…….let’s send Americans to Iraq to be killed in the persuit of them

  11. Robert says:

    Thank you, Mr Mayor. For saying out what I know most of you only have the balls to say behind close doors. Or on the internet.

  12. Mike Hyland says:

    The pot calling the kettle black!

  13. Mike says:

    Often intelligence is labeled as arrogance by those who are threatenened by unfamiliar words and ideas. Fear not, Obama is working for your future too.

    1. Sarah says:

      Your statement is such a cliche and is ridiculous beyond words. Obama may be articulate and thereby “sound” intelligent but it does not make him so. As far as him working for my future, I work for my own future and don’t expect him or anyone else to do it for me. He works for the future of those not willing to work for it themselves!

  14. headbutt says:

    Coming from doomsberg that’s a compliment. They are ALL A Holes

  15. Rose says:

    How did he brought down the republican wrecked country? Please pray tell me you doofus.

    1. Sarah says:

      Please write in English so we can understand your comment.

    2. Chrissy says:

      Rose you are the doofus if anyone here is. You think the Republicans brought down the country? Apparently you haven’t heard but Liberalism has failed in every society, Socialism has failed 154 times and counting. So what is your grand solution? Let me guess, you have no education, no insight but you think you have all the answers? You know nothing Rose, politics in general are a sloppy slope. But I assure you that if you think Republicans brought this nation to where it is you are delusional.

      1. yvette says:

        Chrissy , republicans did just that , where were u for the last 8 years before obama became president ? On Mars , well you will get your chance to see now because we have a full house of republicans . I hope you like eating beans thats where we are headed .

  16. buxom says:

    so what he’s arrogant leave him alone

  17. Sarah says:

    Thank Gid we only have two more years from Obama! He does speak to us like we are all ignorant imbeciles! He needs to look in the mirror!

    1. Sarah says:

      Now, a mistype does not consitute an imbecile for those who want to say it. I meant to type Thank God!

      1. cajafa says:

        It’s not your mistyping that makes you an imbecile. It’s the content of your comments that makes you an imbecile.

      2. sarah says:

        Cajafa, I know the truth hurts sometimes. Accept it and move on.

  18. cd gibson says:

    Obama IS arrogant. He talks DOWN to the American people like we cannot possibly comprehend what he is saying. I’ll be glad when he’s gone.

    1. Laura says:

      hocus pocus. It takes one to know one

  19. Julita says:

    Bloomberg is right he arrogant

    1. Laura says:

      The man is only confident. What is wrong with that. You whinners.

  20. james says:

    “What did the billionaire’s say to each other about the president?”

    They should have written “billionaires,” not “billionaire’s.” What is happening to literacy in this country?

    1. spwilliams says:

      You are so right…doesn’t anyone spell check anymore? Especially when you are making a public post??????!!!!!! AARRRRGGGGHHHHH

  21. Mike says:

    This country had been brought down long before Obama came into the picture

  22. CLARENCE says:

    You must be talking about Bush and Cheney whose lies has cost American lives.

    1. Dennis says:

      What exactly did they lie about? I’m waiting for an answer? Why don’t you look at our Afrocentric president who cannot tell the truth? You enjoy being babied a lied to because Obama knows black people’s don’t have much intellect and they need to have everything systematically done by the government. So you agree with the Liberal mindset that some people are born stupider than others and we need to help those people progress by inequality right?

  23. Ricardo says:

    This is the way they will start in order to take the President down. It is up to minorities to defend our President, otherwise only the Elite will rule our lives and that means more money for the rich and less for the poor!

    1. AHF says:

      Please go ahead and try, I take it you haven’t read a history book in some time or you would know what the outcome will be. You are exactly the type of toilet-minded low-life society needs to throw in the garbage. Because you are garbage.

    2. Sarah says:

      If the minorities can only make it out one day in how many years since they could vote, I would’t rely on them to save your Obama!

  24. Joe Bassett says:

    Bloomberg is the man.

  25. frankiev says:

    Look at who is calling who arrogant!

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