Did You See The Fire In The NYC Sky?

Chopper 2 Films Red-Hot Streak Moving Behind Emp. State Bldg

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Did you see it? Chopper 2 HD sure did.

It was a bizarre, glowing red-hot streak in the sky — right at sunset Wednesday — moving briskly behind the Manhattan skyline.

CBS 2 reached out to a top astronomer who looked at the video. He said it looks beautiful, but that is was like nothing more than what’s known as a “contrail” — condensation from a commercial or military jet.

The aliens, apparently, are not coming.

The sighting came one day after a mysterious condensation trail was spotted off the coast of California. Speculation over the object that caused it ranged from a fired missile to a contrail from a commercial airliner.

Most experts now believe an airplane caused that vapor trail.

What went down over the skies of NYC Wednesday was just the latest in a series of weird events that have captivated tri-state area residents over the last few years. Back on Oct. 13, CBS 2 cameras captured objects in the sky while shooting up above Chelsea at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Local media and the NYPD received several calls throughout that afternoon.

However, as CBS 2 cameras showed, the objects appeared to be yellow balloons, although there was initially no official confirmation from the NYPD. On the streets below there was a lot of intrigue about the mystery that was going on up above.

Strange sightings in the sky are not new to our area. Back in January of 2009, odd red, blinking lights could be seen across Morris County, N.J., and officials thought they had figured out what caused them.

In the end, though, it wasn’t exactly a close encounter.

It turns out the lights were part of a hoax. Prosecutors said two men with too much time on their hands pulled off the trick with five flares, fishing line and helium balloons.








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  1. gaston says:

    This is all military activity. Most likely accidental in LA. Now just weird stuff to cover it up. Also going to find out where info is being leaked (wikileaks) so they can plug the holes.. Just the good ol USA at work.

    1. p3orion says:

      California has already been explained, even which inbound commercial flight it was. That just isn’t exciting though, so all people have heard about (or want to hear) are the weird conspiracy theories.

      1. theJackal says:

        “Inbound plane”…. Too bad the missile was outbound. You are obviously not a pilot and a troll. Everything you’ve stated is BS.

  2. Adam Smith says:

    I find this explanation hard to believe.

  3. WilliamPenn says:

    No question this is a publicity stunt to get NYC back into the headlines. The West Coast had the mystery missile and, for several days, the headlines. Now, NYC has to recoup that publicity. “Everything happens HERE, not anywhere else,” is the NY mantra. So they make things up. Disgusting!

  4. p3orion says:

    oops: “thick” not “hick”

  5. p3orion says:

    To those of you commenting about how fast this is moving: there is no way to judge the speed without knowing how much of a zoom was being used on the camera. All you can see is that it is visually moving past buildings; what arc of angle those buildings represent is impossible to say. If there was an appreciable amount of telephoto being used (so that those buildings are further away than they appear) it would make the “object” appear to be moving much faster.

    Furthermore, if the helicopter from which the pictures were taken was moving in the opposite direction, that would add to the apparent speed.

    Particularly in dry conditions, a contrail could very well dissipate only seconds after being produced. The fact that it seems “hick” despite this would add to the evidence that it was shot through a zoom lens.

    In short, calm down, and stop looking for drama where none exists.

    1. theJackal says:

      Your a moron, the ‘object’ is behind the buildings, so the scale is obvious. You are not a pilot.

      1. p3orion says:

        Yes, I was a Navy pilot; what the hell do you think a P3 Orion is, a Chevy?

        I never said the object wasn’t behind the buildings, in fact I’m sure it was, but you cannot determine scale simply from that. Hold out your thumb: the tree in your backyard, the moon, and the sun may all be hidden behind it, but the’te of drastically different scales.

    2. Jay 1 says:

      You are definitely not a pilot if you really think that. You may not be able to tell the exact speed but you can get a relative velocity rate. You also could not have been in the navy or any other armed service as a pilot without knowing how weapons analysts do there job. The government has gps and algorithmic software that would do that automatic. In the field or by hand you would need to know how large the area of observation is. Easy enough you have buildings right there for you (go to google maps etc). Than you would need to know the average zoom capabilities of a news camera(easy again). So you would equate for zero and max zoom helping you get a variable. The next thing you would need to do is estimate a distance. I would start with the closest it could be based on the known size of say the largest airplane(everything I set up is to give the lowest speed). Obviously the farther you put the aircraft the faster it is going. It is certainly an estimate but very possible and done in military analyst positions often.

  6. ked5 says:

    a plane going supersonic makes a “cloud” as it breaks the sound barrier. depending upon it’s location, that is at least plausible. If it was actually over the ocean or high enough, people might not have heard/felt the boom.

