Gov.-Elect Cuomo Eyes NY Education Spending

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — New York’s governor-elect was already sharpening his budget ax Tuesday and cuts in school spending could be first on his list.

Andrew Cuomo was in Puerto Rico for a conference of legislators, his first public appearance since the election. He said New York leads the nation in education spending, but that it hasn’t paid off.

“How do you have the highest education spending in the state of New York and you’re number 40 in terms of performance? That means it’s not about the money because you’re spending more than anyone else but you’re not getting the performance,” he said.

The United Federation of Teachers quickly criticized Cuomo, saying “New York ranks 46th out of 50 states in how fairly schools funds are distributed. That’s a problem that has to be addressed if we are going to be fair to kids.”


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  1. V says:

    The problem is to many small postage stamp sized suburban school districts, sucking up all those education taxes to pay for duplication of overhead, to pay for duplication of each districts adminstration.
    It’s all an ancient hangover from the begone days of class and racial segregation.
    Nobody wants to combine school districts because them their kids might have to share a classroom with “those kids”, meaning kids from a minority or lower class that they don’t want their own kids to interact with.
    There should be one school disctrict per county, period.
    The savings should go into lower taxes and specialty county wide schools in math, science and the arts that give really smart kids a chance to greatly excell.
    Get the school tax money into the classroom, and out of the hands of duplicate administrators.

    1. JF says:

      Right on! I’ve been pointing this out to people for a long time. I am not from NY originally and all the other places I’ve lived operate school districts and zoning completely differently than NY.

      I happen to work for a county BOCES and I agree that there should be one school district per county. There are 13 in my county plus BOCES. And frankly, BOCES should not exist. Some of those BOCES jobs and specialties are needed, but a county wide school district could hire that talent.

      It’s absurd that each tiny little district has to hire all those administrators, facilities people, business official, etc. Just look up some of the publicly available salaries and you’ll see exactly where the money is going.


  2. Posted before I finished…
    After “get over it”–learn to live with it. It is going to take some drastic measures and cutbacks to even partly get back to where we were as a country. The money for schools needs to be spent on EDUCATION–not special projects, new buildings, or sports programs. EDUCATION. And the money needs to be equally spread around. And parents need to take some steps in educating their children themselves. Will Cuomo cut programs that are necessary? Probably. But, I do know he, or any other governor, really has no choice when it comes to making unpopular decisions. As a teacher from another state, I know I’ll never get on here in Upstate NY now. But, we all have to live with this mess and do the best we can. It will take a lot of sacrifice and hard work to pull out of the hole we’ve made for ourselves.

  3. Really–what choice does he have? Carl would have had to make difficult and controversial spending, as well. Things are bad, people. Get over it.

  4. MissJusticeNY says:

    Here we go.. I hope all you people who voted for him are happy! The schools in NY get no money as it is and now Cuomo sounds like he will be cutting more funding. We need to realize that the children are the future of this country. If they are all idiots without a decent education, where does that leave us? I’m moving to Australia!

  5. Aceof Spades says:

    And now it starts.

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