NY Sobering Up On Sales Of Alcoholic Energy Drinks

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — They’re the most controversial beverages on store shelves, and four states have already banned them. Now, New York is cracking down on alcoholic energy drinks.

It’s not a ban, but it’s the closest thing to it, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

It’s a victory for those seeking to get alcoholic energy drinks, including Four Loko and Joose, off store shelves in New York State.

“Major beverage distributers in this state have agreed not to send Four Loko juice and other drinks that combine caffeine and alcohol to our supermarkets, bodegas and other stores,” Senator Charles Schumer said.

Senator Schumer told CBS 2 he got the news Saturday night that distributors bowed to pressure form the State Liquor Authority, and will voluntarily yank the controversial drinks, nicknamed “blackout in a can” and “liquid cocaine.”

However, the Liquor Authority did not impose an outright ban.

“I still think they have to do the ban, and I’m going to push them to do it,” Schumer said.

Supporters of fruity-flavored Four Loko and similar caffeine and booze blends compare the drinks to strong alcoholic mixed drinks like rum and cokes or Irish coffees.

Doctors, though, warn the drinks pack the power of several beers and a tall cup of strong coffee in a single can. The caffeine also keeps the drinker awake to keep consuming more, sometimes with tragic results.

In August, 17-year-old Nicole Celestino of Long Island died of cardiac arrhythmia after family members say she took a diet pill and drank Four Loko.

Many college campuses across the country have banned the drinks, including Ramapo College in New Jersey.

Michigan was the first state to impose an outright ban, and Washington, Utah and Oklahoma soon followed suit.

Schumer said that until New York gets a ban, the beer distributors are doing the responsible thing.

“It’s rare that an industry – interested in profit, of course – will forgo that profit for the common good,” Schumer said. “It happened tonight, and that’s a very good thing for New Yorkers.”

Schumer wants the Food and Drug Administration to weigh in on the beverages as soon as possible.

Distributors have agreed to voluntarily clear their inventory of alcoholic energy drinks by December 10.

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One Comment

  1. Pete James says:

    What the Hell are they putting in the bottled water these politicians are drinking?
    Have Americans lost the ability to say to them,’You people are Nuts, loose as a goose nuts!’ What can they regulate next? Urinary habits? The city boys and girls and their beloved media outlets are surrealistic. Their’s, is an illicit love affair that gropes at each other and the public with nonsense, non science, their messianic egos have turned the American Dream into a nightmare. Wake Up America, this duck-billed platypus is spreading it’s wings and looking to fly into your home to examine what floats your boat or rocks your world. Good Luck Kids!

  2. WillyBoy says:

    We are all headed for it, goodbye individual freedoms!

    1. Pete James says:

      I’ll second that emotion!!!!

  3. Idiot says:

    Haven’t cigarettes killed more people than these beverages?
    Yeah lets get rid of those deadly drinks but keep those cigarettes in the stores!

    1. Pete James says:

      Of course they’ve killed many more than Joose or Four Loco combined for more than a hundred years. But the new alcohol energy drinks don’t own blocks of politicians, or employ high power lawyers to legitimize the new wave of insanity in a can. Deadly drinks? If these drinks were so deadly why haven’t these brilliant ones in our world made Coca Cola, coffee, sugar, white flour, saturated fats, tylenol, tobacco, alcohol, soft drink additives and
      Lying illegal? Oh, they can’t regulate lying right?
      George Orwell is giggling in his casket.

  4. bobby bootlegger says:

    i live in new jersey will bring into NY and sell for $5 a can. THANK you Chuck schumer

    1. Pete James says:

      I hear dat Bobby!

  5. mj says:

    i don’t see how they can ban a legal ADULT beverage. the govt is poking theur noses in places they have no right to be .this typ of thing sets scarey precedents. what’s next ?

    1. Pete James says:

      MJ, they can, and they will. Imagine What’s Next? Imagine.

  6. American Dude says:

    “It’s rare that an industry – interested in profit, of course – will forgo that profit for the common good,” Schumer said.

    New Yorkers, welcome to the new communist rule where collectivism and totalitarianism are the new rule and individualism is thrown out the door. Wake up and throw these marxists out of office!

    Common good = communism

    1. Pete James says:

      This is capitalism run riot over the middle class, you are gonna pay for Chuck and Mike and Enron and Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs and all their Regulatory Commissions and all their made up Wars. Promises and promises that they know they will not deliver on. Not as long as they make their billions off the ignorant.
      I’m opening a school for Americans that can’t ‘read the writing on the wall’.
      1st Lesson: See that Wall? No? No Wall and No writing?
      2nd Lesson: Can you Spell Great Depression? D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.
      3rd Lesson: Have you ever a imagined what the 2nd American Revolution is going to look like?
      4th Lesson: How to die for your country with Dignity.
      Conclusion: This gonna get worse before it gets better, Dude!

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