  7. Anthony says:

    Government insults our intelligence you could fool some of the people all of the time you could fool all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    One Day I hope the American people will wake up and not believe the lies the government tells California was not a plane it looked like a missile to me and this across NY did not look like a plane to me either planes don’t move that fast.
    American Government stop insulting my intelligence. Tell us the truth! Stop the lying!

    1. p3orion says:

      From the sounds of your paranoid ranting, I’d say there’s very little there for them to insult, Anthony

      1. Rhino says:

        Right p3orion, just bend on over whenever the government tells you its for your own good too, stupid stupid sheeple.

  8. MAC59 says:

    I that’s a contrail let me know which airline so I can book my next flight with them and arrive three hours early.

  9. Caraviation says:

    Whatever that object is it is moving way to fast to be any conventional airplane. Additionally that shape is inconsistent with the contrail that a commercial aircraft would make. This object appears to be moving at a speed between .5 and 1.5 miles per second (assuming it’s about 20 miles away from the camera) which is far beyond any acknowledged aircraft capabilities we know of.

    Whatever this is it is inconsistent with the description provided by the NASA “Top Astronomer”

    1. p3orion says:

      You cannot judge the speed from this video. See my 11.54 post

  10. dougy says:

    Can we pretend that airplanes, in the night sky, are like shootings stars?
    I could really use a wish right now. A wish right now.

  11. Mwai Kibaki says:

    “Never tell the citizens the truth. They can’t handle the truth.” (Taken from an Obama speech given to ACORN members in the summer of 2008). His entire administration has taken this direction to heart. It all started in Kenya.

    1. Dave 2009 says:

      ” You can’t handle the truth!”….I thought Jack Nicholson said that in A few Good Men?

      I don’t have a problem with our government not telling us everything that goes on, in fact i would have a lot bigger issue with government if they did tell us everything. That said, if they did start telling us everything? I wouldn’t have an issue to brood over for long because the country would fall into desperation and anarchy so fast that I would be preoccupied with my own survival.

      1. p3orion says:

        You’re right. Only the first part comes from Obama.

  12. Dave 2009 says:

    Is that contrail with the emphasis on Con? It doesn’t look like a contrail to me either but then if not a contrail how could it be a missile? They leave long trials from lift off and beyond.

    What ever it was on either coast one thing is for sure. Our nation has never been more weak than it is right now. Weakness when coinciding with other key indicators of tension and stress in relationships with other nations have always been an invitation to attack. That’s what we should be ruminating on and if these mysterious events help to motivate our attention in that directions – So be it.

    Then again, if destruction comes swiftly we may not have time for metal anguish, consternation and the abject fear that comes with invasion and attack from foreign enemies. Just tuck you head between your legs and kiss that sweet bum of your goodbye.

    1. Barb says:

      We are sitting ducks, Dave. Our military has grown weaker, not stronger, since the day Reagan left office. That was a long time ago. Meanwhile, our enemies’ military forces have only grown–especially China. Walmart et al and US citizens and corporations have continued to buy their cheap materials and goods, and it has loaded foreign financial reserves. It’s not terribly complicated. Meanwhile, we have several generations of post WWII Americans who don’t really believe there are Evil forces in the world ready to harm us. I am glad I lived through just a bit of the Glory Days.

  13. Scared Silly says:

    Fools………………We are about to be harvested. Samething happened in California. Need to put the fat people on the front line.

  14. Jasonn says:


  15. peter says:

    illegals have found a new way to get into california and new york .
    just showing off and daring government to try and catch them

  16. irishkay says:


  17. Ozlanthos says:

    IT WAS A MISSILE! As we owe a certain nation HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and are currently devaluating that debt by flooding the market with hundreds of billions in funny money, I’d say it was a warning shot….#2 as far as I am concerned!


  18. az-heat says:

    This aircraft is most likely a SR71 top secret replacement. Let’s face it, the SR 71 was developed in the 60’s, and what you are seeing is +50 years of development.. I have seen this aircraft flying an extreme high speeds flying southeast to southwest over Phoenix skies.

  19. Daniel Doherty says:

    Com trails my balls, this is why the media is finished.

  20. Barb says:

    Backin 1988 I was among hundreds who reported a “contrail” seen on a summer Sunday evening in middle Delaware near Dover AFB. The next day the Wilmington (Del.) newspaper reported witth a quote from a Dover AFB spokesperson which basically said: “We didn’t see anything on radar. It wasn’t from Dover. It didn’t happen.” The military (US and the Bad Guys) are always in action. I am certain that the Calif. and NY sitings are military, but the Big Question is: are they USA or China?

  21. Jay says:

    This story was reported (and perhaps concocted) to destroy the credibility of the west coast missle launch — read between the lines !!!

  22. amplitude jones says:


    1. Dave 2009 says:

      I think you have that right too – the tail is the right length, But, one thing remains a mystery… if the meteor was traveling in a latitudinal direction near the upper strata of the atmosphere then sightings of it should have been possible from positions north and south of the path. .I’m thinking weather – cloud cover – could not have been that pervasive to obscure views from such vast distances.

