Brooklyn Man In Desperate Need Of A Kidney

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A Brooklyn man has had more than his share of misery and now he’s doing his best to survive because he has a lot to live for.

When Richard Woontyler’s kidneys failed three years ago hope was not lost because his teenage son was a perfect match. But the boy was tragically killed while opening his car door on a highway.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports

Now Woontyler will have to depend on the kindness of a stranger. Doctors say Woontyler has an eight percent chance of finding a match.

Woontyler is kept alive by dialysis which leaves him racked with pain and too weak to even climb the stairs to his bedroom.

The 52-year-old wants only to be healthy enough to work and enjoy time with his wife and eight children.

“I want to see the bar mitzvahs, the weddings and I want to be able to support the family — future generations — and right now I’m not able to do that,” Woontyler said.

“I have a daughter that’s giving birth any second now,” Woontyler said. “She’s giving birth in Melbourne, Australia and I can’t be there.”

Anyone with type A or O blood who are willing to donate are asked to e-mail Please provide your blood type, phone number and contact information.

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  1. Chaya Lipschutz says:

    I know Richard and he is a wonderful person!

    Richard has suffered so much. His son was only 23 years old when he was hit by a car, just coming out of his car, and died!

    Lauren of contacted me and wanted to help someone on my list of people who is in need of a kidney.

    I suggested Richard, as he is suffering more than some of the others on my list and only has an 8% chance in finding a match.

    I donated a kidney to a stranger in September 2005. Since my kidney donation I have been wanting to do more – so I now have a project to help others who need a kidney. I don’t get paid for this and don’t charge a fee. My brother donated a kidney as well – to someone on my list of people in need of a kidney.

    I am in touch with many other kidney donors – all of us are doing great, no one has regrets, and some of us wish we can do it again!

    I hope people will come forward to test and help save Richard’s life! Please feel free to contact me if you need more info on kidney donation.


    Chaya Lipschutz
    (917) 627-8336



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