NJ School Head Called Out By Christie Gets Raise

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey school board has approved a contract extension for a school chief singled out by Gov. Chris Christie for seeking a salary well above a pending superintendent pay cap.

On Tuesday, Christie called Parsippany Superintendent Lee Seitz “the new poster boy for all that is wrong with the public school system that’s being dictated by greed.”

Hours later, the Parsippany school board approved a five-year contract extension for Seitz. It will boost his pay to more than $234,000.

Under a new pay scale to take effect Feb. 7, superintendents would earn $125,000 to $175,000, depending on enrollment.

Seitz told the Daily Record of Parsippany he’s not sure why the governor zeroed in on his contract when other districts have done the same thing.

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One Comment

  1. The Jet says:

    Who are the Mark’s brothers? What are u… 110 years old?

    Honesty from a politician in NJ is novel for everyone in the state, I understand… And if you’re used to riding the Gravy Train, it’s painful… But this Gravy Train is getting ready to run off the tracks, and the private sector employees and homeowners are done paying for it.

    Dems are dependent on the public sector employee unions that are part of the past… gov is pointing the way to the future. Get aboard now or miss out…

  2. Tom Wilson says:

    Thank God for Christie…New Jersey is in a fiscal mess because of Dem cowards cowtowing to unions……Unions are a cancer…………

  3. sammy G says:

    christie thinks winning an election means he becomes a dictator. i voted for this clown (BIG MISTAKE). Dictator Christie and his administration remind me of the old Mark’s Brothers movie, “Duck Soup.” DO AS I SAY, it’s best for you.

    1. n8whit says:

      Chris Christie is the best Governor New Jersey has had in years. Thank God he is here to protect the taxpayers from gloated wasteful spending!

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