  23. Media Sucks says:

    What the hell is wrong with the media. These are airplanes!!!!!!!!!! Journalism school: for when you just can’t hack a real degree.

  24. Chip Morgan says:

    You really do not want to know what it was ! Trust me!

  25. Jerry says:

    California was just Governor elect Moonbeam going home for instructions. New York was Moonbeam’s fellow aliens sending instructions to Mayor Moonbeam Bloomberg.

  26. D.A.R.Y.L says:

    Than ain’t no commerical jet. The only thing that could move that fast in recorded history is the SR71 Blackhawk and it’s program was disbanded in the early early 90’s.

  27. Dustin says:

    Not a contrail, but probably just Swamp Gas ignited by static electricity in the sky… Right? LMAO Its something weird… not a contrail. I imagine that flight paths are pretty closely tracked over the NYC sky… someone should take the time to look it up.

  28. david campbell says:

    Someones LYING:

    “Most experts now believe an airplane caused that vapor trail.”

    “Experts” dont “believe” what it was, an “expert” is someone that can look up records of commercial air flights and determine WHICH FLIGHT IT WAS based on time and position.

    Whats worse than Goernment LIES is the Media LYING along with them

  29. Lynz says:

    This is why I don’t like network news, it’s just silly. Nothing to worry about , it’s a contrail. That doesn’t much any sense because both were contrails (i always called them vapor trails) so what’s the point? So many things can cause a contrail, it’s what is making those contrails, Right?

  30. I see what you did there says:

    Maybe it’s a shot across the bow from China.

    1. 55957 says:

      Do you think terrorists have big contrails that fly over LA and NY in consecutive days?That cant be an airplane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. john wary says:

    Ha ha, don’t take any wooden nickels, or any pat explanations. Every streaking phenomenon in the daylight sky is explained away as a contrail, usually with cynical condescension, knowing that people will say, oh, okay, yeah, that’s right. That’s not a contrail, because the trailing end of a contrail does not vanish as fast as the leading edge is being laid down, the trailing part simply remains in place until it slowly dissipates, and you get a longer and longer contrail. CBS hasn’t reported any real news in decades. Can you say disingenuous? If not, just say fraud.

  32. oh2ny says:

    I will give you explanation: every time before major global event there were strange
    signs in the sky. Be it Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire in Jerusalem or
    two world wars. Different things were showing up to contemporaries. Sorry but
    scientists, military people like the rest of us are just zombies who use cell phones
    and cook the brains and cannot thing and act the same like people two or three
    hundred years ago. We also eat processed food which effects us that we interpret
    UFOs as weather balloons.

  33. Gerry says:

    Doesn’t ANYONE ever look up in the sky enough to recognize airplanes anymore???

  34. Toto says:

    If you believe CBS, I have a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn.

  35. August says:

    Didn’t they tell you? World War 3 has begun; no biggie…

  36. james r. says:

    Red streaking object,perhaps a meteor, UFO observed off coast of California not! a commercial jet, no! beacon lights evident,red plume trailing launch vehicle most likely solid fuel propellant, employed in ‘YF-8 Chinese missile,’,opposed to liquid fuel used,which emit grayish white plume,used by USAF,& USN.

    1. coast says:

      There has to be something going on. It just be an airplane when that red line and fire happend over the sky. and then some white dots in the sky

  37. Timothy says:

    Mass hysteria. People are near panic.

  38. Art says:

    It’s just super obama flying around again looking for evil small businesses to demonize and to see what’s in your wallet. Even at mach 3.

    1. Den Nisi says:

      actually obama is FOR small businesses but the rest of congress (possibly due to financial backing from major corps) wants to make you poor and those who ALREADY HAVE THE MONEY richer. do mach 10 obama!!! take out these monopolies since they are ILLEGAL according to the constitution! must suck to have to resort to slandering him on comments because you lost.

    2. Den Nisi says:

      actually obama is FOR small businesses but the rest of congress (possibly due to financial backing from major corps) wants to make you poor and those who ALREADY HAVE THE MONEY richer. do mach 10 obama!!! take out these monopolies since they are ILLEGAL according to the constitution!

      xx denNISI

      ps must suck to have to resort to slandering him on comments because you are a sore loser… now pledge allegience to your new president like a good citizen hahaha!!

  39. Den Nisi says:

    does anyone believe that maybe these contrails are attempts by the news corps to get the attention of the american people so they can manipulate us, distract us or keep us numb? i think norad haarp and cbs are all in cahoots hahaha!

    if no one is going to go fly out to the coast of cali and find that damn base or have evidence of whatever it is flying above us, we are going to analyziing plane gas on blogs and comments forever! we paid people to find out and if they cant figure it out we need to replace them with someone who can. for the amount of money we are paying these people to feed us these comtrail lies, we can invest in figuring out what these comtrails really are.

  40. Kippy says:

    I think my favorite part of the story is……. They don’t know what it is, but it”s NOT a threat!!1

    1. Doctor Strangelove says:

      The President and First Lady return to the White House to be greeted by the First Children:

      “Daddy! Daddy! We found this neat Game Thingy in your Office while you were India….but it’s broke. We pushed the Big Red Button over and over, but nothing happened!”

  41. Abigail Adams says:

    It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. KWP says:

    Contrails do not move, they simply grow in length.
    This streak in the sky was moving, not growing.

    There could be a reasonable explanation for it, but it is not a con trail.

    1. tin foil hat guy says:

      bob ohringer, we have evidence of nothing, other than what the msm has given us.we will continue to be skepticle until we have a valid explanation other than “optical illusion.”

    2. p3orion says:

      It’s not moving, it’s just not lasting very long. Sometimes jets leave long contrails, but have you never seen a jet moving through the sky and leaving no contrail? This is just an intermediary case.

      Contrails form when the water vapor in the exhaust condenses, essentially forming a “cloud” where the plane has been. This will happen when the air is cold enough to cause it to condense, but humid enough that it does not immediately evaporate into the surrounding air. If the air is too warm, they will not form at all; if it is too dry, they disappear almost as soon as they leave the engine.

      This is just a case of the air temperature and humidity conditions being just right that the contrail formed, but disappeared only a few seconds later, giving it the illusion of “moving.” A difference of only few degrees or percent humidity, and this would have been either a plane leaving no contrail at all, or a long one that would have surprised no one.

  43. theJackal says:

    Bhahaha contrail?!??!?! You are all idiots who believe that pap. Contrails form at alttitudes 12500-37000 ft. where the air temp is -20 to -40F. and the hot jet exhaust condenses in the cold air. This is not at 30000ft., and it’s moving in excess of 5000 MPH…. To the idiots that say the heli is moving, making the object look like it’s a fast mover, look at the buildings for a reference, the heli is barley creeping along. Most commercial choppers max around 130MPH, insignificant compared to the speed of the ‘object’. In short it ain’t no plane.

      1. Den Nisi says:

        wow jackal you know quite a bit about contrails… in your professional opinion what do you really think this was because i am seriously inclined to believe in speculation actually based on plausible facts. thank you

    1. p3orion says:

      First, you have no way of knowing the altitude, all you can tell from the video that shows it going behind buildings is that the helicopter from which the video was shot was lower than the tops of those buildings. I’ve seen the sun briefly pass behind a mountaintop as I’ve driven along; it doesn’t mean the sun is lower than the mountains.

      Second, you’re also wrong that contrails can only form between 12500 and 30000 feet. I’ve seen them formed at pattern altitude about 1200 feet over an airfield.
      It all depends on the air conditions. Yes, high altitudes are the only places where you’ll generally have the temperature and humidity conditions necessary for a contrail to endure for several minutes, but on a brisk fall day, one that is formed and almost immediately dissipates (like this one) could form at MUCH lower altitudes.

      As for your wild-ass guess of the velocity, see my 11:54 post.

      PS – I’m a former Navy pilot, I’ve seen much more impressive phenomena, which were just as prosaic in reality.

  44. 14401 says:

    Do you think terrorists have big contrails that fly over LA and NY in consecutive days? And they missed.

    1. JANE says:


  45. Hal says:

    They all have equipment that could see and detect a germ on a flies butt light-years away and it takes days of “reviewing computer data” so they can tell us they have no idea what any of these things are right in our own airspace? That’s comforting!

    Maybe they’re spending too much time and money with all the spy cameras on our city streets to worry about such mundane things. I’ll be thinking about all this next time I’m gropped at the airport for “safety and security”.

  46. E.T. says:

    So that’s where my spaceship went, sightseeing over NY

    1. 14401 says:

      E.T. I love you.

  47. Ranterdon says:

    There is a subliminal message running on all media today. It says:

    “You are all stupid and YOU will believe everything the Government says”

    Don’t forget your tinfoil hat when you go out today…

    1. chic says:

      With the gov’t currently in the WH, I can almost believe ya!

  48. guest says:

    Where is the plane in front of this moving “contrail”?

  49. S. Lieberman says:

    It was a contrail, and only looked faster against the background because the heli was moving forward.

    1. DeeKay says:

      How do you know the helicopter was moving forward?

    2. TheJackal says:

      You are incorrect. Contrails form at 12000 – 30000FT, This was WAY below that… The chopper is barely moving, it is the camera that is panning with the object that is moving 10 times faster than any commercial aircraft. You are a moron.

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